Monday, January 31, 2005

Pretty much bummed around on Sunday, being smug about not having anything to do but a chinese compo. That is, until sometime in the evening, when I was talking to Diyana on msn.

Wilfred: What you doin?
Diyana: GP.
W: Uhoh. Where got sia.
D: Page 18. Pick one and do.
W: Oh shit.

So now I have 2 essays to rush through.


OGL interviews today. Not good. Oh well. I did tell them I was a first aider though. =)


Lessons finished at 1.15 today. However, due to the aforementioned interview, I was forced to do find a way to entertain myself for 5 hours till 6.20. So it was off to Century Square for lunch. This time we managed to get 8 people to go. That's an improvement. 5 girls 3 guys. =). Inside joke.

Azlyn cut her hair. She calls in a layered bob. I call it a mushroom. So basically, it's short. No opinions on how it looks though. For now I'll just call it strange for pessimists, and unique for optimists.

I got called mean today. :(


Gonna go cut hair soon. Anyone wanna go with me? Andrew and Mok might be coming too. You get to go on a shopping trip with a Superstar, Handsome and myself. =)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

College roadrace yesterday. Ho-hum. Walked a bit, ran a bit. Boring. Pretty much walked the first 1km with Zheng Cai, next 500m with Roy, another 500m with Daniel, ran abit with Roy, then just continued while he stopped for water. Was also cos Azlyn suddenly ran up behind me and said something. Didn't hear properly, but got the message that I probably shouldn't be slacking that much. But it was pretty dusty, and the road condition was pretty bad. Of course, everyone's shoes were a few shades lighter after that. Of course, Andrew was the first to clean his shoes and start whining. Was supposed to hit town later on, but due to collective pangseh-ing, we ended up going out separate ways.

On a side note, in a bid to finish last, Loko walked with 5cm steps. Upon realizing that she wasn't last, she proceeded to walk 5m back and forth for a good 10 minutes 200m away from the finish line, and went on a photo-taking binge. All in a VS shirt. No idea if it's good or bad.

Did some VS cheers at the end. Felt really good. I still love VS. Different from the way I love MJ though. I do MJ cheers because I want to be enthu. I do VS cheers because I love VS. Even if the tk girls claimed they couldn't hear us, and that their cheer was louder. Later on....

Kim(temasek girl): You VS people cheer for what ar?
Me: For fun lor. TK cheer oso what.
Azlyn: Yalo. Your VS cheer so soft. Our cheer better la.
Kim: TK got cheer ar?



Choir this morning. As I went out, my mother asked me why I was bringing so much stuff. I said actually very little one la.

Later on...

*on train*

Me: Shit, forget to bring score.

So, I ran back home to take my scores, and came about 35 mins late. Hope the fining system dosen't haunt me. Shit. As it turns out, I wasn't even the latest, since some seniors came even later, Rui Hong came 5 mins later, and Roy came at 9.50. Oh ho ho.

Went for lunch with the choir after that. They're a pretty cool bunch, actually. Other ccas with 20+ people talk loudly at fast food outlets. But nooooo, the choir sings loudly. =) And of all things they started singing Phantom songs. Worst part is....

I think I like it.


First basketball game in a while. Really good to see VS people again. And good to play a casual game of basketball. Denys, Marcus, Charlton, Daryl Lim Yun and (of course) t-Mok showed up. Amazingly, Mok, er, i mean t-Mok, was actually wearing a shirt with sleeves, which isn't very common where basketball is concert. He was in slippers too. No big basketball shoes. No armband. No legband. No headband. To make things worse, no shoebag to hug. So, t-Mok wasn't having a very good basketball day. Still fun though.

Today I realized how important basketball is to me, even if I'm not very good at it. It is so much more than tossing the ball into the hoop. It is a social game. It is a game where people congregrate and have fun. Through basketball, I have made many friends of people who I previously didn't know, or had a bad impression of. (i.e Lim Yun, Daryl Yeo. Rock on.) When we play basketball, something stupid is almost always bound to happen. It is on the basketball court where some of the funniest incidents in my VS life happened. Like when Xiwei got a mouthful of Andrew's armpit hair. Or when Mok started pointing to the sky for no apparent reason. I feel a rush of blood in my veins when I touch a basketball, so much so that I end up doing stupid things like spiking the ball for no reason. I feel joy creep into my head when my team scores a point. I feel a bout of exhilaration when I score, when I get a rebound, or reject a shot(which dosen't happen very often). I get stitches when something stupid happens. For example, me causing injuries to myself needlessly, or when Denys tries to act tough and overpower Marcus. These khakis of mine are friends of mine. Every single one of them. It's not just a game. With such a simple concept, so many emotions and incidents are provoked. It's incredible. Girls go shopping; Us khakis get the same feeling when we play basketball. Just ask Andrew, who elbowed me in the head just now. Even though it did hurt like hell, I just found it hilarious for some reason. Which was followed by:

Andrew: you ok not?
Me: Ya ok.
Andrew: *raises 2 fingers* How many fingers?
Me: Five.
Marcus: Cannot count nevermind! Can sing enough liao!
Denys: Ok lets continue!

Oh, and Lim Yun's random shouting is hilarious.

Ah. I don't know what I'd do without basketball and my khakis.


Someone said something to me today. It wasn't particularly misleading or intimidating, but I didn't know how to reply. It's just that I'm not used to it. I'm afraid of taking the wrong step which could cost me. I refuse to get any ideas right now. I'll just turn my head until something becomes painfully obvious. Yea, bo chup. Nothing's probably gonna happen though. Just the way I like it. I'm a very reactive person. ^____^

Thursday, January 27, 2005

uh. What a slack day. Not much to say today. Other than 3 free periods, I don't have much to brag about right now.


Uh. Road race tomorrow. Will be slacking.


Haven't played basketball in a while. Will be lookin for a basketball game sometime soon.


Who wants to go buy new year's clothes? My mum is kinda hurrying me right now.


Movies to watch:

Hotel Rwanda
Seed of chucky, perhaps. Nobody seems to want to see this.

If I remember correctly, there are a few good ones comin out in feb, and spongebob sometime in March. Anybody wanna watch just gimme a tag or sth.


Choir is now also held on saturdays. Which means basketball games are being cut down to only afternoons, and perhaps sundays. Crap. Choir is somewhat fun though, in a we-all-suffer-together kind of way.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Firstly, I applied to be an OGL. Who knows what'll happen if I do get it.


School pretty much seems like a drag these few days. I guess it comes with not taking 8 subjects. Lessons become tedious. Seems like we're seeing the same few people everyday. Oh well. The class is really funny though. Gonna take physics if the option opens up after 3 months, provided a) I get less than 20 points, b) I do well enough to warrant 4 subs and c) I think I can take it like a man.


Well, as it turns out, Andrew and Ian have become addicted to nail buffing. In addition, Andrew carries a mirror around all the time. And some VS secrets divulged have led girls to (not ungroundedly) believe that Andrew is more feminine than meets the eye. Not a bad thing.

Also, Ian did something to Azlyn that unknowingly to him, appeared extremely obscene. Will not say too much here. heh. =)

And, Jeevan is really funny. Not to mention he puts up really compelling arguments that could make me believe anything. It could be just because he's funny though. Asking questions out of nowhere is funny. Stupid, but funny.


Spider-Man creator Stan Lee is to get a multi-million dollar windfall after winning a court battle with comic book company Marvel.

A judge has upheld Lee's demand for 10% of Marvel's profits from the hugely successful Spider-Man films.

Spider-Man and its sequel made $1.6bn (£857m) at box offices worldwide.

Of the cut now due to Lee, 82, who created Spider-Man in 1962, his lawyer said: "It could be tens of millions of dollars, that's no exaggeration."

US District Court Judge Robert W Sweet ruled Lee should get a tenth of profits generated since November 1998 by Marvel TV and movie productions involving the company's characters.

Lee took legal action in 2002, saying Marvel shut him out of "jackpot" profits from the first blockbuster film.

Said the company - where he worked for more than 60 years - had gone back on agreement to give him the 10%. As well as Spider-Man, Lee co-created the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Daredevil and Fantastic Four characters.

He said: "I am gratified by the judge's decision although, since I am deeply fond of Marvel and the people there, I sincerely regret that the situation had to come to this."

The ruling also means he is entitled to a slice of profits from DVD sales and certain merchandise.

Marvel said it would appeal and did not expect the decision to impact on financial forecasts for 2004 and beyond.

The New York court did not rule on Lee's claims to a share of profits from some Spider-Man and Hulk movie merchandise, which will be decided at a future trial, Marvel said.

Gee, you'd think that Marvel of all people would know that Stan Lee awlays wins.


Gay couples seem to be on the rise in Singapore. Creepy.


Forced to watch Elektra last week. What can I say. The best part about the movie was that it ended fast. You could almost compare everyone in the movie to a celebrity. There's a villain that looks like Dick Lee(people said this out loud in the cinema), Jennifer Garner looks like Zoe Tay(or Joey Pay, as my econs lecturer says) in some scenes, and the male lead looks like...Roy Keane! For those lost, thing 30-something year old Irish Footballer.

Storyline was crap. So crappy, infact, that I could imagine the director saying 70 minutes into the film saying ," This film must stop before we reach 100!" in a British/Gay accent. Yep, both villains got killed within the last 10 minutes of the film. And the way they died was pretty stupid.

Conclusion: bad film.


Not long more till results come out. Weeeee.

Monday, January 24, 2005

mmm mmm. I love mondays. I get to go to school at 9, and go home at 1.15. However, since I was such a good friend, and because I wanted to submit my OGL application form, I stayed back for quite a while today. Well, till about 5. So, Ian, Andrew, Azlyn, Rachel, Suq and I stayed back in the canteen crapping. I got to play with my camera too. But Andrew starting pinching my cheeks suddenly. I'll get him back for that.

On a brighter note though, things in MJ are starting to get fun, as Andrew continues to revert back to his old VS self. Az, Rachel and Suq have started calling him "Handsome". (Note the inverted commas.) Only a matter of time now. Also, the gossip is starting. Can't be a bad thing.

Choir tomorrow. PE tomorrow. Looks like a tiring day. Hope I can pull through.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Today was one of the dumbest days of my life. Well, actually, "today" started yesterday, when my mum fell sick. The following conversation then took place.

*contents are slightly abridged*

Mom: Wilfred, I'm sick, and your aunt is coming over from Hokkaido to visit. So you have to fetch her from the airport.
Wilfred: Ok. When?
M: Tomorrow.
W: WTF? You didn't even tell anyone!
M: Well I'm telling you now k?
W: okok. So what time?
M: She's coming at 3 in the morning.
W: *looks at clock*. That's in five hour's time. Brilliant.

So, I call a cab to come at 3am, and take a short nap. Upon reaching the Airport at 2.45am, and being utterly broke, I check the arrivals at terminal 2, and sit down to wait, thinkingthat I had the right flight.

3.00am: Sees plane landing on monitor.

3.15am: No aunt.

3.30am: Still no aunt.

3.35am: *Phone rings* Mum called.

M: Oei, what you doing so late at night?
W: Waiting for auntie la knn. She still haven't come yet leh. What happen ar?
M: You go so early for what?
W: You say she coming at 3 right? It's 3.37 now. The plane is down, I think. For the past half hour. And no sign of her.
M: Alamak. Her flight at 3 la dumbshit.
W: #*^)^%@*%!(&$(. So now I'm stuck at the airport with no feasible mode of transport back home till what, 9?
M: TOOBAD! Wahahahaha. *click*

And that was that. I was stranded at the Airport till 9, when my aunt came. However, I was scheduled to meet some friends in school at 8.30. So, with the knowledge that I was late, I gave her money to take a cab home, and rushed off to school.

Somehow, the bunch of us ended up at suntec. At this time, I was pretty much bummed out. At 4.30, Mok called. Natural response: Reject target call. at 5, Phone vibrates. And I remember that....

We were supposed to play basketball at 4 near Denys' house. Shit. So, I had no choice but to pass on basketball. This would, of course, make me feel even more tired, lethargic, and less conscious. So unconscious in fact, that I walked into a sliding door somewhere along the way home. Bleh.

Yup, its one of those days where nothing seems to be going right at first. Then when you think matters have calmed down, everything just screws up again. Like one of those multi-paper days during the O levels.


Man U vs Aston Villa tonight. Should be a mauling of Villa.


Gonna be staying at home to finish homework tomorrow. Blah.


The 4th season of American Idol has kicked off. It's kind of dismal so far. Nobody's outstandingly good or bad so far. Though the bragging was extremely over the top.


Apparently, we have some lit research to do. No idea how to go about it though.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Well, life in MJC is getting better, since the class seems to be clicking more, and stupid things are happening. Not as many stupid things as in VS, but still good. I'm liking the class more and more. Even the eccentric people. Everyone taking lit helps, since lit could either ingrain you with a good sense of humour or numb your brain to the point that every small thing seems funny. I think I've been infected by the latter. I would describe the class right now, but we still in the clicking stage, and I'm not sure how some people would take verbal jabs, and I don't need to make any enemies right now.


I made a racist joke in the bus yesterday. Loko(pronounced "Lock-o", I believe. Not the same as the spanish word meaning "crazy".) told me that a guy sitting a few rows behind looked like he wanted to beat me up. I turned behind, turned back, and kept my mouth shut.


Choir is getting fiercer. Apparently, we have a concert in May, in addition to SYF this year. We have to sing ABBA songs. that's right, ABBA. We also have to attend a concert and a workshop. Fierceness. However, the choir people do seem like a nice bunch.


I have no idea what is going on during Econs. Shit.


I slept in class for the first time in quite a while. Chinese class too. Luckily my teacher is friendly and hardworking. Will try not to sleep again.


Got a long weekend ahead. And probably a long list of homework too.


I'm going to apply to be an OGL. Hehe. The only troublesome bit is getting an IC photo.


I think lit is going be a bout of suffering. Seriously. For our first assignment, we were told to submit a piece of creative writing. People started using paper plates, coloured paper, even more colourful ink, with cute little drawings. I used a blue ballpoint pen and foolscap paper. Woohoo.


Life is short. And fast. Perhaps, a bit too fast. It felt like yesterday when I graduated from VS. It's not so much missing VS as missing myself. Phases of my life are coming and going in the blink of an eye. And right now, I'm not really in the mental state to be in JC. It's hard to do work when every other thing in class seems funny. Oh, and Andrew is around, too.

But still, I need to pick up.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Aight. It's been 3 days already. Wow. Feel bad about the lack of bloggage.


I have a weird bunch of teachers. First, we have our Econs teacher and CT, Miss Su(I think). Pretty average. Not outstanding. For now, shall me remembered for making all of us cut out a newspaper article about economics and present it to the class. I forgot to bring mine, and resorted to grabbing an ad page from a classmate. -_-"

Then, we have Vincent "I share a name with a tv star" Ng, who gets excited teaching C maths questions. Dem cute, according to Andrew. Give him 10 years, and he'll be the next coming of Richard Phua. He did seem slightly flustered when I was looking at his screensaver tho.

We have 2 lit teachers in our class. One is okay. A step above de Souza. But the other is probably the only teacher who can turn lit into a boring subject. And she teaches us about shakespeare. hmmm. JC lit does not promise to be fun.

Not alot of impressions on our GP teacher yet, since I can't even remember his name, but I do remember that I have a GP essay to pass up tml. And I'm blogging.

Chinese. Ho-hum. Our teacher is friendly. That's good enough.


I'm in choir! Surprised quite a few people. First was myself, and Andrew. First we went to the notice board.

"Eh, dont have my name sia."
"Girls la. Dumb shit."
"Oh." (sidestep)
"Still dont have my name.....Siala!"
"My name sia!"
"They rank ar?"
"Dosen't matter. I'm in choir!"
"MJ is going down the drain."

Then was Gladys, and Roy. Roy's face was one of shock. Priceless.

Met Muzhaffar on the way home after that. Yet another surprised look.

I'll probably die in choir though, since my throat dosen't seem to be getting any better. If it makes me feel any better, there are 3 people in my class from choir. Ha.


Have a lit and GP assignment to pass up tomorrow. I'm in trouble.


On a side note, my class has pretty nice people. Yes Andrew, you're one of them.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Classes are starting tomorrow. Shit. My timetable isn't really kind to me either. I'd rather have free periods than go home early. I never get any homework done at home.


Some random notes on MJC.

1) MJ is a "bloody gambling den", as quoted from Andrew. At almost any given time last week, there would at least be 4 (or more) people congregating around a table, playing daidee or bridge. As for Andrew and I, we were busy getting thrashed by his friends from North Vista.

2) It's not hard to get lost. Every 10 steps you take you'll see something familiar that'll make you think you're going in circles.

3) There are despos in MJ. *coughAndrewcough*

4) The canteen is pretty crummy. Still better than VS canteen food tho. Even if VS had nicer tables. And there are actually water coolers in the MJC canteen.

5) People are always fitter than they look.

6) Half the J1 basketball team is getting kicked out after 3 months.

7) I think I've started pissing off or weirding out people in my class already.


My voice is back. Can't raise it tho. Or go too high. At least I can talk properly. Hope the choir still wants me. Even if they don't, I'm sure one of the remaining 7 ccas will want me.


Mok was laughing at me for listening to "Where is the Love" yesterday. "Because it's a song against racism", he said. hmmm.


Maybe I'll do maths later. Helps me sleep, since I woke up at 12 today.


School tomorrow. Hope I'll be able to find my class.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Got class allocation today. 05A104. I think. Seems to be a pretty odd class, as far as I can see. I'll take what I can get tho. So far I recognize Andrew, Ian, Jerrold, and an ACS guy who was sitting near me when I was coughing away. Other than that, I was briefly introduced by Vanessa to an AHS girl, who seems really friendly, a Dunman girl, one of Daniel's friends, and Loko, a tkgs girl who seems to be a friend of gladys'. I shall try to be a civics rep. Yes.


Today was fun. All I shall say is : Muthu!

Oh, and Zosma 4 opted to order pizza instead of going to west mall. Not bad. Took some pics. Wish I had taken more. Some really photogenic people in my group. Some people who really like posing for photos. Note the difference.


School promises to be a real bore from here on. Won't be looking forward to it. If I don't get into VJ, or i get more than 15 points, in which I'll stay in MJ, I'm off to poly.


The feeling of not having your voice sucks. Ecspecially if you're a relatively talkative guy like me. Couldn't even crap properly in class today. Sheesh. Hope it comes back soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Well well, 9 ccas have been narrowed down to 8, after basketball trials today. I know my spot was banished to my wildest dream when I saw the coach demonstrating a crossover. For those wondering, my dribbling is about as good as the fish that Andrew paid $2 for, which is about as good as my chinese, or our econ's teacher "punctulation".

Well, good news is, the choir guy called me to ask me for personal details. :)
Bad news is, I lost my voice. So I hope I recover soon. No faking this time, Marcus & Denys.

Zosma 4 is going for lunch tmr at West plaza. No idea where that is. Will be having fun, i guess. Bringing a camera is always fun. Not to mention lots of free periods.

It's a sad case. So far, my class has at most 18 people. And 5 of them are guys. Of the 5, 4 are from VS. Sheesh. Oh well, sitting at the back talking with Andrew is always fun. Not to mention making funny jabs at random people. Not too sure about the name of my class tho.

Sleepy sleepy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wednesday, January 12, 2005. Or rather, the day I went crazy. Let us examine this using a cause-and-effect system.



1) Excessive boredom. The day started off with 2 free periods, which was followed by a lit lecture(more on that later), and another 2 free periods. With so many free periods, one is bound to be numbened to his surroundings, and eventually be shut out internally, even if he may not be externally. And when one is shut out, the mind eventually deforms into a state in which it induces behavious out of a person's normal psyche, sometimes to a degree that is completely incomprehensible to most, if not all people within proximity. This isalso known as craziness.

2) Lit lecture. This was craziness. I don't know to be happy since this is such a contrast to de Souza's lessons(which is GOOD), or to feel worried since I was never prepared for this. Andrew's a lit pro, and he's blur too. Today, Mrs MS let us do stuff which "triggered" senses, and told us to write it on a piece of paper. First was 2 picture ads, depicting space and comfort. Furniture store stuff. Then, there was an Xbox ad, which featured a baby shooting out from a womb(yes SHOOTING out, windows broke and stuff), the baby aging during the flight into an old man and landing into his grave. As it turns out, this was an Xbox ad, telling us life is short.


Then we listened to a piece of music, and ate a biscuit. The bizarre part is that she asked us to prepare a piece of work based on our experience watching the ads/listening to music/eating biscuits. And submit it by next week. Great. I now have my first piece of homework.

3) Econs. What can I say. The subject is mind-blowingly stupid. Unless things start to get interesting and the lecturer starts to make jokes instead of being one herself, I'm transferring to science and taking chem instead after 3 months.



1) CCA orientation madness. I wrote my name on 9 ccas, namely

Chinese Orchestra(yes I have previous experience =D)
Print/shoot(where they teach you to critique movies like Andrew Chua)
Bizclub(business club, sounds fun)
Basketball(hmmmm, probably zero chance of makin it)
Badminton(recreational team)
Intellectual board games club(whatever)
Floorball(thanks to andrew)
College publications(yay)

Wanted to sign up for ELDDS, redcross and photography. Decided it would be a waste of time. So yea, I went kinda crazy. I actually spoke chinese audibly to the poor girl at the CO booth. And I went for choir auditions. No idea if i got in. Sore throat shit.

2) Getting drunk....on nothing. Reyneth had to listen to a bunch of stuff I probably shouldnt have said on the train. Was just feeling heck care at the time. The 'what the hell ill say what i want' feeling yeah.

3) Feeling dizzy now. Gotta go take a nap soon. Hope I'll be better later. But amazing race is on. Life is full of dilemmas.


Got an odd day lined up tomorrow. 3 free periods!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What an odd day. Pretty much slacked around with Ronald and Andrew most of the time. Was pretty funny tho. Since Ronald was wearing an MJ uniform.


Geraldine and Wei Hua screaming about the canoeing guys. Haven't seen this in a while, so it was kind of funny. They proceeded to say they wanted to join canoeing, which leaves me worrying for their welfare since Marcus told me about a canoeing girl in NYJC, and since Samuel told me about the more evil side of canoeing.

Daryl Yeo crashing MJC, along with Prinya and Yu Han. Everybody gets bored sometime, I guess.

Today was Shi Min's birthday. Lol. All the girls suddenly started singing happy birthday for her right smack in the middle of the canteen. Amusing. I pretended not to know, since I seemed to be the only guy within proximity. It felt strange.

Andrew and Ronald teasing a girl from their OG about Yue Han, for no apparent reason. VS humour still owns. She did get kinda angry tho. Still funny.

Me not daring to run, since my pants were so incredibly loose that they would drop to feet were I to start running. Heck, I was putting my hands in my pockets to hold them up. Some people thought I was trying to act cool. I would later be berated for not running.

Chinese was pretty much a crap lesson. Like Wee Hui Toon, the teacher(whatever his name is) tells lots of nonsense which periodically sounds funny. Unlike Wee Hui Toon, he dosen't seem to like telling his life story as much, dosen't know wushu, and can't kill a person in 3 blows. (inside joke)

Econs continues to be a crap lesson, and C maths continues to be easy. Dosen't seem like it'll be easy tml tho.

CCA orientation tml. hmmm.

Monday, January 10, 2005

First day of actual school, first day of lectures.

How devilishly slack it was. So many breaks it wasn't even funny. The lessons were even less funny.

First off, we have a very diabolical literature teacher. I would say more, but she did say she reads blogs, and I think she would be content with "diabolical" as a description of her, since it's such a long word. Mrs Saradetch is her name, I think. Probably got the spelling wrong. I walked into the lecture theatre thinking that I would be able to ease past lit for 2 years. I walked out thinking if I would be able to take it for 3 months. Like, we learn about Gargoyles, European history among other weird midtime Euro stuff. And we have to learn Gothic literature, whatever that is. Half the lesson was spent joking with Andrew, and the other half cringing in fear.

C maths is also boring. This lesson anyway. The teacher(her name escapes me right now, all I remember is Yoke Leng) taught sets like the entire lecture hall was exiled from A maths like Osama bin Laden from Afghanistan. We took 45 minutes to learn how to do subsets. whoopee. I'm sure things will get more cheem after a while. Or things are going to be boring for quite a while.

Econs. Hurr. Dosen't look fun, even if some people insist that it's interesting. No idea what I'm gonna do here.

Since it was raining heavily, I decided it would be a good idea to stay back and crash the physics lecture, which Mr Goh(I think) welcomed us to do, as long as we didn't take the notes. Which is fine by me. The lesson was somewhat boring, but the teacher seemed like a fine person.

Crashing history tomorrow. Wonder how it'll be.


I really need to snap out of my current state at the moment. I'm never going to get anywhere right now. I need to stop turning my head away from the topic at hand. I need to stop reaching for what will never be mine. I should not let the money on the floor distract me from the road, no matter how shiny it may be. After all, it could be a trap.

Let's hope it's not a trap, or hope that I wake up and see the truth.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Aaah yes. Sundays. For some, it means a nice peaceful day to be spent with the family. For others, it means a good wholesome day to worship God. And to some others, it means a good day to chase skirts.

For me, it's a day of boredom. There never seems to be anything to do on Sundays. So I end up doing things like blogging at 2pm in the afternoon, while everyone is out having fun. Later this year, I'll probably be doing things like rushing homework. Yeah right.


Lessons start tomorrow. My timetable looks like crap at the moment. Lessons are separated by breaks longer than the lessons themselves. Which means I'll be slacking around in school for way too long.

However, morning assembly starts at 9. *smile*

Wonder if I can cut classes.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well, orientation at MJC is over. It was a week to remember, to say the least. Even if our group's campfire item got screwed up, it was still fun and I wouldn't exchange the experience for anything. Ever.

Thursday: The day of the "Magnificent Meridian Marathon", or MMM for short. Basically, we ran around the bedok-Pasir Ris area doing stuff, which included running around one of those foot-reflexology paths you find in paths holding a plastic cup of water with holes in it, searching a HDB corridor for cutesy stickers and estimating how many bananas it would take to cover a short distance.(We got this one horribly wrong.) While it did drain my ezlink card quite alot, I must admit that it was pretty fun. After that was over, we sat down to plan campfire item, which basically consisted of the guys sitting there talking nonsense while the girls did all the planning. And the guys got sabo'ed. Including me. Bleh.

Friday: Wet n' wild day. What can I say. Wet. And wild. Pretty much the same as MMM, except we were running around the school doing activities involving water. There was one pretty stupid game in which we had to transfer water for a pail to a smaller pail some distance away.

Using our hair.

*crickets chirp*

Of course, we failed miserably.

We were then released to go home and take a break before coming back to rehearse the campfire item. However, I didn't get to go home, since I forgot my house key on the way out, and nobody is ever home when I need them to be. Sometime later, it was campfire night.

*hyperventilates quietly*

I shall allow others to elaborate. I'm still too embarassed to talk about it. Or maybe I just don't want to talk about what happened. Let's just say that there comes a time in every guy's life where he has to meet his feminine side. That was my night. At least there were SOME people supporting me. I shan't complain further, since there were other guys who had to do much worse than me.


Got a contact list for my OG. Normally, I would wait for them to add me, but since my email address was printed wrongly, I will have to be doing the adding since people are going to discover that does not exist.

-10 minutes later-

Just tried to add them. Discovered that 5 of them either have fake emails, have their addresses printed wrongly or there is something wrong with the network. Darn. Let's hope the handphone numbers are right.


On a side note, what am I doing up so early in the morning?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Today was a really weird day. Nice, but weird. The first notable event was Yap Chow telling me about the day he met Wen Hui at the bus stop. Apparently, Wen Hui asked him if he got retained, since he was wearing the VS PE t-shirt. And his comment was golden.

"Think everybody like him sia."


In the bus, the roof was leaking. And I got a nice stream of water down my head. Fun times.


Today was Know Your College day, or more accurately, run around school doing strange things day. There was a game where we had to crawl under a table with rafia strings strewn across. This was pretty okay. Then the guy in front of me kicked me in the face. I would spend some time spitting toe dirt out my mouth if they weren't throwing wet flour at me. I spent the next 20 minutes getting the flour out of my hair. Washing my mouth too.

Aside : There seems to be a guy in my OG even more hygenic and protective of his possessions than Dimitra. One white spot on his basketball shorts and he spends 20 minutes in the toilet. How? First he takes of his shoes and goes into the toilet, in case his shoes get wet. Then, he washes his pants so thoroughly Mdm Ernie would be proud of him. Then, he waits for his feet to dry. After that he puts on his shoes and walks out.


Sometime during the day, I got stuck in a conversation with Yue Han. The only notable line was

"Eh, your guai lan friend Gladys got into Choir leh."

Not so much the choir part, but the guai lan part. He proceeded to tell me about how the group found out that Gladys loves Ronaldo.


Other tidbits of info.

Andrew cut his hair so he would look weird, or "handsome" as he would call it.

Zul's in MJ. hmmm.


Dancing seems to be quite fun. Yesterday's dance was ok. Today's dance was kind of fun, since both myself and my partner had two left feet, and were "san pao man" as she phrased it. Just getting one turn off properly was an achievement. With people like us tango becomes tangle.


For information on the cheering situation, refers to Wilbur's blog. It's pretty much the same thing at MJ.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Meridian JC. Also known as the most ulu jc around, or more familiar faces than you can count. Seriously.

Monday was, simply put, FUN. Before any MJ freshman decides to start bashing me, FUN= Freshman's Ultimate Nightmare. Even before anything happened, the academic(read:ugly) side of MJC was stuffed down our throats when they decided it would be a good idea to cram all the talks into 1 day. Subject combination talks, Subject talks and NUS,NTU and SMU talks. Cannot stand it. From morning all the way to about 2. We were also introduced to MJC, the place with weird group names. My group name is Zosma. I remember shaking my head in despair when I first heard it, thinking why I appealed out of TJ.

On a better note, my OGLs do seem like nice enough people. Just that I felt my OG was incredibly quiet, since everyone seemed isloated from their schools, save a few people. Seems like I'm the only idiot in my OG taking arts. Then again, all the arts students combined don't even fill up 3/4 of a lecture hall. Most of the cheering in fact came of the OGLs themselves. A sign of things to come?


Today was somewhat better. Ice breakers. Still better than sitting for hours. Things are better now. Phew. Looks like MJ is gonna be perfectly fine for me. I may not even want to crash VJ or TJ, depending on how things turn out. However, a handout stated that lessons would last till 5pm. Dammit.


Highlights for 2 days:

1) Javier and Daniel making themselves look despo. I'm still not entirely sure that they aren't.

2) Andrew bitching about paying $2 for a piece of fish..

3) Andrew being happy upon seeing that pupils will have to attend 3/4 Cmaths tutorials in a week, until realizing that it was 3 OR 4 and not three quarters.

4) How there were familiar faces everywhere but in my OG. In front and behind I could recognize lots of people, but nowhere along the row. Sheesh.

5) How everyone seemed to be ponning school today. No Andrew, no Ian, no Zixiang anywhere in sight.


According to OGLs, tomorrow will be even more fun. I'm not getting my hopes up.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Oh damn. School is starting tomorrow. This is bad. I'm not in the right frame of mind yet. Not hyped, not psyched, not in the least bit excited. MJ is like, 40 mins away from my house. That's incredibly far for me. Not to mention there are going to be lots of familiar faces there. Which is not necessarily a good thing. It's like going back to Sec 4, except with girls. Which again is not always a good thing.

Looks like I'll be late for first day of school. United de estrellas my foot.


On a lighter note, played pool with Daryl and Ivan today. I swear, more games were won by the guy with an advantage screwing up and tossing the black ball into the hole than by the normal way. Like when I was playing with Ivan. I was up 4-1. And proceeded to throw the game away. Sheesh.


Jo, I printed the photos liao. Remind me to pass them to you. Didn't print the one with the french fry tho. :)


Must wake up early tomorrow. *warcry*

Saturday, January 01, 2005


Just got back from countdown at Orchard. Fun stuff. Seems everything happens on big events like this.

Firstly, Illegal hawking of food. Vendor got caught by police.

followed by sightings of people selling party spray, you know, the long stringy type and the snowy type. We proceeded to spray each other throughout the entire night. Jingjie was pretty much the superstar here. Just ran around spraying people randomly. Then when the countdown ended, he started wishing strangers happy new year and shaking their hands, while all of us started in amusement.

Then, there was a guy who fainted at the bus stop, foaming at the mouth. Too much partying, I think.

Which was followed by an incident at the taxi stand at paragon. 2 Indian men were running from the police, while all of us just stood there and watched them run. Upright, noble Victorians, we are. In the end, only 1 got caught.


Before that, though, had dinner with Leo, jo and glad. Glad was really peeved that I didn't give her a RONALDO poster to drool over as a late xmas present. In the end I got a shirt. Oh well. They claimed it was expensive. As much as I am inclined not to, I believe them. Probably worth more than the present I god for glad anyway. ^_^ Jo's present did cost money tho. So did Leonard's.

Then, they decided they wanted to be models, so we ended up at the esplanade(where the countdown was canceled) taking photos. So now my camera is filled with crap. Ahahaha. They do want the photos though.


Anybody volunteering to help the Tsunami victims? Give me a call or drop me a line on msn if you do.


I think I'm kinda tired. The computer screen seems to be tilting to the left. Either that or my head is tilting.


2004 was a great year for me. Such a shame I have to leave it behind. Oh well. 2005, I'm coming.


My new year resolution for 2004 was not to make any more resolutions, so they wouldn't be broken. So, I have no New year's resolution.