Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Movie review: Kingdom of Heaven. Well, I watched this free thanks to Daniel's Aunt, but I must say it was not bad, even if girls might argue against it since Orlando Bloom hardly looked like his handsome self from Lord of The Rings. He does not look good with facial hair and black, wavy hair. As if Pirates of the Carribean didn't prove it.

Plot-wise, The producers did stick to the plot a good bit, and most of it was hisotrically accurate. Also, the token female character wasn't as useless and redundant as she would be in other war movies *coughpearlharbourcough*. As least she had a use, even if it was for the bad guys. I can say I even learnt a thing or two about war tactics, such as not leading your troops away from water sources, ecspecially when your city is in a freaking desert. or your army will be slaughtered and you'll ride on a donkey half naked. Also, I really liked the idea of a leper leading an army, for some odd reason.

In terms of action, it wasn't bad. The war scenes were well choreographed, though, as with all war movies, somewhat chaotic. And the way the blood spewed aorund from dead characters was really really good. Very graphic= Very good. Definitely better than the joke that called itself Alexander in this aspect. In all aspects, in fact. Colin Farrell looked horrendous in that. I was completely mesmerized by the castle defense sequence towards the end of the movie. i think Bloom's character is a pretty good general and a war genius, considering he was but a lowly blacksmith not too long ago.


Had learning journey after screwing up my gp exam yesterday.I must say it wasn't too enjoyable, but still a bit funny. Honestly, with Ann Koh in a Red Dress, sunglasses, and a pink umbrealla, I feel we got cheated into making that placard that said a101.

We visited religious places in the hot sun. Oh well. Didn't exactly failed. This was, howeverm followed by..


Movie review #2: Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith. Not having watched Episode 2, it was a little confusing at the start, but thankfully Jedis hardly change clothes in the future, so I could still recognize Obi-wan and his Potato-sack costume. Good thing they're in a galaxy far, far away so we can't smell them.

Basically, Star Wars 3 is a movie about a guy who had premarital sex, got a girl pregnant, decided his job was more important, and ran away, only to turn insane later on and ended up in a suit even more stupid looking than a straight jacket. Well, fans would argue that the plot is a lot more complex and intricate than that, so I'll allow them to elaborate. Personally, I believe they spent too much time talking away though. Some parts of the story were kind of sad though.

Needless to say, the action was extremely good, with really cool fight individual fight scenes. The war scenes, however, were really lacklustre for some reason. Watching people fight with guns 30m away from each other just isn't as compelling as watching them fight with weapons. The volcano fight scene was rather reminiscent of LotR too. And Anakin looked like smeagol after getting burnt.

However, there were just a few corny moments during the movie. For example:

Mace Windu: He has betrayed us!
Darth Sitheous: I'm weak!
Mace: He is a menace to us!
Darth: I'm helpless!
Mace: I can't keep him alive! He's too dangerous!
Darth: Uh, help me!

*Anakin kills Mace Windu, making sure there will be no such thing as a Black Jedi, at least for now*


Robot: Physically, she is perfect healthy.


Robot: But for reasons unknown, we are losing her.


Robot: She has lost the will to live.


While good, the movie suffers from "drawing legs on snakes" syndrome, as well as having too many openings for people to make fun of. Good, but worse than Kingdom of Heaven.

The atmosphere, however, was brilliant. The entire cohort packed into a theater was a good idea from MJ, something we don't see too often. Everyone pretty much laughed and cheered for Yoda. And the screams for Hayden Christensen half-naked were incredible. Ha.


Extra lessons all this week. Not exactly looking forward to it. But I'll need it to achieve my FEOO target for midyears.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Well, choir concert's over. Pretty fun.

My legs nearly gave out on me during the first half of the concert, while we just had to stnad there and sing. Nervousness + uncomfortable shoes = not good. Was pretty much sweating under that thick blazer. However, my left hand was feeling cold while my right hand was feeling warm. I blame the stupid stage lights. At least i got through it without messing up.

The second section was a little better. Even though we got laughed at during the male chorus. Nelson Kwei has a weird sense of humour hur hur. And the ABBA section just was enjoyable. Even if I did screw up some of the steps.

For the record, I was singing during the bloody concert, dammit. I hate it when people call me a slacker when I'm not slacking.


More on choir. Yesterday was the farewell. Thing's won't be the same, needless to say. Shall miss the seniors alot. Guess theres nothing I can do but look ahead. even if theres not much to look ahead.

I hope confusion dosen't break out over anything I said. The last thing I need is more people hating me.


Well, school's out. Or so we thought. WE have to go back for lessons for the first week. Damn. Right smack in the middle of the afternoon too. And there's PW to settle. And subjects to mug for. Holidays, my ass.

At least I get to sleep more.


GP exam on monday. Oh no. Whatever shall I do.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Well, it's been a somewhat odd day. So slack it felt good for once. Slacking nowadays is a luxury rather than a necessity, hence it is more price elastic...*slaps self* Ok I really must get a life sometime soon.


Today MJC decided to be good for once and released us at 12.30 to watch the council investiture, which would then be followed by a bus trip to the National Stadium to watch the soccer finals against VJ, who have been blowing their horns a lot recently.

Sounds good, right? Well, no.

I was sitting at LT4 watching a watered down broadcasted version of the investiture. The stupid streaming software kept breaking down, resulting in a very disrupted half-investiture, which I left to catch a bus.

A bus. Not to watch soccer, but to go down to Siglap South CC for choir practice since concert is tomorrow.

Bah. Not Ah Bah. Just Bah.


Speaking of choir, I think my voice is dying. Like seriously. I can't reach half the volume I can normally reach. So much for my plan of blasting the concert with my horrendous voice.

I just want tomorrow to be over with so I can *gasp* focus on my studies.

I should have cabbed to the national stadium after choir practice to watch the last few minutes of regulation time, because....


The soccer match ended not too long ago. And MJ WON! I have no idea how it happened but MJ WON! Apparently it went to penalties after finishing 1-1 so I can imagine the thing being even more drama-mama than it should have been, since everyone was pretty much predicting VJ to kick MJ butts. Even I thought it would be fairly hard to force VJ to penalties at least.

I probably should have gone, but getting home first enables me to be the first to blog about it.

So, for now at least, MJ > VJ.


I got told to cut my hair today. Damn, just when I thought I could get away with it. Oh well, I try to go back to school after june without cutting my hair and see if I can escape. Mrs Crossley seemed very cross about it. Cross enough to disrupt my prentending-do-to-homework process.


I fell asleep in lit today. Apparently I was snoring loud enough for people to hear it. Not good for my reputation. And Fiona drew on my arm while I was sleeping. Stupid girl.


Something odd happened today. After going to parkway to give Mok his concert ticket, I ran into a friend i havent met in a long time. Going poly with 8 points is freaking cool. And apparently the years ones have it slacky. Idiots.

So we were talking at the bus stop when suddenly a girl walks up to me and asks," Do you want a lift home?"

Me: Huh?
Girl: Er do you want a lift home?
Me: Wha?
Girl: Um, I'm your neighbour.
Me: Really?
Girl: *runs back to car, older woman inside tells me to come over*
Woman: You live at telok Kurau right?
Me: Uh huh.
Woman: well , get in then.

So I stupidly acceptaed a lift from strangers and got in. As it turned out, they really were my neighbours. And I got to know them a little better.

Still, it's kind of a shock when people know youre their neighbours and you don't. I mean, I've seen them a few times but I don't really recognize them outside. Shocking.


I shall go attempt to do work now, since tomorrow will just knock me out completely.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bah, so much for doing work this holiday. If I actually did work, I wouldnt be sitting here trying to rush my PI and wondering what would happen to me if I don't do my history. And if I don't do my Cmaths.


Pangseh'd Wilbur and Denys' basketball invitation to go do Lit project today. I must say Amanda's place is quite nicely decorated. I think my room needs a serious makeover. I need some ornaments in my room, which is sorely lacking. It's only so neat and zen-looking because I haven't been doing any work in it (obviously).

I got myself Lit stuff to do now too. Which I obviously won't be able to complete as long I remian true to character. Then again, I haven't really been doing so for quite a while. Guess JC life does that to you.


I'm probably going to end up in school early chionging history to something. Life is bad.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Room to breathe....becomes no room to breathe. I think I have to finish at least some of my work by tonight. Because Sunday is slacking day. And because the stupid choir is making us come back on a fricking public holiday for concert rehearsals. Which still fails to explain why I'm still sitting here.


Have a lit presentation to work on next week. No idea how I'm supposed to get through that. Hope I don't screw it up like I do to anything and everything that even acts like its remotely important. Not to mention I don't want to screw up my groupmates hard work/ lack thereof.


Apparently Manchester United just lost the FA cup to Arsenal in a penalty shootout in which 5 of the top elite attacking players in the footballing world today lost to a bunch of players which quite frankly did not deserve to win it. I guess that's what life's like.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I haven't been doing anything of note lately. Which explains not blogging for a few days. Just dont feel as excited about things nowadays. The weeks are just spinning by, and at the end of the week I find myself as clueless as I was at the start of the week. This. Cannot. Continue.

I know I have to do something about it, but I still feel helpless.


Choir concert is taxing. It's fun at first, but after a while it just becomes boring. Ecspecially when I have more important things to do.

Like PI.


Had CLAO test on Monday morning. Like what a great way to start off the week la. At least it wasn't that hard, or rather, I was doing it like it meant nothing to me, so I don't really care.

Maths test today. Copied Cheryl, since I couldn't memorise the formulas. Only 1 question though. After that I asked someone," How come everyone knows the formulas but me?" and was rudely informed that there was a formula box at the bottom of the question paper. And I felt even more stupid when I was copying.


I think Aveline is angry at me. I need to practice more self-control in the future.


A perk of JC life is the random events that happen around school. It's these small things that make up your life. Like going mad slowly, for instance.


I've been in a rather sadistic and nasty mood as of late. No idea why. This is not good for Wilfred's tiny brain.


Oh oh we got a new History lecturer today. My jaw dropped when I saw her. Not because of the polka dotted dress she was wearing, but because she used to teach Chinese back in VS.


Oooh, Lit test tomorrow. Die die.


With so much going on in my life, I can't help but wonder...

What if I got into council?


*Pretends to think*

*Starts thinking about how to look like I'm thinking*

*Stops thinking, but maintains a fairly believeable expression*

*Falls asleep*

And that's pretty much a day of my life. Sadly.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

ha. I'm have just been given the grand title of supreme carpark marshal of the world. Which basically means I direct traffic. literally.


I'm slacking inside the MJ library now, before my parents come and hear all the bad things about me. Whoopee. I think I'm going to be screwed when I get home. I don't know what the problem with my parents is. They just have to come even when I desperately tried not too. Stubborn old people. They're going to waste their time here. And they're going to embarass me. Shit la.


Still need to think of new PI. Bah. PW seriously needs to be scrapped.


Accompanied Vanessa down to VJ yesterday with no real intention of doing anything. Was intending to watch the guitar ensemble perform. but decided against it after sitting around for a while. Free ice cream is good too. Wee.

Pastamania sucks. I can't believe a favourite pasta would threaten to use its status to plague innocent diners like me with kidney failure. Sho Shalty. I'm never eating there again.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Well, I've come to terms about not getting into council, and for some reason, I actually feel free now. Like, free. Tied down by a semi-shitty timetable and lots of tests coming, but still free. The wierd part is that I'm not actually free. I need to finish Econs DRQ, Common Graph tutorials, GPP and Context questions by tonight. I guess it's all I can do to not struggle right now. Well, school has proved to be quite a constructive place to study anyway, so I'm not really complaining. I should have thought about it when I decided to flex my non-existant brain muscles by attempting to take 4 subs.


Chinese has been shitty lately. The lessons aren't even really funny now. I feel like I'm sitting in a microwave pretending to be a classroom listening to an old man who's so dried up he looks like he's been in it long before MJ even started scold all the other departments but the MT dept.

Now I wish I had Wee Hui Toon back. Stories about 1) monks telling stories to each other, 2) Running across the causeway and getting caught by customs, 3) China, 4) A drug addict brother and 5) How to kill a person in 3 strikes still sound funny when I think about it.


I'm pretty much used to my 24-girl class by now. While being quite a culture shock from VS, where guys(read:andrew) could prance around in their underwear and act nonchalant about it, the people have been accomodating enough, so the least I could do is be friendly and act gay occassionally.(Note: am still straight.)

I still feel like stabbing Sheena. Oh well. I'll wait till fernn turns her back before I try anything and blame it on Wei Kang.

I hear Sharon has been tearing it up on the PW circuit.

Ms Koh: What are you all talking about?
Sharon: *points to empty chair* We don't know where Farzana is.



PW has been really strange. All teh girls in my group are at least partially mad. One says I look like a polar bear (VS re-hash), one likes to bully me, and the other one just sits there and points to me whever she says "The scums of scoiety".

At least they do their work like me. *basks in fake light*


I got myself mutilated today. Fiona decided on monday that it would be a good idea to draw on me. So she grabbed my hand and drew an M on it when I wasn't looking. I look like Ronald Mcdonald, or so she says. I ran to the toilet later, only to find out to my horror that it wouldn't come out.

Today, Fiona, on finding it was fading, grabbed my hand and drew an even bigger M on it. And Gladys aka ah bah decided it would be a good idea to join in. Later on, In the canteen when I was busy copy...er doing my homework, Cheryl wanted to jump on the "make Wilfred your personal canvas sheet" bandwagon and completely vandalised my left arm. So ticklish. Then Sheena disfigured my right arm. Now you see why I want to stab her. Upon realizing that MJ is really stingy with its soap, I went home looking like half a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

After soaping myself thoroughly, I am confused when I say that only Fiona's markings remain for some odd reason.


"Pooh's Heffalump? Half a lump of poo?" - Wei Kang, on a discussion about cartoons

"Come Wei Kang, lets play truth or dare! Oops, it's me. quick truth or dare!" -Silas, feeling bored

"I think it's my socks." - Aveline, out of total randomness

"Ooh so cute! Heloo...." Gladys, on seeing a wallpaper of Norman Chua's babies

"This is the result of my hard work and sweat! So you must copy it nicely!" -Fernn

Just felt like quoting random people today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well, I didn't make it into council. I was sad for about 3 seconds, which is all the time it took for me to figure out that the pros of not getting in outweigh the cons by a good amount. For once, I'm actually going to believe what the teachers say and think that now it's up to me to decide when I want to lead. Unlike if I'm in council, which basically states that I have to lead whether I like it or not.

Let's see....

+ I don't have council camp this weekend.
+ I can stay on in choir.(tentatively a +)
+ I just might have a bit more time on my hands now.
+ The time can be used for studying.(who am i kidding?)
+ I don't have to be politically correct.
+ I did the harder thing by not getting in.
+ MJC will not be turned upside down by me. (also, tentatively a +)
+++++++ I can continue to be a slacker.

- I feel like a failure.

Yup, this took me about 3 seconds to figure out. Of course, there were people even faster than me. These people rushed out of the lt to celebrate with ice cream.

Of course, feeling like a failure sits perfectly well with me, since a) I am one, b) I am destined to be one and c) I'm used to it. I'm sure people like Marcus are going to call this an anticlimax. Buut now that I think about it, me getting in would be even more ludicrous.

So people, I hope you're ready to watch me slack once more.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Firstly, I was stoning on Sunday night till about 3.30 in the morning. And I still accomplished absolutely NOTHING.

Needless to say, I was pretty pissy at school today. Wilfred + blank homework - sleep = Very grumpy cave troll.

Of course, I did actually have a reason to be pissed.


Econs tutorial began the usual way - getting scolded for not doing tutorials. Suree, as if I wasn't in a bad enough mood. Anyway, I got back my MCQ test. 20/25. I stared at the paper for a good minute before finally realizing that while I did get 19/20 for MCQ, I still do structured questions as well as a kangaroo wear jeans.

Still, 20/25. Now how in the world did that happen? Either

1) I'm smarter than I think.
2) Everyone had a collective off-day.
3) Everyone else is stupider than I think.
4) I'm luckier I think. Or...
5) Any combination of the above.

I'm not exactly complaining though.


Apparently, this year's NDP is going to be held at the Padang. *Awkward silence as the lack of relevance creeps in*


Council election results are coming out tomorrow. By now I'm just thinking what the hell la. Want to release just release la. Unnecessary tension is not healthy. Not to mention it cause pimples, the bane of bimbos and himbos everywhere.


Bleagh. I'm tired. Just tired of everything right now. Not that it hasn't been at least partially fun though.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sports day was yesterday. All the Atlas people were pretty much saying how great it was. Well it was quite odd at Miranda. While the shirts were quite nice(irrelevant) and the spot was good(also irrelevant) it was quite anticlimatic when cheers are defined by their numbers. I mean "Let's do cher number Five!" Isn't exactly an awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, spirit-stirring warcry. More like a whimper.

That being said, Miranda still came in first, inexplicably winning the cheerleading competition. Not that I'm complaining though. The callisto cheerleading seemed really popular. And everyone thought Triton was good till the cheerldeaders were discovered to have done the act known as zao geng and Phoebe fell of the top of the human pyramid with a sickening thud. Either she was tired, or people were supposed to catch her.

I am so sorry for not turning up for dinner ah bah.

That being said, I'm kind of pissed after what happened. And I still am.


Choir concert training has began. And what do you know, we have new songs to learn. But I shouldn't be complaining. The guys get easier english BEATLES songs, I have the slackiest parts which are only undermined by somewhat trickier timing, while the girls get Frecnch songs from les Choristes, a French Movie which happens to be about a boy's choir.


Went to play ball after that. It was kind of fun, even though I was in totally inapprpriate attire. It wasn't reallly as much about playing anymore though.


Perhaps hiding won't work anymore. What am I supposed to do?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Some other random events.

1) Got back 2 econs tests today. Passed one, and proceeded to happily fail the other with an outstanding score of 6/25. Wow. At least I passed the latest MCQ test despite getting 0 for the 5 mark structured at the back. Which means I got at least 12/20 for mcq. Which means I'm not hopeless.

2) Band got GOLD! nice job band!

3) After all the "hard work" I put into the GPP, the school library decided to turn nasty and not save our GPP. So, effort wasted. Hope the computer malfuntioned and it's actually there though.

4) The greatest cock talking session erupted today. How cool it would be to have kaisheng in your class. I was practically laughing the entire bus+train journey. Ecspecially when teh gay freaks started putting their legs over each other's.

5) "Benjamin Mok" is not a myth made up by Mok fanatics.

6) Liverpool is going to win the Champion's League. I don't care what anyone says, AC Milan is going to bomb out of the Champion's league in a manner similar to the way Man U died to Norwich, which (btw) sent Newcastle, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool fans into fits of laughter.

7) Earliest Council election results are going to come out is tomorrow. Might as well kill all the pseudo tension that's building up and release it, I say.

8) Just when I thought I could sleep in on a saturday morning and be absolved from choir for about a week, concert training starts on saturday at 10am. Damn. (speaking of which, who wants to come?)


Life is all about impressions. If you can cover up your weakness no matter how big it is, you'll be fine. I sure do hope it works that way. Because my weakness and insecurity are going to be hidden behind the monstrosity that is my confidence/ego. I hope. I hope I can hide it. Because to show weakness is human. And I can't afford to be merely human right now.
Well well, since I've decided that I was too free tomorrow since it's unusual not to have anything after school, I thought I would do some GPP. As it turns out, now I'm browsing through people's blogs.


There were a bunch of China buggers in the library just now. Making a bunch of noise. Like nobody can hear them and Chinese is some secret code that only they can understand. Suuuureee, having dirty thoughts about random girls is good. Well done.

Also, the fact that blogger in the library is in Chinese is a sure sign of what MJC is like.


Right now there are a bunch of devout Christians in the library preaching to each other about their faith. The rest of the library is a picture of desertion and lonleliness. And Soon Ying, who threatened me just now, blogs like a demon. I feel like such a slacky blogger.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"Be prepared for a full house of other choirs waiting for you to screw up."

Yeah right. Over half the seats I was looking at were empty. No fear. I didnt even notice there were 3 or 4 choirs watching till I walked down.

That being said, the songs actually went quite well, but only one piece was excuted perfectly. Not good enough for some people. It was, however, good enough for a gold. I'm not actually that pissed that we missed on a gold with honours unlike some people*ahem*(you know who you are) even though I felt we could have done better.

Seriously, what's so bad about a gold? I understand the part about striving for excellence, but I think the process of actually practicing the songs were more important. Just because your secondary school choir got a gold with honours dosen't put you in a position where not getting one should be a tradgedy of phenomenal levels.


Well after the first stressful part died down, I had to turn my attention to yet another mentally taxing situation - council elections.

To begin with, there wasn't much stress on me to begin with, because due to the lack of campaigning nobody was feeling hyped about me. This would, however, also mean that nobody knows me, and that I didnt have the added benefit of winning people over even before I made my speech.

Well, I fumbled my speech. I wrote a speech out nicely, and got it approved by my attached councillor. What I ended up saying however, would turn out to be mostly different. Oh well, the half that I didn't use was quite bad anyway. Lucky for me I was pushed to the back, so I had lots of time to make something up. At least I hid it quite well.

I don't think I have a very good chance of getting in anyway. Oh well, whatever will be will be. It's not the end of the world.


Maybe now I can actually sit down and start thinking of other....matters.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Well well, before I know it, SYF is tomorrow. Not that I'm amused at it. Things have a habit of creeping up on me when I least expect it, and then jumping in my face screaming "YOU"RE SCREWED!" Yeah, that pretty much wraps up my life now.

In that same vein, council elections are tomorrow. Once again, not amused, but very confused. I don't even have my speech ready yet. And I have to deliver it sometime after choir tomorrow. Or, heaven forbid, before choir. Not good times for me.

Well, at least my voice isn't dead yet. Yet.


Down with PW. PW is dumb. I think I'll have to submit 103571935619571 drafts before I get my PI approved. Such an incredible waste of time it's almost unbelieveable.


Wowee. I've finally convinced myself!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Well, looks like I won't have the chance to campaign too much, since I'm such a bum, and since I have no idea where to find photocopy shops that would be open on labour day.


Well, things have lightened up a bit, at least for now. Partly due to the long weekend, and partly due to my own mental state. At least teachers aren't breathing down my neck right now. I still do have a late piuece of homework to hand up, as well as a do-or-die history essay threatening to boot me out of MJC and relegate me to door god status if I fail to do it.

Not to mention choir practices are getting shorter. I am however losing my singing voice. Hope I recover.


I think I should just stop. Like completely stop.


People in VJ, please help me laugh at Denys for his hair. I swear I've seen better looking flower pots.


Just a few more days....