Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm sure many of you have noticed this before, but people like to ask redundant questions. Some of the questions you heard before are "can you hear me?" , "Do you speak English?" and "Are you still alive?" In case you haven't yet realised, the common trend lies in the fact that if the answer to any of these questions was "no", then the guy wouldn't have been able to answer anyway. The problem then arises when the asking party decides to go by the "silence means yes" rule, and for some reason the chao recruit, er, answering party is then at fault for believing that the sergean- I mean, asking party was spouting random nonsense like the other 90% of the time. It isn't immediately obvious, but people ask stupid questions all the time.

I mean, why are there even surveys asking people for their ideal salary? To make them feel worse about their lives?

And then, there are questions that people ask without really wanting to know the answer. Temptation is the ultimate weapon, and to follow that, curiosity kills the cat. Curiosity doesn't care if the cat has nine lives. Just ask the guy who complied when his wife asked him to "Just give me(her) the truth. I promise I(she) won't get angry."

You'd realise that the people most likely to ask questions like these are girls. Girls will at some point of time ask their boyfriends about their past relationships, first with an adoring glint in their eye. At this point, it would benefit the guy to keep the conversation as short as possible, because that little glint, when stoked with stories, will turn into an inferno. People can be silly like that sometimes.

This is also why ignorance is bliss.

Ah, yes. Rhetorical questions. Questions not meant to be answered. While it does come with a certain amount of required wit to come up with one, it does cheat the natural balance of nature. Just like rules are made to be broken, questions are made to be answered, the loophole being if you're setting an exam paper. And even then there'll be some smartass who will answer it anyway. The strange thing is, when the guy who can't tell it's a rhetorical question gets called an idiot for not recognising it as such, the asker is in fact the idiot for asking a question that didn't want an answer.

People are such idiots sometimes. Me included.


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