Sunday, March 18, 2007

Humans are typically creatures of comfort. To go through one's entire life in cruise control, doing everything at a speed of choice, would be the idle ideal of most people. See, most of the time, comfort equals control, and people like being in control. This isn't to say that the average generic person is a control freak ; Rather, he is one by necessity, because the alternative is not being in control, which basically means you're helpless.

It's actually rather apparent ; While it's widely acknowledged as a necessary evil, nobody likes trying things for the first time that he or she or it does not think he has a natural aptitude for. Ask me to live in a bunk with eleven other guys for seven weeks, and handle weapons of mass destruction along the way without injuring any of them, no matter how much I feel like it, and I'll grumble, grouch and whine about it till your ears decide to elope to a faraway land.

Nobody likes venturing outside their comfort zone. So what happens when they're forced to do so? Some people go after it with a vengeance, some curl up in a corner and refuse to do anything, some reach out for help. Yet, some people, in rather oxymoronic fashion, are comfortable outside their comfort zone. While the ability to adapt quickly may be all fine and dandy, the sad fact of life is that people learn to adapt, and in the long run, everyone's pretty much the same damn grain of sand. Most uni grads end up doing stuff outside their field, not by choice. But they just go on with their lives and get used to it.

On a side note, scholarship forms are a bitch.


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