Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's amazing how time passes so quickly.

It just seems like yesterday that I was wondering how many pieces my exam papers would be in after the Cambridge markers were done tearing through them with their red pens of inevitable doom.

It also seems like just yesterday that I was still working at a bakery, contemplating baking as a permanent job.

It also seems like just yesterday when I had to sweep my fringe away from my face just so I wouldn't get spaghetti in my hair, and could wake up only after everyone else had eaten their lunch.

It makes me unsure if time really does pass that quickly, or that time is really an illusion. As time passes, more memories get packed into our brain. As a result, these memories start to occupy a smaller and smaller proportion of whatever part of our brain stores memories. And the more memories you have, the faster time seems to pass. It's only because our brain only remembers the most impactful memories, and as people we tend to have very little of them, that makes our lives seem really short. I mean, in no time we'll all be old and spotty and still clinging on to these few memories that we have. And it is these few memories that really end up defining our existence as we know it.

Life is meaningless, yes?


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