Saturday, August 28, 2004

Argentina VS Italy <--------Men's basketball olympic final.

That's right. They've proven that their feet isn't the only limb they can dribble a ball with.
The first 3 days of this week were the last 3 days of lessons I'll ever have. From here, I'm on my own when it comes to studying. Oh sheet.


Chem practical. Hmmmm. Really strange. I got almost everything outside of the observation part wrong. No time. Did 6 bloody titrations. Den QA no time liao. So panic. left 20 mins only. So do really really fast. Decided to cheat abit. Look at what gas the person beside me was testing for den say got that gas. Bad move, Wilfred.

The person next to me was Kevin.

If this keeps up, I'm going to keep a job for 4 months.


Next was English prelim was on Friday. Compo was fine. Wrote a descriptive about pride. Heh. Hope I dun die. Den came the letter. It was a police report. I saw a man and a woman arguing and the woman got injured. So I must tell Sgt. Shebby Singh about how the woman got injured of her own accord. Heard all the lame variants of the story already.

Srini: The woman was so engrossed in arguing that she didn't notice a flight of stairs and tumbled down it.

Mason: Woman tries to push man, man dodges, woman goes over railing and rolls down canal.

Ivan: Woman is insane, tries to rob man with a knife, ends up falling down.

Me: Woman tries to slap man. Man dodges, woman twists her back and knocks her knees on a nearby crate.

How lame.

Compre was really hard. For once, the easiest part was the summary. The moment I was asked to compare the eyesight of Ramses and Einstein I knew I was screwed.


Physics prac next monday. Have to make up for chem.

-Wilfred, who's looking for a job

Sunday, August 22, 2004

English oral. The ultimate malu. Didn't go well. It's my fault too I guess. It's over anyway. Better do well for written paper.

2:45- I go out and sit down on the chairs outside the holding room. People comment on my relaxed posture. Little do they realize my legs are shaking.

2:50- I move into another classroom, where I get to read the passage and look at the pretty newspaper cutting for abt another 5mins. Tan cb and Ho ss were there. So I try to think of what each person in the picture is thinking.

2:55- Showtime. I walk into room F091 and say hi to the two examiners. They ask to see my IC. Its gets stuck in my wallet. At the transparent part. After about 30 seconds of fumbling, I present them my wallet, and they ask me if it's stucll.

2:56- I try to get my IC out again, this time turning my wallet upside down. A 10 -cent coin falls out. I continue to struggle, and finally get it out. At this point I'm pretty flustered so I just leave my wallet on the table. Examiner A and Examiner B laugh.

2:57- I rush through the passage. No major hiccup here. Estimated 9-11 out of 12. Perhaps I pronounced the word colleague wrongly.(Note: there was an argument at school the next day over whether the 'co' in colleague should be pronounced as 'co' or 'ke')

3:00- Picture time. It's a hairdressing place. Complete messup. This time they just stare at me. When A asks if we can go on to the conversation I say yes please. B smirks in what seems to be stifled laughter. Estimated 6-8 out of 12.

3:04- Conversation. Started off weak. Told me to describe a trip to the barber's. So I just start talking about how the barber is a very chatty malay man. They ask me if I try to strike up a conversation. I say no, because a)I don't get a chance to as he always starts and b)you don't ignore a man who has a blade millimetres from your neck. Lie a bit here and there. They laugh when I start making sound effects to describe the sound of the shaver and the sensitivity of my neck area. Then they ask me what I'm likely to learn the months after I leave school. So I just talk about working life. They look satisfied. A then asks me if I think young people put more effort into their work than older people. So I start saying yes, because they have more drive being new. I then look up. young people would explicably have more drive than older people.

I look up, and see them both staring at me. I also realized they are not very young. A looks like a 40-something mother, and B looks like a 38-year old trying to look like a 23-year-old. So I continue.

Me: However, in the later stages....

They start to nod again. Phew. Finish strongly with what seems to be a sophisticated "yes, and then no." conclusion. Hope they let me off. Estimate: 13-15, 11-14 if they see through my blatant lies.

Total Estimate: 26 to 34 out of 40. Hope this holds up. Now if I wrote this for my narrative essay I wonder what I would get.


Next is chem mock. Last year's O level paper I hear. Paper 1 was pretty manageable. Due to lack of study I gave away marks like I was being paid to do that.

So on saturday I flip open paper 2 and am greeted by a crossword puzzle, and I know that for once, I stand an actual chance of getting something other than a D7. Yes. The power of hope. It can lift spirits...........and also cloud people's minds, in my case.


John asked me to go jogging with him today, in an effort to boost his ego.


Watched AVP in the evening. Not a bad movie, but failed to live up to the hype, like freddy vs jason. Not much to say about it though. I'm not good at the sci-fi genre as a whole. I mean, as a kid I found the X-files scary.

-Wilfred, up late on saturdays. Catch him on msn.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Remember how I said I was indecisive? I'm taking chinese again. As Wee Hui Toon put it, I'm putting up a fight. I think he's still inspired by Bruce Lee and co.


A new com just got brought in. But internet connection hasn't been set up yet. So I'm still stuck on 56k for the time being. Life is slow.


whoever's number is 62421648, if anyone knows please tell me. Just wondering who this person is.


Life's been pretty boring recently. Exams stifle the humour glands. Other than Wenhao pronouncing whopper and whooper, life's been pretty boring recently. Hate exams.


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Yay. Internet at home got working at home. Somehow. So now I'm typing in the comfort of home.


Physics mock exam. Pretty fine, surprisingly. No overwhelmingly difficult questions. I'll probably still fail though, due to some issues with significant figures, key words and carelessness.


I won't be retaking my chinese. That's right, I'll be having free periods while other people are trying to get another 2 points for a subject they may not even be taking. I just don't think slogging to improve my chinese grade(which is still a B4) is worth it considering the extra time I'll have to practice other subjects(amaths, history, chem, physics). Besides, there are people dropping after getting a C6, so I don't feel too bad, even though I think the B4 on my O level cert will look kinda ugly and that I will regret not retaking it. Sigh....Life is full of choices.


Just watched the Malaysian Idol trailer, as well as some of the videos of auditions. ownage. I hate to say it, but M.Idol>Singapore Idol. Even if the lemon tree guy was pretty funny. I'll post a link to the site sometime soon.


So many mocks next week. Tue, Fri and Sat taken. Maybe I should go *slaps myself* I should go study. Or should I? Right now I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

-Wilfred, who is very indeci...yes, indecisive.

Friday, August 13, 2004

The internet crashed out under me at home. Now at Wilbur's house. So updates will get less frequent. Apologies to all my fans. :P


Got a B4 for chinese. Felt pretty bad. Was kinda expecting a B3 or better. Budden all the gd ppl hu always get A1 for chi got a B3. So yea. Haha. Dunno whether to retake ornot. Free periods are good. Shaving points is also good. hmmm. Oral got merit. So chance of doing better is pretty gd if I dun screw up.


I have an electric guitar for sale. Priced about $150. Vantage guitar. Pretty gd condition. Those interested tag here------>


National Day break was good. Singapore Idol was better. Pretty entertaining. I tink I'll go join nex yr. Get to appear on tv. Wheeeee.

-Wilfred, who lives under a rock where it comes to anything IT

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Righto. Got chem mock exams back on monday. MCQ 30/40. Den I saw the section B get 42. Damn happy. Started running around class. Den teacher say is upon 80. -_-" Den muz add practical oso. End up wif 61.5. Not too bad, but still a far cry from my target of A2 for Os. Sigh. Maybe I'll start studying sometime soon. If I can stop the addictive hobby called slacking.


Speech day was on Sat. Din go. Felt I didn't deserve to go. My relationship with the school is in a nutshell, holistic. I don't feel anything for it now, but I know I'll miss VS when I leave for ITE, or if I'm lucky, poly or even JC. I mean, the school on its own dosen't do much. It's the people in the school I feel more close to. Sigh.


Got cross country tml. Go Macritchie Reservoir. So far. I think I'll be slacking in the first aid tent or sth. No confidence in my juniors to do first aid. They had a bad senior. Heh.


Chinese O levels results are coming out. And you can bet I'll be checking my results with a lighter in one hand and my shou ce in another. I'll feel quite bad if I don't get to drop.

-Wilfred. Dazed.