Friday, March 31, 2006

Teachers are more unpredictable than slot machines.

Today, Violet walked into class, and I could just feel the air of negativity lingering about, waiting for a moment to strike any unlucky soul that would incur her wrath. Then she breaks out into a smile and proclaims she is a happy woman today. Which of course happened before she gave out the papers. Later on...

Violet : (holds up paper, with a cross look as usual) Wilfred, did you study for this test?
Me: (shifting backwards nervously) um, not much..
Violet : If you can not study and still get this, imagine what could happen if you studied!

Now, if that's not reverse psychology, I don't know what is. Compared to a few days ago where she screamed "DROP! DROP! DROP!", this really is getting creepy.

And during maths, everyone's favourite tai-tai decided to tell everyone all about her dead rabbit and its behavourial patterns. Weird, yes, but when you're wasting tutorial time, who's complaining?

Now I'm really confused.

Speaking of everyone's favourite tai-tai, I happened to hear a certain character bitch about her yesterday, and the only word that hammered itself into my mind was "irony".


Kapeesh, I'm bored.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just when I thought I couldn't sink into lower depths of slack-dom, I have to prove myself wrong again.

15/100 in math is bad. It's obviously even worse when you have to treat someone who made a bet with you. And that person got 5. *glares* Once again, it's occurred to me that I might have to actually work hard and not sleep 10 hours a day, or, to quote a history teacher, "goofing off with four subjects".

I'm being frantically encouraged to drop a subject. Now this would be an altogether simple decision if I knew what I actually wanted to drop. It's not like I'd free up studying time since I don't study anyway.


Sigh, since I've been tagged by sarah...(be warned, I might go crazy doing this)

Instructions: The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lovers. Specify the gender of the target. Tag 5 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their page saying that they've been tagged. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

The perfect girl must..:
1. Not be stupid. Holding intelligent conversation is important. So is copying important homework.
2. Know how to dress properly. I'm not saying cover up from head to toe, but please, no milkshakes spilling out and no shorts that make my underwear look like a rubber hose.
3. Have been a girl all her life. Simple, yet important.
4. Not be a money sucking vampire. If there's one thing I hate, it's those.
5. Have a bearable voice. You have no idea how irritating being around high pitches all day can be.
6. Not be too obsessed about looks/weight. I mean, looks isn't why I might want to be with you, and if it was, something is wrong anyway. Which reminds me of another story I shall not relate.
7. Not be overly dominating. The other thing I hate. Not to mention it makes me tired.
8. I have nothing else to say here. Be a nice person overall?

5 people :
1-5. Anyone la, I don't really care, quite frankly.

{/fit of madness}


Pffft, the stupid things that happen in life.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

After a bit of thinking, I've realised that the whole optimist-pessimist argument swings way(too much) in the way of the pessimists, and of course, this makes me a little sad inside, despite being a pessimist inside.

Is the glass half full or half empty? In the life of your average glass, there's a good chance that it spends more than half its life being empty. You don't enjoy watching glasses being filled, you prefer to be emptying them. And while you empty something, it's becoming emptier by the second. May sound simple, but it's true. Same goes for life. Every second you withdraw from it is simply a step closer to that fateful day when your cheeks turn pale, your blood stops flowing and your brain stops juicing. Now, this process is both unbecoming and smelly, so I don't suggest letting too many people see you do it.

This isn't to say I don't see the good side in optimism ; It makes the lows higher and the highs insanely high. Like, say, the maths marks of a Chinese scholar.

There is another force that divides people in a similar manner : luck. Some always assume that lady luck will be on their side, while others believe that while you turn your back, that very same lady will be stabbing you in the back with an imaginary knife. There are also those who believe that a force as great as luck can be manipulated with trinkets suck as black cats, mirrors and ladders.

Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck? Well, this age old saying no longer proves itself noteworthy. See, back in the age-old times, a penny could buy you a whole lot, ranging from rice to feathered chickens to the screw your head's been missing. But now, a penny isn't going to buy you a whole lot. As time goes by, the cost of fixing the hole it wears in your pocket will far outweigh the benefits of actually having the penny in your pocket. Factor in inflation, and this effect only gets worse as time goes by, and soon enough you'll find that your penny doesn't mean a whole lot. Then you die.

This isn't to say that I don't believe in luck ; After all, I believe that having a good, healthy relationship with chance is the best(and easiest) way to live a good life, however that may be defined. But luck can't be manipulated or created, as some might argue. Luck is always there. You celebrate when good fortune rains down upon you like maths assignments, but while you're unlucky, you just have to accept that you happened to be in the wrong place at the worng time(like I usually am). It should be conventional wisdom that there's no way anyone is going to "turn luck around", after all, there isn't a rule saying that luck is going in one direction at any given time, and you just have to go with the flow.

That being said, for everyone who's trying to fight the forces of the world, luck can be a powerful ally, just unpredictable. And you should just accept it and plod along with your life, not moan and groan about it.
pffft. So, like it's any surprise, I'm going to flunk my block tests like the king that I am. Even in class, everyone is making references of obscure and rather amazing economics concepts(no doubt due to the viciousness of the murderer masquerading as an econs teacher)(sadly, being from vs, I'm immune to such things)(even sadder, I like brackets. A lot), making yours truly feel like a bloody ignoramus. Again.

I'd pull up my socks, but the nerdiest people in school wear high socks. Like hang ten, for those who know.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

So, MJC decides to become even more screwed up before.

The first thing was what the VP told us in the morning. To steer clear of the VIPs wherever possible, even willing to hold some 500 students back in the hall after exams just because them VIPs happened to be passing by.

Now, how dirty is that? Treating us like animals or insects, skeletons in the closet that you can't show to the rest of the world? Why show visitors the school without the students? After all, a school without students is just an empty building. Besides, by doing this you've shown that for all our competition winnings and whatnots, you still fail to be proud of your students? What the shit.

And how about this. Now, if we sleep in exams, we're threatened with a visit to Ms Lai! Being supposedly experience teachers, most of them should know that sleeping in exams is something that happens extremely often, and normally for a reason too. Hasn't it occurred that students actually choose to sleep because a) they don't know how to do anything anymore, b)they just feel tired or even c)they don't really care? I'm sure seeing a hall full of frantic students blows the ego up so much that you can't bear seeing even one head on the table. It would just kill you MORALLY, I'm sure. And of all things, you threaten a visit to Ms Lai? My goodness, I'm sure that scares the shit out of everyone, and they'll NEVER EVER dare to sleep in exams nowadays, now would they? Look, students right now are here to pay their dues and get their education, I doubt they could care less about seeing Ms Lai over such a trivial matter that is justified anyway. It's not like by staying awake the answer is going to magically appear out of thin air. In fact, having a dream of the answer is probably a better idea. It probably doesn't help that the MJC maths department is half-useless, and doesn't really care whether that the students are learning, and are simply teaching to say they've taught and can now shift the blame to students who "don't listen". It is always true that when the students show no interest in the subject or fail it, at least part of the blame should be the teachers. Taking smart students as an example is not the way to motivate people; All it does is make them feel worse - a cardinal sin, so often repeated in MJC. I've had it with the math department right now, it looks like I'm on my own for A levels where maths is concerned.

Just when I thought the school was half decent, they just had to go and prove me wrong.

The poor j1s I told not to stay still did. Just wait till the horror sets in. I'm surprised we haven't seen any suicides yet. In due time, I guess. In due time.


I really should stop having late nights. They take a lot out of you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You know that really bad feeling you get sometimes?
When you know that whatever preparation you did or didn't do isn't going to help you in any way?
When you don't really stop to think if what you're doing makes sense, because you just want it to end?

Well, that's a summary of my block tests so far. My target : OFFF. I'll get there if I'm lucky. I swear I have never written worse stuff for lit, not even in de Souza's classes, and those were monkeys in the woods.


On a side note, McDonald's is not open 24 hours for you to spend 24 hours there. Don't learn it the hard way. Having 4 consecutive meals and McD's is the stupid nuts. Not to mention the headache you get from eating McD's and studying.


One more day of exams, then I'm off to have some fun, then jump off an obscure building.

No, I don't intend to do anything about lit.

Friday, March 17, 2006

If one more person asks me to donate/buy/spare coins again, I swear I'll go mad.

A Thai/Indonesian/Malaysian construction worker asked me for spare change so he could take a train. Now, being the good guy that I am, I WOULD have happily obliged if he hadn't :

a) Asked for $2.90 so he could take a train to woodlands, ignoring the fact that he had nothing to do at kembangan at all,
b) Looked so neat and tidy, and
c) Tried the SAME BLOODY THING on me 3 days ago, which I blindly agreed to since he wouldn't get off my back, and his gay disposition kinda disturbed me anyhow.

5 minutes before that, a caucasian came up to me and asked me for money. He then proceeded to go on for a good 5 minutes about his mormon cult and why I should donate to it even though I'd get nothing out of it before realising he was wasting both our times. Either that, or he saw the veins popping on my forehead.

An hour before said attempted caucasian robbery, a bunch of secondary school girls brandishing silver tins were running up to strangers and shoving cans in their faces as a threat to donate or face their wrath. Now this I would'nt have minded, since they'd be happy after 1 coin. But Noooooooooooooooooooo, even after I threw in a 10-cent coin, they practically surrounded me like I was criminal from the land of nodonations.

"DoNaTe La dOnAtE lA!"

How alternate caps translate to real life speaking, I have no idea. It just ran through my mind as they said it. Of course, it didn't help that the girls weren't exactly what I'd call visually appealing.

Fuck. Do I look like such a pushover that I have to go out of my way to prove I'm not?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

So, block tests are next week, and I obviously haven't even begun to procrastinate about studying yet. Life has left me tired right now. The recent suicides haven't helped. Both cases were people who more or less had their lives going on okay. Then again, I can't blame them. Life is getting boring nowadays. All us strange Singaporean people are doing is working our asses off so we can work our asses off in a more prestigious manner in the future. So, death would seem like a great alternative. In one fell swoop, all your pain, suffering and frustrations come to an end.

But what if death isn't really the end? Suppose you really went to the afterlife. It might not even be heaven. But having to live with the guilt of leaving that wake of destruction forever isn't exactly appealing. Think of the crying faces. The funeral rituals. The mess on the sidewalk. Now that would suck.


I wonder if anyone still reads this shit, it's just me grumbling away and away. Ah well, at least in 20 years i can look back and see what a strange person I used to be. Then again, in 20 years I'd probably still be strange. Either that, or the internet would've gotten phased out.


Oh, and I lost my handphone today. Feels rather odd, actually. While one side of me feels like shit, the other side is happy to be liberated from the handphone. hmmm.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Death is a scary thing.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Predictability, it was a long weekend.

Predictability, I got nothing done in terms of homework -or- sleep.

Predictability, I'm struggling now to finish my homework. Not that I'm sleepy right now.


Listening to a song about rasputin while doing a history essay is dumb.

Yes, it's that song.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I got a c5. I wish I could write something incredible about how I got an A1 by telling the examiners about condoms and water, or how I had to be restrained and carried kicking and screaming off the 4th floor with my F9 in hand, but I landed right smack in the middle. Not complaining about it though.


My name is going to be up there next year.


Since block tests, or common tests, are coming up soon, I shall be a wise and benevolent boy and give out study tips for free! (Or rather, just give me something if you actually do well!)

1) Get your sleep! I don't care if it means sleeping during lectures, spending your training flat-faced on the floor for people to trample on or stretching time, you still need your 8 hours of sleep! Don't listen to anyone who says the body can function on 2 or 4, 6 is the minimum, and 8 is adequate.

2) Don't pay attention! Everyone knows that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, if you didn't, now you do. Not paying attention = more interest later! Trust me, it'll pay off soon enough, assuming soon enough is 2 days before exam date. If you can pon lessons freely, even better!

3) Always be doing something else while you study, so you're studying -and- taking your breaks at the same time! Now that's time-saving.

4) Don't care! When you act like you have nothing to lose, you're at your most confident, so any essay you write is sure to win any examiner over, even if you do say that genocide is good for the world and exercise should be banned.

There you have it, passing your exams in so few simple steps!