Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chinese new year came and went, so it's been a fairly mundane and non-exciting new year. Collecting money, eating, yada yada. Same ol', same ol'.


Now I've been told not to flog a dead horse before. But what do you do when the horse gets up and wants to go?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I probably should be slogging away at my lit homework now. Both parts of which are probably going to be submitted in an overdue fashion.


Sigh. Work is such a bother. Seems like I might actually have to get my ass off the chair and start working.


-Random thoughts-

What kind of logic does the belief that anyone who believes in God, no matter how wicked, is going to heaven and anyone who doesn't, regardless of how good he is, goes to hell? It's rather flawed logic, to say the least. It's rather hard to imagine someone like Ghandi roasting away to the joy of the Devil.

That being said, it's much easier to believe that people who die and are judged before the pearly gates of heaven(assuming it exists), would be judged based on their merits and what they did for the world and the people on it, who are supposed to be God's creations, rather than the simple criteria of believing in God. Religion's got to be more complex than that.

Why, if I were God, I would send the people that sin over and over again and keep scurrying back to me begging for forgiveness so they don't become ba gua right down to my colleague, the Devil. You don't even have to be omnipresent and omniscient to be able to set these people apart from those that actually love God and want to make his world a better place.

Sure, you can condemn me now, but that only shows who you are.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The closing periods of the week ended in a mad rush to get hapless teachers to shift all our periods up so we can go home earlier, at the expense of like, -all- our breaks. Not that I'm complaining, but the lack of periods in between to slack/ do econs homework before violet disembowels me/ sleep et cetera shall be missed. Which means I just might actually have to start doing my work at home.

And what does a mad rush generate? Madness, of course. A normally mundane day which winds up with me face down on the table instead concluded with hilarious high jinks which quite frankly weren't that hilarious, just that laughing suddenly became fashionable again.


Now, we have people that are slightly irritating. Then we have people who are mentally unstable. Then we have those that are just downright weird, but extremely friendly to the point it almost becomes unnerving.

And then we have people who just make you sick being within a 1km radius of them.

Guess who?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I attended my first chinese lesson of the year today!

And I spent half of it happily face down on the table. Not drooling, thankfully. Other than that, aside from playing pass the chocolate with sharon and daydreaming away, not much was done. Some things just don't change, do they?


I am so happy, I've had barely any homework, which makes me very happy. However, I seem to have to go all the way to Funan to buy a charger for my zen. bad times, bad times.


On a side note, I seem to have become the clumsiest oaf in the world today, happily spilling coffee on my (new) pink econs workbook, then spilling milo on the class' chinese new year decorations, which, by the way, contains the sickliest looking dogs I've ever seen.

Blue head + Green body + red tongue = call spca kthx.

Monday, January 16, 2006

He slumped around in his room. After the holidays, he realised he missed her an awful lot. Still, he had enough grey matter left between his ears to realise that he needed to throw those thoughts to the wind; The last thing he wanted was his new, scary econs teacher from the depths of the netherworld shoving drop forms down his throat. The stress had thrown him off studying even more, the pressure of the A levels didn't help to ease the matter, and his constant dozing off and daydreaming at the most inappropriate times during class. It had been a while since he had spoken to her. He wondered if she felt the same.


She lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, letting her thoughts swim around after a tiring day at school. The work seemed to be like a flowing river. Everytime she finished a bit, more seemed to spring out from the rear end. She sighed. She would need to haul her ass off the soft, comfy bed in a while. And then, out of nowhere, he floated into her mind. It had been a while since they last spoke. For the most part, they were only communicating on and off, and just when it seemed they were getting closer, something would happily come along and pull them apart. From his constant going overseas during the holidays to her newly-acquired commitments to the cathedral, she wondered if they were ever going to form any sembelence of closeness to each other. She was never really sure if he liked her, so she was afraid of reciprocating what could be imaginary feelings. She stared at the phone on the table beside her bed. How stationary it felt.

Then it rang.

She scrambled to pick it up, almost fumbling it to the floor on the way.

It was her CCA leader.

As disappointed as she was, she was also happy in a way. Glad that she didn't have to worry about what to say or reply back. Glad that she didn't have a stumbling block in her way just yet.

Frustrated yet relieved, she closed her eyes and floated off into a land far, far, away, where the improbable could happen.


Hours later, in the wee hours of the morning she woke up. And she trembled when she saw the display on her phone. How could it not have woken her up?

"1 missed call"

It was his number. She threw her entire self back onto the bed. To call or message him now would surely be too late. He would probably wake up from a good sleep and be mad at her. As she settled down to do her geography assignments, she couldn't help but wonder if she was making excuses not to talk to him.Even if she did miss him.


He was puzzled. Vexed, even. Nobody sleeps that early at night. Not even him. Why was she ignoring him?

"I can take a signal," he whispered to nobody in particular. From that moment on, he told himself, he would never think about her again. After all, as he had learnt studying Twelfth Night, the worst type of love is unrequited love. Though he knew he would betray himself in due time.


There, I guess I've fulfilled my cheesiness value for the day. Pretty much stoned out from school now, so I shall share with everyone the new maths equation I discovered over the weekend :

Carl's Jr. for lunch = Skip dinner!

Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm happy to declare the wet season over! For now at least, thanks to that we had to run/walk/stroll/saunter around school today for PE, which as usual culminates into the usual waste of time which I could have spent doing my GP homework. Which reminds me, I'm not done with the -other- half of my GP homework yet. Doh!


The few sentences above pretty much sum up what I've been blogging about recently, which means my life has been revolving as much as a stationary potato.

On a side note, two very people have decided that it would be in their best interests to coincidentally associate me with one of the slowest, laziest animals on Earth. (Which quite frankly, I can't really deny.) This prompted person A to ask person C if he reads her blog, triggering off a whole conversation about blogging that pretty much offended half the people in class.

Dammit, I want my five minutes back!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's amazing how the rain never really seems to let up these days. While bringing an umbrella to school seems to be making more and more sense each day, less and less people seem to be doing it, opting to get stuck in school and making a break for it when the rain stops to take a breather.

Of course, the rain tends to make sleeping anywhere a whole lot easier. Strange thing is, I didn't get to sleep in class at all yesterday. Not when there's no History or Lit periods. And Especially when your new econs tutor SCARES THE LIVING HECK OUT OF YOU. No, seriously. Lessons under PPL were pretty much heaven compared to this. Obviously, it doesn't help that she's biased towards people who actually do their work.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Damn, first day of school and I'm already dozing off in class. It's not like I'm not trying, but two periods of history towards the end of the day is like asking a sloth to guard a maximum security prison.


Chinamen are the funniest people -ever-.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Well, it's been a nice end to a pretty mad week.


Sentosa - Quite relaxing actually, sitting at the playground waiting for hapless groups to chance upon us. Even when it rained, we still sat around the sheltered playground, so it was pretty much the same throughout. Other than that, highlights included the realisation that teachers can be even more evil than we thought they were capable of, getting screamed at by freshies for no apparent reason, and witnessing my very first female tau pok.(which liting and I stared at in amusement.)


Wet and Wild day - I start off the day by getting sent out of school to get emergency surgery for my hair, which in my opinion still wasn't that long. The crappy weather as of late pretty much defeated the purpose of water bombs, though I still managed to emerge relatively unscathed. Also during this period my vulgar streak starts to develop as I realise the situation I'm in going into the campfire.

Campfire - Well, high high and more high is all I can say.


It's going to be back to school soon, time to think up an excuse to not do my MI tutorial. and my econs notes. and my history recordings.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Orientation so far has been pretty goddamn tiring. You'd be surprised at how much sitting at the beach for an entire day takes out of you.

Or not. =)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And so a new year begins. A new year of orientation, a new year of studying(or rather the lack of it) and hopefully my last year of uniform-wearing education.

I kinda like my new OG! For starters, there's a girl name Xi Wei. How incredibly fun! Oh yeah, I lucked out and got the arts group too. Looks like I won't be having to bear with science people with minds stiffer than Emily Rose's body.

Though Mambo No.5 is starting to get on my nerves. I swear the next time they play that new dance in school I'll run off and hide.


Homework and assignments are going to be waterfalling down on me in about a week, and being from VS and being me, I'll start thinking of excuses to not do the homework.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Well, it's a new year!

2006 is a year that is probably going to be filled with a truckload of surprises. Just when you thought J1 and battling against retention was bad enough, it's already time to start on the A levels!
As per normal, counting down proves to be a rather, um, surreal affair. All the thoughts you ever had about new year resolutions and bad memories are washed away. Wasting money on cans of foam was just part of the fun. =)

No, actually swallowing it and not being able to breath for half an hour after that wasn't the rest of it.

The biggest change this year, as most of the people who went to the countdown would know, was the sheer amount of banglas/indians that decided that it would be fun to invade orchard and leave little india a ghost town. I mean, you couldn't escape from them even if you tried. They were -everywhere-. Dancing to the music(well it was rather comical anyway). Not to mention they were the most enthu about their foam cans, randomly spraying bypassers for no good reason. Worst part is, we couldn't spray them back, since they were having a good time getting sprayed, goodness me!


Anyhoo, my first achievement of the year is learning how to play Mahjong! Whee.


My new year's resolution can pretty much be summed up in one word : Focus. That failing, have fun!