Thursday, September 30, 2004

Whooptee doo. I have a strange feeling that I have a damn lot of c5s. It's killing me.


Every morning, the sun shines a yellow-golden hue as I wake from my eternal slumber. not so eternal now, is it. I ask myself, what do I get up every morning for?

" I'm not a perfect person...."

Every night, regret engulfs me like the darkness blankets the sky. As I curl up to sleep, I ask myself, why should I get up tomorrow, after I could have done so much more today?"

" There's so many things I wish I didn't do..."

Alright, I'm not really the writing type. Screw the hoobastank lyrics too.


Dammit. Really need to relieve stress. I hope the wall can take the onslaught of my thick skull. ROAR!


nope, that didn't work.


bleagh. I officially crown this the night of failed writing, or "whatevetsch" in german.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Got a hair cut. hate it. That is all.


I seem to be getting more and more worried about the prelim results. Oh well. Going bowling tmr. Gonna have fun. Then its back to school on Tuesday.


Wilfred has leveled up!

Happiness: 90%
Responsibility: 1%
Common sense: 0%
Basketball: -100%
Ego: 1000000%


Been watching some nice tv over the past weeks. Allow me to be your tv guide and recommend some shows, unless you do not have cable, then too bad :D

10) The Apprentice(thursdays, 10pm, channel 5). Your normal reality show. Is coming to an end. The apprentice 2 is out in America though.

9) Survivor:Vanuatu(sp?)(fridays, 10pm, channel 5). New season just started. Have played down battle of the sexes theme in above show. Has guy with prosthetic leg. Whoopee.

8) Rurouni Kenshin aka Samurai X(weekdays, 6pm, AXN or chan 19). I know it's been run over and over again, but it's still nice. Bad subbing keeps it from being great. You have to understand Nihongo to really get the meaning. Still does manage to stand on its own against other more popular animes such as naruto and one piece. Speaking of one piece,

7) One Piece(Sundays, 11am, Kids central). Again, bad dubbing + good anime= somewhat above average show. The dubbing is somewhat bearable though. The voices sound really goofy, which kinda fits in with the whole show. Currently one of the best animes out there, storyline-wise. That's if you dl it off the internet. Those watching it on tv, have a nice wait.

6) Teen Titans ( Sundays, 12 noon, kids central. Also shows on cartoon network). This one I'm somewhat embarassed to say I enjoy. Still, not too bad. This > Justice League, which was also surprisingly bearable.

5) Coupled! (saturdays, 10pm, star world or channel 18). More or less a British version of Friends. Also alot more horny. For mature audiences. Regardless, is still extremely funny.

4.1) Detective Conan (saturdays, 10 am, channel i). Yet another good anime with bad dubbing. Just fun to watch, really. Answers to mysteries are not always obvious, so it's fun solving the case, making for a somewhat interactive show. Also has become the most long-running series in Japan, with over 350 episodes and 2 movies. Not very appealing to most audiences. For people who frown on detective shows, here is your alternative.

4.2) Football Crazy (Thursdays, 8pm, ESPN or channel 23). For football fans who can take british humour. would be better if it did not clash with below show.

3) Singapore Idol (Thursdays, 8pm, channel 5). Well, it's idol, and it's nice to watch. sg idol > american idol.

2) Stark Raving Mad (Sundays, 7.30pm, star world or channel 18). Comedy about horror writer Ian Stark, played by Tony Shaloub of Monk. Too funny. A must-watch.

1) Saturday Night Live ( Saturdays, 11.30 pm, CNBC or channel 15). Surprise! My favourite show right now is on a news channel! That being said, it's a nice watch. Basically, it's a bunch of comedians on political commentary. Probably dosen't sound very funny, but trust me on this. You WILL love it, unless you know nothing about the entertainment industry. Also has a guest host every week, most recently Ben Affleck and then Donald Trump. Guest stars make musical appearances too, with Maroon5 and N.E.R.D being the more recents ones. A good, well-rounded show full of intelligent AND slapstick humour. Watching numerous objects drop on fired Apprentice candidate Omorosa's head was strangely amusing, ecpsecially after she went on claiming she was a strong woman and leader.


"In the Land of Twilight"

in the land of twilight, under the moon
we dance for the idiots
ring-around-the-roses, jump to the moon
we sing with the castanets

I will sing for crescent moon
dancing with the castanets
as the end will come so soon
in the land of twilight

now you are watchin' us outside the circle
wanna be in the company
boy, but you are lonely
dance with nobody
run away child, to your hiding place

high and loud, the sound of your bell of the twilight...ringing..
all alone, it rings and echoes in the twilight

in the land of twilight, under the moon
we dance for the idiots
ring-around-the-roses, jump to the moon
we sing with the castanets

What coolness this song carries. Simply love it.

-Wilfred. Obviously with nothing to do.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

didn't get a call yesterday. Means I didn't get 3 subjects c6 and below. Still can't be too happy though. 6 x c5 is still a possibility. It would be a travesty if I did somehow get into a respectable JC.


My friendster just went to hell and back, so it just got resetted and I have zero, count 'em, ZERO, friends. So everyone add me now and write testimonials! :)

-Wilfred. Afraid to think too much

Thursday, September 23, 2004

More about today, now that I'm back from tuition. It was Lit today. The last exam of my prelims. The final 100m run. The sprint that ends the marathon. And as soon as the signal to start the race sounded, my left foot tripped over my right foot and I fell to the ground flat on my face with my legs still tangled. That pretty much was how the exam went. I gave up to the point that I just sat around and did nothing for the last five minutes, something you don't do in a 1 Hr 20 min paper which involves the breaking of hands as four essays are presented. Again, bye-bye to JC life.


On a side note, it's strange how an opportunity you thought you had just slips out of your fingers.
You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a
little bit cocky and usually associated with
evil or arrogant,but attractive people.You
probably just don't give a damn,but it's
everyone else's fault if you don't because
you're too awesome to have any real faults.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, at least the last part is true. DUnno about evil or arrogant though.


Woo! Prelims are over. That being said, my JC life has just been shortened by 3 months. Sigh. Got Chem prac practice tml. Crazy Wong wants to spend 4 hrs doing QA, which means 4 hrs of meaningless fiddling with test tubes. Crazy, yea?

-Wilfred. Just Tired.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The A maths paper 2.....wasn't hard, but with me being me, well, can't say I'll be doing very well. I'll know how well I did by this week. If I receive a call saying that I'll have to be in school on monday, I'm screwed. Simple as that. Now I shall try to predict my marks.

EL- B3
CL- B4
Phy- C6, maybe worse
Chem- D7
Lit- B3
Hist- C5
Emaths- B4
Amaths- C5

adding up to a whopping total of....25. Yup, that sounds about right. I'll probably be way off the mark though.


Lit. My mortal enemy. I shall confront thy tomorrow, and chase thee like fell and cruel hounds till the end of the twelfth night, when I shall stand triumphant upon the vile paper with a pen in one hand and quotes in the other.

Okay, not really. I think I'll fail horribly. Mrs De hates me.

-WiL. Just. Not. Bothering.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

*slaps self*

I find myself daydreaming during the chem paper for about 20 minutes. As a result, I just barely finish the paper, even having to cheat abit. That being said, I think I'll be free for 3 months next year, so if anyone wants to hire this *friendly*,*responsible* and *hardworking* man for any job paying more than $500, gimme a call.

And even if I do scrape into a JC for 3 months, traveling from kambangan to yishun, jurong or serangoon isn't exactly an exciting prospect.


There seems to be a conspiracy in the school. Apparently, the school board is collecting $15 a term for so-called "printing costs". What bitches. There are 1553 students in the school. Assuming every single student gets duressed, coerced and hassled into paying up, that's $23 295. dividing by the standard rate of 5 cents per page, that's 465900 pages total, or 300 pages per student per term.Mulitplying again, that's $93180, 1200 pages per year. Since printing is done in bulk, that makes the pages go down to about 3.5 cents per page. I'm sure as hell we don't receive that much material. I doubt the Sec4s even received 1000 pages in 2 years. I'll do a rough count for class 4H for the whole class the whole year.

EL- $50
CL- $25
History- $20 (exam papers are 4 pages long)
Lit- $50 ( "written work" taken into account)
Emaths- $150 (exam papers are long)
Amaths- $80 (blame mr phua's notes. Sec 3 produced about $0 from Ms Loo)
Physics- $100
Chemistry- $200

That adds up to $675, and I'm sure most of you would agree that I overcut most of the costs here. Above that, VS is a government school and still collects school fees, so how can it add up to so much. In addition to that, all the past year exam papers were paid for by ourselves outside of these costs. So where does the extra money go? If it went to rising electricity costs, they shouldn't have labeled it printing costs. Even then, Victorians have proven that they can save electricity. And besides, how high can the costs go. Max I expect is $8000 a month, which is almost certainly not true. And even then, costs decrease during holiday periods so how can this be true? With the support of the government, this shouldn't be a problem. VS is also one of the best government schools in the country, so how can we blame this on the ministry not supporting us? There is foul play here, and these are the suspects.

1) Ang Pow Chew. Much hated principal of Victoria School. Even since he became the principal, the ranking has gone down, down, down and down. So maybe he wants so suck as much money from us as he can and leave VS as a neighbourhood school. Sly moves from a rafflesian. As if his 5-digit salary is not enough. He dosent even have children to support. What an ass.

2) OM Chia. Almost as inadequate as the above person, all the does is shout at people every day and not much else. has gotten so bored that he tried to go diving in the school's eco pond once. Again, another holder of a fat paycheck and also a container of bullshit. The only argument people might have against that is that "How can he be smart anough to embezzle funds?" Maybe he's smarter than he looks. He's doing this so he can say Ang put him up to it. Also, being a formaer policeman of the CID*gasp*, of course he would know how to worm his way out of punishment.

3) Mr Maran. Normal people look out for their enemies. Wise men also look out for their friends. Go figure.

4) Sagar Ghandi. Another much-hated figure in the school. No harm suspecting the wicked of a wicked act.

5) The staff, who do not feel they are being paid enough. Fair enough. Their salary is being pocketed by the first 2 suspects anyway.

This entry was not meant to be malicious in any way.

-Wilfred. Just angry.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Okay. Physics was pretty tough. No, make that really really tough. There was not ONE answer in paper 2 that I KNOW I got correct. If there was a time to flex my muscles of incredible luck, this is the time. That being said, I hear prelims are moderated. So maybe things wont turn out too badly.

As for History today. The paper for me was very simple- If China dosen't come out, I am screwed. Turns out the SBQ was on the long march, and the SEQ was about Mao. So I think things just might turn out fine if the minimum mark jinx dosen't get me again. On the other hand, my hand does hurt now. From writing, of course.

Went to comfirm cca points after that. Had to sign on a vanguard-sized sheet of paper. Put on the ground and keep signing against my name. It was quite funny, really. Almost all the signatures were random lines which resemble a mix of tamil, korean, japanese and russian. Somehow I think I managed to squeeze in an A for cca, despite extreme slackiness.

-Wilfred. slacking.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

SS and emaths paper 1. SS was kinda tough. About as tough as SS can be anyway. Oh well. I always fail so who cares. Time to study lit. The emaths paper really boosted my ego though. Apart from 1(+++) careless mistakes, I did almost everything correctly. Got most of the answers right. Now if paper 2 isn't a killer I might be able to sneak off with an A1.


I have two words to describe today's amaths paper.


You'd think paper 1 would normally be the easier paper of the two. If this was the easier paper, I might as well skip paper 2. Everything I though would come out, didn't. Surds, Binomial, RV, P & C all didn't come out. Did manage to do some of the simpler questions though. Didn't figure out how to do the area under ln graph qn until I actually thought about it now. Same with the function graph qn. Outside of that, most of my answers were kinda weird. I really should read the questions more carefully. How could anyone spend 20 mins doing question one? It's over now I guess. Maybe, just maybe I can mise out a B.

-Wilfred, who should be studying but instead is blogging away

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I must be mad, blogging at this hour. Whacked ss until didn't realize it was this time. Got all my content straight though. Now all I have to worry about is falling asleep during the exam.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Revision, is, surprisingly enough, going quite well. If only I could get myself to start revising SS. Lit seems easy compared to that. I seem to know everything I tried to revise for sciences. I think that's why it's called revision. It's strange how you think you know everything then walk out of the examination hall cursing. I'll be needing a lot of luck to scrape into a jc for the 1st 3 months. Not gonna waste it playing basketball till the prelims are over.


Got back chem mock yesterday. Got scolded by Mr Wong. Why? cos' I couldnt get an A1 because of some stupid mistakes. Oh well. A mock exam is to see how well you can do without studying. And I got an A2. Yay. Some tips for chem.

1) For energy change graph, you only need ONE arrowhead. I drew two, and got 1 mark cut off for that.

2) Bring a curved ruler/french curve. I didn't think I'd need it. So, I was pretty surprised when I used the graph paper. Again, 2 marks off for a crooked curve.

3) Organic chem is important. Probably makes up 10-15% of the written portion. I got almost the whole question wrong. And all the mcqs relating to it.

Will come up with more after I read the paper again.

-Wilfred. People thinks he's mugging.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

went school for history today. Listened to thiru do his thing and making us laugh. Told us the topics to cover for prelim too. Den went to play ball. no form today. too hot. play for so long some more. my arms and face are red now. red as tomatoes. They hurt now. shall not type too much.


Monday, September 06, 2004

went to play basketball with daryl, denys & marcus at denys' condo. myself and marcus on one team, daryl and denys on the other. they started with a 5-0 lead, but we came back to take it 11-7, mostly thanks to marcus. I did, however, score from close range twice. Havent done that in a while. Went swimming after that. Havent done that for eons. mostly listened to daryl tell stories though. I could write a book with that material. Went home at about 11+. Got scolded. Didn't care.


Went to esplanade library with clemence, ade and jolin today. Got chased out, cos we were laughing too loudly. so we went to tampines library, where there was nowhere to study. So we settled for jolin's place. fun fun. finished an entire amaths paper, as well as a quarter of physics. That's good progress. No idea how to study the humans though. In trouble there.


So much work, so little time.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Yesterday was teacher's day cum be yourself day celebration, and probably the greatest manifestation of 4H brand class spirit ever seen. Every just seemed pretty gung-ho about it. We sang the national anthem really loud. Mason was cringing in front of me. I was cringing in front of Daniel. The atmosphere was just really great. I can only describe it as "4H united".

I got booed when I walked into school. That is, until I changed into my clothes. A long sleeved shirt, brown pants and a hippie-ish headband. Then Xi-wei helped me spray my hair blue and golden. He did quite a bad job of it actually.I was quite happy with my look until Ms Tang came in asking if she could help do somebody's hair.

Oh no.

I got pushed into the chair. Immediately, she started ruffling my hair like she was some pro hairstylist. At this point of time, I am reminded of english oral. Actually, all she did was ruffle my hair with gel. I have no idea how my hair really looked. It just felt like a field of barbed wire.

"Noooooo, my beautiful, soft hair....."

After that, Daniel, Mason & Bertrand got the same treatment. Fortuneately for them, their hair was of the stubborn breed. Lucky bastards. I asked Xi-Wei to spray my hair again, since Ms Tang had somehow managed to get it off while gelling it. While he was spraying the front blue, I felt another cooling sensation on the back of my head.

"Eh Zul, dun spray so close lar. We're running out of blonde oso."

Oh shit.

So the bell rang, and we went to the hall. The celebration was mostly jamming by most of the students, some good, some not so good. Den there some presentations, skits, random games and stuff. The one where the teachers started acting like superheroes was quite funny, in its own strange victorian way. There was also a film called "physics is phun" by the sec3s. Not bad. Den F4 from 4H- consisting of Nicholas "Vaness" Ong, Ng "Zai Zai" Chee Kian, Bryan "Ken Chu" Tan, and Wong "last guy" Renhao sang Longest time, a song repeated over and over again on a recent episode of Singapore Idol. The performance was thankfully saved by Pro pen-spinner, mat hater and guitarist Zi Xiang. Oh, Srini did a calafare too.

Somehow, I got chosen as one of the best dressed people around. Strange. Somehow, the teachers didn't see Denys, John and Mervyn, who spent good money on Matrix suits. Heh. Won some notepads of different newspapers.


Went back to Ngee Ann after that. Wasn't thinking of going back till I saw rachel on the bus. Den I tot I would go since I wouldn't be the only one. So few Sec4s go back. Only 6 from the old 6/1 were there- Rachel, Vernie, Angela, CK, Sueann and myself. Talked crap for about 1hr den went to "accost" the teachers. Apparently Mrs Liew(my old form teacher) is pretty peeved at the fact that Patrick(top scorer in my batch) didn't visit at all for 4 yrs, calling him an "ingrate" among other things. Vernie was also kinda pissed that there were quite a few people who didn't recognize her. Heh. Almost everyone recognized me tho. Wahaha. Even mr lim, who knew me as "the boy I scolded in Perth". After a while everyone had to leave so Sueann and I went to parkway to talk some more nonsense. Talk until 3.45.


When I got back, I realized it. Yesterday was the last time I spent a teacher's day in VS. The last time I would hear Mr. Wong sing. The last time I would visit Ngee Ann. After today....nothing. I'll be remembering this day for a long, long time.

Wilfred. Wondering about the future.