Sunday, June 27, 2004

My 40th entry. Ha.


Went RC campfire on friday night. Some low budget campfire. My juniors let me down here. Sigh. Can see the effort they put in tho. It's not much, but it'll suffice. Had POC (passing out ceremony) on saturday. Quite boring. They made me a shirt as a gift tho. Pretty cool.


Going out to study/ copy homework later with wenhao n co. Time to catch up on holiday homework. Ms Tang will throw a circuit breaker at me. Just you wait.

-Wilfred. Because I can.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Erg. Wilfred hate chemistry.

It was a flop. MCQ was like a guessing game. Din noe like 80% of the paper. And the part I did know I probably screwed up anyhow. Argh.


School's starting soon. About time too. Staying at home is boring.

-Wilfred, who used to play the piano

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Okay. I'll talk about Japan now.

Sat night
Touched down at Tokyo airport. Den had to take another flight to get to Okinawa, where my grandparents are(a fact that is relatively unknown). Got there at night. When i got to the house I was like O_O... their house so huge. I was pretty freaked when I saw 2 80-year-olds dashing(read:actually running) to meet us too. Heh. Met the rest of the family too. Other than my grandparents, there's my granduncle & grandaunt, their children and grandchildren. Distant relatives, but still relatives. My cousins are pretty cool... and hot too. Best part is, they can actually speak english instead of "engrish". Asked me to all them Stella(19), Kelly(15) and Tyson(17)(wth?), which of course isn't their real names. It's during the course of the day that I realize how crazy japs can get. They have everything. Not in a rich kind of way, but they seem to have 10000001 interests. Violent comics, anime dvds, multiple gaming consoles, they have it all. I was pretty shocked when I saw a linkin park cd too. Apparently, their parents have an Elvis record. Anyway, played winning 11 with them that night. Got trashed. Lost 5-2, 6-0, and 3-1 against each of them. Losing to girls in videogames is bad. We talked alot of nonsense too. They seem to have a better sense of humour than I. Hmmm.

I woke up at 6am. Went toilet. Remember when I said the house was huge? I couldn't find my way back. Well, it was actually my own lack of sense of direction, but still. Got a tour of Okinawa. Pretty cool, relaxed place. Looks like it anyway. Dinner was like a banquet. Tons of food...ecspecially sushi. After tasting homemade sushi, I conclude that sushi will join my list of top tier food along with carrot cake, watermelons and white chocs. Heh. Abit sick of it now tho. Went to the night's pretty much a pasar malam. Nothing special. I played need for speed underground with them...and got my butt kicked again. getting overlapped isn't a good feeling. Also watched the Euro matches with them.

Today was stella's 19th birthday. The house was very crowded. It didn't help that Her parents had to announce my family's presence, in japanese nonetheless. Somehow I just understood it. Ultimate malu. So I spent the day socializing around and getting to know her friends. Pretty uneventful in terms of interesting incidents. One incident involved me speaking to a small kid, whom I believe was the younger brother of one of her friends.

Kid: Koni'chiwa!(good day!)
Me: Koni'chiwa!
Kid: *something too fast for me to catch*
Me: Eh? Bokura Nigongo ga hanashite janai( I don't speak Japanese)
Kid: *laughs* Omaiwa Baka(you're an idiot)! *runs off*
Me: -_-"

Also watched Euro matches. Tyson was more interested in the France match, but Stella kept using her status as birthday girl to switch to the England match. Heh.

Last day. My grandparents made the whole family sit around and chat for almost the entire day. Didn't catch anything interesting. Oh well.


That's pretty much it. Got a chem test later. Fail le.

-Wilfred, who can't make a good cup of coffee

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Bleah. Din do any work today. Basically slept till around 12 den went with adeline and co. to get present for clement's birthday. Oh, headed to alfie's place for a while too. Boring stuff. On a side note, I found a pair of rollerblades on the house. I think I used to use them. Oh well. I'll be chionging my emaths tml.... if i can wake up on time. wanna complete 80% of my emaths work...the rest noneed to care... chem re-exam can go jump down oso. It's strange how people tell you you're smart when you fail and nothing when you do averagely, a la Jotham Wong Liang Seng.


Joanne, I love you. I love you for sending me firefox. It's the reason I'm able to update now. My browser no longer crashes randomly on me. YES! (Hmmm, sounds like a website ad dosen't it?)


Hmmm...bored now...

-Wilfred, who has a low threshold for hot food

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Heh. Been watching Euro 2004. Not very exciting tho. so mani goalless draw. However, the Czechs have heroically come back from a 0-1 deficit against an extremely hardworking Latvian side so emerge 2-1 winners. Yay. My prediction is on its way to coming true to form.


Football matches r so boring tho. Can't just sit there with my eyes glued to the idiot box for a whole 90 mins, like some girls who watch their Ronaldo/Beckham/Lampard/Owen/Jensen/ eugbovuvb(Greek player) etc etc or guys who sit there in their England/Italy/France jerseys, wearing their Italy/England/France Caps, cheering in French/Italian/English (maybe tts not true). So I take my chance to do homework during the match. And I am proud to proclaim that I have completed 40% of my emaths homework. Wheeee. Hmm, that's not very impressive.


Sidney called me last nite to ask him to go hang out with him at City Hall. Here's what happened before that.

*ring ring*

*My brother picks up the phone*

Bro: Hello?

Sid: Is that Gomu?

Bro: Gomu?? turns to me

Me: *points to myself*

Bro: *Gives me THE LOOK*

This is what happens when you have a nickname completely irrelevent to your real name.

-Wilfred, who still does not know how to ride a bike

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Hmmm. Euro 2004 has started. And Greece has just beaten Portugal. Heh. Apparently Nic had a craving for portugese eggtarts after the match. Frm wat I noe, most girls will be supporting England, cos of Beckham/Lampard etc etc. Bleagh. I'm going to go out on a limb and back the Czech Republic to win. Remember, you heard it here first.


Still have not got down to revision yet. And chem mock exam is on 24 June. Oh well, I'm used to taking an exam while knowing nothing. I must have some dumb luck to keep avoiding the dreaded F9.


Went to Bugis on monday. Mom forced me to go shop for clothes. Haha. stuff there so ex. In the end only bought 3 shirts. The stuff is getting lamer n lamer. Kind of like my jokes.


Cheryl just asked me to help her find buyers for an Xbox. Apparently her dad just told her to go sell it. *Shamless ad* XBOX for sale(abt 300). If interested, contact me with the tagboard*points right*, or call me at 91501035. I'm not sure if there are like controllers n games tt come along tho.


So bored at home. I think I'll go out later.
sigh. It's been a strange few days. I did nothing, yet i feel tired all the time. I need to play bball or something. make my blood flow again. :P


Went to ssp wif nic,kuang n wenhao. Went there n found out the dvd counter AND the merchandise counter were closed. Nic n wenhao sad sia. Den they went to dis other shop. There was a one piece(or no piece) flag and calendar on sale. Again, the look on Nic's face was hilarious.


Took the test at mavis today. And I realized how out of shape i was after SA1. Forget everyting liao...onli rmb p&c and binomial dis kind of simple stuff. even forgot how 2 do functions. Argh. *bangs head on wall*

-Wilfred, who needs something to do

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Bleah. Spent the last 2 days learning literature in an aircon room on the 6th floor in skool. Heh. At least, everyone thought it was literature. It was more like learning to draw different kinds of maps(not of the treasure variety) using 12th night as a subject to practice on. I arrived at like 11.45 on the second day. First I said I was bringing my dog to see doctor. Then I said I was helping my bro move his tv. Truth is, I was slacking. Cos I didn't really think the course was useful after the 1st day. There, now everyone knows. To me, geniuses don't need any kind if map to score an A. In other words, I needed the course, but didn't learn anything. Heh.


Went Nic's house after that. He dragged us to roxy so he could buy some hellsing(vampire anime) figurines. Den the owner suckered him into signing up for membership, and proceeded to recommend some dvds to him. We grabbed him and ran.

To put it simply, if Nic's house would be in a fairy tale, it would be the house of bread in Hansel & Gretel. We(myself, Denys and Wilbur) ate snacks till dinnertime, which left us to apetite. Forced it down. Ugh. Dun feel good now. We also played some games on his ps2. First we played NBA live. Wilbur and I won the first game, and lost the second. My hopelessness helped them somewhat. Heh. Den we played track nad field, aka a good way to train your finger tapping. Everyone > Me. Den we played winning 11, a soccer game. I'm not going to talk about that.


It's not that I didn't try. I really did attempt to do revision. I just don't have the mood to. Not then, not now, not anytime in the month. If someone were to record me trying to revise, this is how it would sound like.

*writing sounds*

*If i don't know, skip the question*



*screaming & swearing*

-Wilfred, who thinks he is a lit genius

Monday, June 07, 2004

Watched England v Iceland friendly on sat nite....haha. The match was so one-sided. Iceland under abit of pressure den concede...the match ended 6-1 btw. Heh. I still dun believe England will win Euro 2004 tho...all the goals like quite tyco wan.


Singapore Idol auditions have been extended one more day. And Alfie got in. I couldn't believe it until he showed me the form. Then I was just -_-". Bleah. At least I can claim to be a friend of a potential Singapore Idol.

-Wilfred, who gets bored during the holiday period.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Went for prelim oral for english 2dae...So hard lor... the passage was ok lor... but the picture was just 4 ppl looking at a piece of paper lor... den everyone looking somewhere else. So I just say everything tt i saw..cos got nothing else to say. What they wearing oso go n sae haha. Den the convo I go out of topic n started telling my own story. Mr Hazrin had to stop me quite a few times. Marlu. Den we record our voices on tape. I sold my tape to Kevin for $1 n used my mp3 player instead. I deleted it a few mins after the oral.


I hate my computer. I really need a new one. My current one keeps crashing at random times, BSOD'ing me to no end of frustration.(BSOD= blue screen of death) Grrr.


The sports channels are basically showing nothing but pool, tennis and F1 nowadays. Which leaves nothing to watch. It is fun to watch tennis players shout/scream/grunt as they hit the ball tho. So loud summore. Makes me think the court has mikes on it.


I'm bored.

- Wilfred, who has a penchant for bad songs and lame jokes

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Today's history lessons were a waste of time. Listening to Mr Thiru's life story is farni tho. Apparently he couldn't go anywhere with his O lvl results, so he worked as a customs officer while taking his As privately. Cool shitez.


Just got back from tuition. I've never seen Mr Sim so angry before. I'm going to go out on a limb and blame it on the dunman girls. If dun wan to pay attention den at least dun fill the claz wif ur incessant chatter n china-girl accents. At least I dun wan to listen I just sleep or sth lor. Stupid dunman girls. As the saying goes, "Most people are alive because it is illegal to shoot them". On a side note, I swallowed dimitra's chewing gum accidentally.


Yay...can sleep in tml...but still muz go out for classes..Sheesh. This holiday isn't realli much of a holiday.


Changed the midi. Wonder if it's nice. Tell me on the tagboard.*points right*


Heh. Listening to a jap song now. I have come to the conclusion that most japanese people can't really rap for nuts. If you want a good laugh get me on msn and I'll give you a good laugh.

- Wilfred, who needs more friendster testimonials

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Today wasn't very exciting. Went to alfie's place for a while. Found a couple of hamsters there. Cute. Then went for jap classes, which I'm taking privately. I have yet to string a proper sentence together, other that "Bokura nihongo ga hanashite janai" which ironically means "I don't speak Japanese."


Had an oppotunity to watch Witch Hunter Robin, this new anime that I bought. Not bad. Pretty cool.


I'm getting really pissed with my computer. Advertisements are popping out like babies in India. Even after scanning my computer and deleting the 782 spyware/viruses in it, it dosen't get much better. The fact that my comp takes forever to defragment and that my DSL modem decides to go for acting lessons as an 28.8k modem dosen't help either.


I feel like watching harry potter. Dunnoe who I can drag out to watch wif me. hmmm.

- Wilfred, who has not found out how to put a switch on the music
Well, I've changed the layout of the blog, and added a tag-board. Hope that helps. Downloaded the template from some random site, since I'm lazy to do it myself.


Chinese Os were a flop. The han4 zi4 was encouraging, but everything went downhill after that. I guess it's not time to burn my shou ce just yet. The fact that I wrote out of point and told my own story for paper 1 dosen't help. Wonder if the markers will give me marks for making them laugh. Hmmm.


Heh. Yesterday was funny. After emaths remedial, Nic, Kuang and I went to this anime shop at roxy. Upon hearing that Nic was interested in One Piece the owner proceeded to spoil the story for Nic by telling him that there was no such thing as the One Piece. The look on Nic's face was hilarious. Good times=) Oh, and sorry if you're also interested in One Piece and I spoily the story for you :P


It's Vesak day today. Which means that the monastery opposite my house is going to be crowded. Oh, it's crowded already. Which means it's going to be noisy. Very noisy. Which means I should go out. Also, my mum has just informed be that she will be making mango pudding today. All the more I should get out of the house.

- Wilfred, who can't stand his mum's cooking