Friday, December 30, 2005

I just realised that I've done absolutely nothing with regards to academic work during the holidays. Which means a pile of catching up to do. Not to mention I'll be happily jumping on top of stacks of humans and dunking people, which also means I'll have to swallow whatever makeup lessons the evil forces of the MJC staff department have planned for me.



On a happier note, I am now able to use my work money! Now to decide what to use it on. Sure as hell ain't gonna blow it on canteen food.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

In a few days, 2005 is going to be over.

Long story short, I've probably developed the most this year, for good or for bad, there's no telling. Not yet anyway. The year has been rife with agonizing, fall-flat-on-my-face failures which had me questioning my role on Mother Earth, but also unexpected successes on other fronts that have me rubbing my eyes in disbelief. If the rest of my JC life goes on like this, I'm probably heading for an early grave.

Having to put up with so much bullshit this year in total would lead me to say Good Riddance, 2005! Of course, 2006 is probably going to be a whole lot worse. Well, what doesn't kill me will make me stronger I guess.

Then why don't I feel a whole lot stronger now?

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry christmas everyone! It's been one entire year since the last christmas, and well, what a year it's been.

A slightly intriguing, entertaining and informative christmas it's been to. Going to church does that sometimes.


Not much has been happening as of late, as if you couldn't already tell.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So much for that break.

Looking at my archives, it's been a long and winding road for not just myself, but for all of us. All my VS kakis(no no no brown shorts please) and my MJ friends who had to tolerate my shit for an entire year or so. And I seem of have changed a lot from my sec 4 days. Not just in physical appearance, the very fabric that my posts are weaved from have mutated as well.

No wonder they say youth is the best time of a person's life.


The much-anticipated meeting with Ms Lai turned out to be one big, fat, incredible letdown. All she did was stroll into class and try in vain to persuade us to drop subjects and switch classes. And all the while I was just staring at her with our eyes while doing somersaults and cartwheels at the back of my mind.


People, I come with a warning. Do not watch The Promise. And if you do, don't get your hopes up. The graphics are at best average, storyline wafer-thin and equally flimsy, and acting horrendous(ok, maybe not.) Heck, even Kung Fu Hustle and more depth and better action, and we all know how shallow a movie kung fu hustle is. People walk in expecting a blockbuster, a hit of film, something that puts Asian(well, China anyway, Advent Children kinda took the cake) cinema on the map, and all we get is a mediocre film about a slave that can really move.

Pride and prejudice, on the other hand, is a whole lot more mundane, and while the plot is somewhat shaky due to there being too many side characters and not enough focus on the main. It does however, keep you engaged despite not being particularly dynamic or spectacular. All in all, a warm movie.

Am still pondering over whether to watch Kong. One side says the storyline is completely lacking and full of fanservice in the form of dinosaurs, while the other side says that the effects alone and the length is worth it already. And with Narnia dawning upon us, one cna't help but wonder if the CG gorilla is worth watching.


The studying front has been rather neglected. You know it when your notes start collecting dust.

Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm taking a break, no idea how long.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wow, it's already been over a week since I last updated. How time flies. Only a couple more weeks left still school starts. It'll be a hellish year, let's just hope all the (non-existant) hard work that we put in is going to be worth it eventually. Though I have a sick sense of foreboding that it isn't. A sick, gothic sense of foreboding.


Well, after spending the last week or so in Malaysia, I can safely say that things in Singapore are going to look a whole lot more expensive from now on.

The choir competition in KL was pretty ok for the most part, while it wasn't wholly enjoyable through and through (like some people would shamelessly announce on their blogs, it's probably due to these people that I felt rather irked at times), I can't really say I have any complaints since the trip for the most part was rather smooth, and I was strangely less irked by the yellow tap water than everyone else. I mean if the tap water really was harmful wouldn't someone have made a big deal out of it already?

However, it's pretty good to be back in Singapore. Nothing really feels like your own bed, sbs buses and tall buildings everywhere. Sure beats grass, cows and construction workers. I guess I realised how organised and peaceful Singapore is. Well, other than the large amount of anal taxi drivers anyway.

I can't believe everyone spent so much time worrying about how to smuggle their assorted products (consisting mostly of pirated cds, chewing gum and alchohol) across the Singapore customs only to not have a single thing happen. Guess the guards were feeling lazy. Heck, I walked through the gate with my handphone, wallet and stick of chewing gum and all I got was a glare from a guy in a police costume.


Off to batam on saturday, looks like I should get used to doing my own laundry.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

After a 3-day hiatus, tomorrow is going to be time for Wilfred's second foray into KL! Though this time round promises to be less fun since a)I am going there with a purpose and b) We're not traveling by first class or executive class, but by economy class, which means I'll be having to bring my own entertainment along. Hopefully the hotel won't be as sickening small as that in Wilfred goes to KL part I.

This also means that I will be away from my computer for 4 days this time. I'm going to miss it an awful lot. Maybe I'll make a really long entry when I get back. Or maybe not.


Phone or PSP? The choice remains unclear..

Monday, December 05, 2005

Since I've been requested...

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Oasis - Wonderwall
2. Ozone - NumaNuma
3. Sarah Mclachlan - I will remember you
4. Seal - Love's Divine
5. Train - Drops of Jupiter
6. Europe - The Final Countdown
7. Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy

Not exactly popular and somewhat random, I guess.

Rules of the game:
1. Post 5 weird/ random things about yourself.
2. At the end of the quiz, list the name of the 5 people whom you want next to do this and leave a comment in their blog and tell them to read your blog.

1. I have 3 boxes of donuts in my fridge right now.
2. Japanese blood is in me,
3. Horror movies are funny to me.
4. I have a history of sleepwalking
5. I lie an awful lot.

5 other people. Not much to choose from, but here goes.

1. Denys
2. John
3. Silas
4. Lesley/Leslie
5. Alex (yes you zhimin)


The first portion of my World Tour(TM) has concluded, the next phase is to KL again on Friday for choir competition. To put it short, the megamall I spent my days at, while it does have a ton of stuff, does have a shitty atmosphere and was way too crowded for me to do any real shopping at all, so I didn't actually buy much. I did, however, buy back a motherload of donuts back. Well, only 5 boxes, but that's quite a lot already. The only shop that wasn't actually crowded was in fact the souveneir shop, but who goes there anyway? Anyway, here's a short log of what happened, and plot twists along the way.

Day 1, Friday evening

6.30pm - Excited and hyped up, the bunch of us board our first class bus to Malaysia.

7.40pm - An initial trip to the on-board toilet reveals the washroom is "Not meant for heavy duty business", as blatantly posted on a sign of the toilet door and again on the inside.

8.00pm- We marvel at the chair massagers and TVs. I happily watch Kung Fu Hustle, and realise it is still a good movie.

10pm - The bus proceeds to break down and leave the 16 passengers(yes the seats were so big there were only 16 seats on the bus) stranded outside Malaysia Customs at Tuas at 12 midnight for 2 hours.

Day 2, Saturday Morning

12am - We proceed to disgruntledly board the replacement bus that took 2 hours to arrive.

12.30am - Am very board. Looks out the window, sees a desolate, dark road with few cars.

12.45am - Toilet break. Very disgusted that driver did not wash his hands after peeing. Takes a mental note to not let him shake my hand.

1.30am - Looks out. Realises that the rain is somewhat heavy, making the scene look all the more depressing. Looks the other way. Someone is watching Howl's Moving castle. Scowls. Looks back out. Rain continues.

3am - Reach Hotel. Horrified at the size of the room.

5am - Falls asleep after a bout of daisy-chain naval gazing.

8am - Wakes up after being spanked on the ass after several other methods failed. Lets out a war cry that sends Jerry into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

This just got tedious. Suffice to say that it was a bizarre event as I actually went home with more money than I came with even after doing whatever little shopping I had. Though the money I won in that lucky draw is probably a Malaysian Scam anyway.

All in all, not a bad weekend for me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

A pair of movies!

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Not as scary as it could have or should have been, but still a good watch, since it's -based on a true story- and rather interesting at that. If contortionists scare you, don't watch this.

Chicken Little - Not the waste of money the newspapers say it is, but still a rather short movie While having its lacklustre moments, it does make up for it with loveable characters and random funny moments. And for the record, the Numa Numa song does not play at all during the movie.


I shall be heading up north to KL tonight. With any luck, I'll make it back alive and with all of my stuff still with me. Maybe I'll find a dingy cybercafe to blog from tonight. Hope the crime rate in KL isn't as atrocious as what most people say.


So much for the Flu jab not having any side effects, my sinus still hasn't cleared yet.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A late happy damn birthday to myself.

Random notes

1) I spent my birthday with many guys on top of me. 3 times. (no, not that way, you dirty minded people.)

2) Having your reproductive organs driven into the ground and grinded against it is not much fun.

3) I followed a chinese teacher's advice and spent some time with my mother on my birthday, since it was theoretically one of the most taxing days of her life.

4) I only have one birthday, yesterday was my birthday anniversary.

5) My mouth still has a mind of its own.


The slob in me has yet to desocialize, and so I have not started doing anything substantial with relation to schoolwork, which of course means that I'll probably end up dropping a subject next year, and/or failing my A levels. I can't wait for the fun 2006 promises me!


My world tour is starting on Friday, wish me luck people. (Anything you need me to buy for you, just send me an sms. Countries in relation are Malaysia, Indonesia and -probably- Turkey if I still can take it. Also, contary to Andrew beliefs, they don't sell Turkish Delight in Turkey, I can get an awful lot of kebabs from there though. =))