Monday, February 28, 2005

Guess what people! I can't sleep. This has less to do with the fact that O level results are coming out in 12 hours than the fact that I took a nap earlier and just woke up messy-haired, sinus-infected and neck creaking.


No idea if there are going to be lessons later. If there are, I am running far far away and not coming back to MJC. Ever. Or at least till I get my O level cert that says 18 points, leaving me with no choice but to stay.

Besides, I'm going to school empty handed.

*glances at stuff*

Okay, maybe I'll bring a paper bag or something. I need to bring my wallet,handphone, mp3 player, house key(in case I come home late at night after celebrating), A pen(backup weapon in case....), knives(get confiscated), tissue(for all the crying people) and PERHAPS my camera. No way all that is fitting into the pockets of my white VS pants unless my pockets stretch to my knee. Not to mention I wanna keep my O level cert in recognizable condition.


To 05A104: It's been great, guys. Though I may not show it sometimes, I've had lots of fun with the class. Every single one of you have been amazing. I'll miss all of you when we go our separate ways. I'm not really good at goodbyes so I'll just keep this short.


Okay, screw the short part. Since it seems like the fashionable thing to do, here's a song for all of you. I might be gone after today so don't miss me too much.

Another red letter day,
So the pound has dropped and the children are creating,
The other half ran away,
Taking all the cash and leaving you with the lumber,
Got a pain in the chest,
Doctors on strike what you need is a rest
It's not easy love,
but you've got friends you can trust,

Friends will be friends,
When you're in need of love they give you care and attention,
Friends will be friends,
When you're through with life and all hope is lost,
Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end

Now it's a beautiful day,
The postman delivered a letter from your lover,
Only a phone call away,
You tried to track him down but somebody stole his number,
As a matter of fact, You're getting used to life without him in your way
It's so easy now,
cos you got friends you can trust,

Friends will be friends,
When you're in need of love they give you care and attention,
Friends will be friends,
When you're through with life and all hope is lost,
Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends (right till the end)

Courtesy of Queen. And Denys, I know you're grinning stupidly behind that computer screen, so wipe that smug look of your face.


I really wanna post another set of lyrics, but I shall refrain from now since I'm not really on the same plane of mood with the song. Maybe tomorrow, once I get the shit scolded out of me by everyone, no matter how I end up doing.


Now that I think about it, I haven't done anything of significance with my life as of yet. Makes me feel small in a world full of overachievers. As much as I can't really be bothered, I am bothered by the fact that my life has been meaningless for over 16 years. I guess the night just makes you think like that sometimes.


I saw a 5 year old busker yesterday. *grins* Cuteness.


You know, there are some things that you just want to happen to you, but just dosen't happen till you least expect it, or never happens at all.

Right now, I want to:

1. Have a train ride disrupted in an exciting way(Well this I don't know)
2. Be clear about my feelings(Probably the only thing that confuses me right now)
3. Get dumped into the ecopond(hope nobody reads this)
4. Break a bone(since I haven't had it happen to me before)
5. Talk with someone on msn(nobody interesting is ever online at this time, dammit)


A piece of news!

A 42-year-old Orlando teacher was cuffed on Monday after instructing students in bomb-making techniques. David Pieski allegedly "used an overhead projector in class to give students detailed instructions in bomb-making, including advising them to use an electric detonator to stay clear from the blast", the Orlando Sentinel reports.

One of his trainees subsequently detonated a device on a local golf course, and videotaped the blast for later approval by Pieski. The teacher is reported to have described the explosion as "cool". A month later, police were called to a house near the golf course after an acid bomb alert. One youngster at the scene told officers that "Pieski showed students in class how to make the explosive device". His mother added that he had told her the bomb was a school chemistry project.

On 8 February, the authorities decided to pay Pieski a visit at work. He admitted that he had "detonated chemicals in a coffee can by a ball field four times for his students", claiming it was an experiment to "show a reaction rate". He then showed investigators a can of black powder and an electric detonator he used to set off the devices. Police examined a book marked "Demo" containing "information, including the chemical breakdown, about an explosive known to be used by suicide bombers in the Middle East" - described in the arrest report as "one of the explosives of choice for foreign terrorists" and "extremely unstable yet easy to produce".

The school confirmed that they had told Pieski he could not store explosives on site. Pieski was last week reassigned to a desk job in the school district area Superintendent's office pending the outcome of an internal investigation. He is currently on $1,000 bail following a short visit to the Orange County Jail on Monday. He faces a charge of "possession or discharging of a destructive device and culpable negligence".

As good as Wong Liang Seng was, I wish I had more teachers like that.


Hmmm. Was this a long post? It sure looks like it.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Shit. They rejected my SingPass application again. Those assholes. Looks like I'll have to register myself.


Tomorrow is results day. Though I'm not sure how I'll do, I'll just keep quiet and take my points. Hope my l1r5 is easy to add. not 9x6=54 easy to add, but 1+1+1+1+2+2=8 easy to add.


I have my new wallet. Cost me $23. Pretty cheap considering I was seriously considering gritting my teeth and getting a $65 ripcurl wallet or a $40 mao zedong wallet(no seriously). As it is, I have a cracked mock-leather wallet. Which I kinda like.


Have a hectic day tomorrow. Hope I remember my knife.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Shit shit shit. My singpass application got rejected. Just applied for a new one. Will visit the CPF building just to be kiasu on Monday.


The opening ceremony was pretty stupid. They had to seat the student audience so close together that it took a good amount of fancy footwork just to walk through the path to your seat. Think if I walked like that now my soccer would become pretty good.

Now this would still be okay, but a tall idiot was sitting in front of me. About 1.8m. This would still be okay if he wasn't sitting up straight all the time. I couldn't even see when I tried to stretch my neck. This would still be okay since I should be able to lean to the side to evade his neck, but noooooooooo, he has to have mushroomy hair. You might as well have opened an umbrella in my face. If I tried to lean any more than I did I would be accused of molestation if I leaned to the left, or homosexuality if I leaned to the right.

There wasn't however, a whole lot to watch since 3/4 of the ceremony was made up of speeches by irrelevant people who act like they know the school when their actual concern is how fat their paychecks will be. Chairman of the School Advisory Committee? What bullshit. I can't believe he dares to talk about the Meridian experience when he hasn't even talked with 1% of the students at school. His Meridian experience probably involves sitting in an air-con office giving bad ideas on how to make the school better and pretending to work while watching animal porn or something. All while collecting a big fat paycheck. That asshole.

On a side note, the Minister of Defence has a huge nose. And I mean HUGE.

Anyway, the ceremony was pretty stupid since I couldnt see half of what was going on. All I heard was the choir, some random instruments, and some strange music which I think people were dancing too. Not to mention the audience's reception was whack. The food was gone in less than 10 minutes. Makes me wonder if Mok attended. And the place was really squeezy.


Since I promised it, here is a guide how to kill yourself. Squeamish people, don't read.

Method #1: Self-slashing. Simply take a knife and slash yourself. Even though the wrist is the most popular place for this kind of suicide, slashing the neck is much faster. If you like messy and slow deaths, slashing is for you. Otherwise, go for...

Method #1.1: Self-stabbing. Best place to stab is the heart or neck. Not much faster, but still faster. It is also cleaner if you can get the knife to stay in the wound. My preferred method.

Method #1.2: Self-maiming. If you wanna be creative, you can cut patterns on your body before you die, and maybe get lucky enough to pull out some intestines. Also called disembowelment.

Method #2: Hanging. In my opinion, this is very frustrating but is also very clean. You need to adjust the noose to be the correct size, and have to get up to a reasonbale height to make it look impactful. While awesome if done correctly, it looks like crap if you don't. Not to mention you might not even die if you're a newbie. Do a few practice knots first.

Method #2.1: Choking. Very similar, except much easier to perform and much more stupid-looking, since you just end up on the ground with whatever you used to choke yourself.

Method #3: Jumping off a building. Make sure you choose a building that's crowded, but not too crowded so there will be enough people to see you, but not enough to break your fall in case you don't aim correctly, or the wind blows you in another direction. Best is normally a tall building in the office district ofSingapore. And when you jump, you're probably dead anyway, so take the opportunity to do some tricks in the air first. And try to land on your head, or the upper portion of your butt if you forgot to take off your motorcycle helmet.

Method #4: Drowning. The most wasteful method. It is also very clean, but gets very dirty if the police only find your body in a few days. Then they'll find more than just your body. Also, never ever try this at a swimming pool, you fool. There are lifeguards.


Results out on monday. Will be at school to listen to Esther Lai beg us to stay on in MJC. Will be laughing inside as she does.


Other notes:

Mok can't spell, Andrew is angry at me, Bertrand is a flirt in SRJC according to WenHao, Azlyn told me to blackmail Suqina, and people are freaking out already.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Went to the Zoo today. No, you didn't read wrongly. Of all places, we picked the zoo to have a cg outing.

After some initial confusion, I agreed to meet Rachel and Azlyn on the train they were on, at the head of the train. As it turned out, I was sitting facing the wrong direction, so I would've got on the head of the train heading to pasir ris. So I ended up at the tail of the train wondering where the two of them were for about 5 seconds. Then I pushed like 10000000 people aside the get to the other end of the train. Wheeeeeee.

Since Jeevan was happily shitting and unable to get on at pasir ris, he made us wait for him at outram park. He dressed like a zookeeper. Think flowery shorts, cap and yellow shirt. Also realized how retarded he can get today.

Andrew: You know sometimes we laugh till our stomachs hurt...
Rachel: Yah that time we were at mos burger right.

*everyone bursts out laughing*


The zoo was actually pretty fun, surprisingly. I realized I haven't been there in ages. Everything seems to have changed.

Walked around for about 20 minutes, then realized Jeevan was lost, assumed to have followed a tourist group going in the opposite direction, looking at white tigers. Consulted rest of group. Verdict: Heck Care. So we continue walking until we realize that Jeevan is carrying alot of our possessions with him. Lucky for me I wasn't. I think Jeevan was just excited about meeting his relatives.

Some of the animals are really cute. Illegally fed some animals today. Their name escapes me now, but they were really cute. Smallish creatures that uh, know how to swim.

Somehow we ended up at children's world, which was pretty dumb. Fernn was having fun with the animals though, frantically running around and screaming. Pretty funny. Also, Azlyn and Andrew decided to be stupid and tried to pet the sheep only to realize their arms were covered with animal shit after that. Azlyn proceeded to run all the way back to find a sink when there was one 10m in front.

Had Ben & Jerry's ice cream after that, since the girls insisted on it. It's pretty expensive. It is however pretty good. The sundae I shared with Az was quite nice, despite me feeling somewhat cheated.

Overall it was a pretty fun trip to the zoo. Watching poor secondary school kids make their way back home was fun in a sadistic way too =D


The day was yet to end however, as Rachel, Fernn, Andrew and I made our way in a very inefficient manner to tm to catch a movie. I made them watch Ray with me. Muahahaha.

That being said, Ray was uh....odd. It was pretty good for the first hour or so, then things just started to get draggy till the end of the movie. Didn't understand a few parts though, since most of the black women in the movie looked more or less the same. Seriously. I didn't even realize there was a 3rd main woman until Rachel told me so.

Good job by Jamie Foxx however. The rest of the cast was pretty mediocre and the scripting was somewhat scratchy. Also, I think I'm not really in touch with his music. Can't seem to enjoy it.

The theatre was incredibly cold too, so that kind of spoiled the experience since I had to curl, uncurl and recurl multiple times. It was however a good change from the recent Singaporean weather. I can't imagine how Fernn, who was wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts felt, even with her cancer patient hat.

I caught the last train home. Good times :D


Today was really good on the whole. Like a road trip around Singapore. From Kembangan to Boon Lay to Choa Chu Kang to Mandai to Ang Mo Kio to Tampines then back to Kembangan. Having concession helps too.

Opening ceremony tomorrow. Bah.


On a side note, people in the class are thinking of a way to help out a classmate who is in a verry odd predicament. hehehe. Really do pity her though.


Results are out on monday. Ho hum. I'll just take by 30 points like a man.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Yesterday was pretty fine. I didn't even mind the long day since it was going to be my last long day in a long time.

Choir practice was actually pretty okay, since there were some dumb incidents happening. The )*@^$conductor kept trying to bend my mouth so i could produce the "correct" note. That idiot. Also, the toilet bowl in the male toilet couldnt stop flushing. It was pretty entertaining, watching the water spiral....and spiral....and spiral. I just realized that I'm pretty much the worst guy in choir right now.


Today was a waste of time. Nuff' said.


Things are getting screwier by the day. I'll have stories to take back to VS. heh.


Going to town soon to get my new wallet. Anyone wanna come?

Monday, February 21, 2005

I really hope the government processed my request for a singpass. Or I'm screwed. Then again, I already am after the econs test today. 1 page for 25 marks. Whoopee.


Andrew's balls have gone missing, and now he talks like a bimbo.


Got GP compre to do. Does not see the point.


Quality knives are still on sale. $5 a kinfe, people.

Coming soon: a guide on how to kill yourself!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Well well. Another week passes in MJC, and not much changes. MJ is still a gambling den, there still are muggers, and I have yet to be sacked as a games IC.


Next week looks to be a slack one. We have monday, which starts at 9am and ends at 1.15pm. No complaints. Tuesday is a bit tougher, finishing at 4.15. Choir after that too. We'll probably be singing a random japanese song or something. So it's still slack. On Wednesday, lessons finish at 9.30 am. However, I have to endure 2 periods of chinese. And I have Thursday and Friday off. Rock on. However though, O level results are coming out on either Friday or the following Monday, so damn right I'll have a lot of free time to worry and be a paranoid freak. =D


For those wondering why MJ life is suddenly so good, this is in name of the college opening ceremony. So let me get this straight. The college only officially opens after 3 years of operation. Which also means that I appealed from an established JC closer to my home to study in a JC that has not even opened yet. Bummer.


My class likes singing more and more as the days go by. Of course, with people liking singing more and more, there will also be people hating singing more and more. For example, during P.E....

Jeevan, Andrew, Azlyn, Suq, Jeremy, Rachel, Alex:

I just want you to know
I found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you...

Nat: *Changes direction and cuts across field*
Me: Oei Nat! Where you going?



I still need good music. Been liking club music and neo-classical music as of late. Franz Ferdinand is pretty decent too.


Had flag day today(yesterday). It was such a hot day, so I wasn't really in the mood. The day pretty much went like this.

8.50 - Reaches mrt.
9.00- Gets can, alot of extra stickers. Am happy. Notice can is opened through the bottom. Is happier.
9.35- Class reaches Bugis MRT. After some discussion, the class splits up. Andrew, Rachel, Fernn and I are left at Bugis MRT. Andrew pines for Silas to come back, putting more doubt into his sexual orientation.
10.00- We decide to go to Orchard after realizing that human traffic at Bugis is bad. I collect my first 2 coins, a $1 coin and a 50c coin. Fernn has a 20c coin. Andrew and Rachel have a lot of 10c coins. I laugh.
10.30- 4 weird people reach Orchard and walk to Forum. To their delight, Toys r' Us is open. We hide tins in bag. Among other items, we sift through Scooby-Doo stuffed toys, toy babies, Play-dough sets and stretchable animals. Rachel goes crazy over Fairy suit. I stifle laughter. Andrew is amazed by "try-me" button on toy Dragon. Rachel falls in love with hula hoops again. I am amazed by toy guns. Fernn wants wings.
11.15- We eventually come out and try to collect some $$$. We realize a group of men in pants carrying even weirder contraptions outside Forum, and sense that something is wrong. Fernn changes $2 worth of 10c coins and donates to herself. The weird men go into action, making a lot of noise and dancing in weird costumes, in the name of warding off evil spirits. I still don't understand how colourful headgear is supposed to make them look like lions. Andrew and Rachel decide to be enthu and collect more money. Fernn and I can't take the noise and sneak off.
12.45- We meet back up and head back to Paya Lebar MRT.
1.30- We reach back and stone around for a while. Multiple old people chase us away, claiming that we block the passage of human traffic. Nat has a heavy tin. I have a rattler. People start singing again. I turn away.
2.00- I pangseh the idiots who decided to go to the SA funfair. It was a hot day, and SA would probably be crowded and stuffy. Who cares if I would get to see Samuel and other random people there.

Yeah, it was a fun day.


I need to stop dragging matters and cut my hair soon. Bah.

Friday, February 18, 2005

I feel embarassed, having to be corrected by Mok.


School's well....okay I guess. Nothing spectacular about it, but lots of conflict. And conflict is always good. Also, lots of hilarity. Jeevan single handedly turned a friendly basketball game into a friendly retarded basketball game. His laughter is really contagious. It was pretty funny, the way he laughed when he saw Rachel running like a tai tai.


My classmates are getting more and more interesting. Silas was bitching when he lost his pants hook when he sneezed. Andrew and I were laughing at him in the toilet. Saiful also taught us how to lock and unlock the toilet doors from outside. Funny shit when Andrew covered his eyes and kicked open a shower door in the retarded Andrew way.


Apparently, Bertrand got a warning from the police for pushing OM Chia into the pond. I have no idea why. I can only imagine Animal Abuse as the possible infringement. Whether the now-disgruntled fish in the pond or OM Chia got abused, I do not know.


People in class have taken in singing as a new hobby. I shall not join in, since I realized my voice is not that good, and that I'm, only in choir because I'm not tone deaf.


O level results will probably be out on the 25th or 28th. Not really nervous, since I'm already resigned to the fact that I'm probably going to get kicked out when MJ realizes I got about 30 points.

And people, I will be selling quality hand knives on the day we get our O level results at $5 each. So if you're planning to commit suicide or kill the guy threatening your place in VJC, or in Bertrand's case, MI or SRJC, feel free to approach me. Jumping down will result in a very messy death which VS will have to spend money to clean up, which makes our poor juniors suffer. Even if they do find it cool at first, and even if there will be a cool ghost story for future camp nights, dying by a knife in a random toilet, science lab or even a lift is a much more satisfying death.


I need a new wallet, a new bag and a new mp3 player/handphone. Damn.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

In VS, Valentine's day was like any other day. You came to school, copied homework, chased your friends around with a broomstick, and made fun of teachers, unless you had a girlfriend, in which you would come to school, copy homework, chase your friends around with a broomstick, make fun of your teachers, and come back in the evening broke. So you could expect how much I expected from MJ.

Within 2 minutes of walking into school, I was hit by chocolates and sweets, starting with Tung Lin and ending with Azlyn. Whoopee. Kinda lazy to eat them though. I did get flowers for random people though. And Nana gave me a nicely wrapped gift. Have yet to open it. According to D, though, the wrapping is kinda nice, even if it does look like a ketupat.

Also, had dinner outside. Shall not elaborate on it. It was fun. Good day overall. =D


People, I am officially an OGL/games I.C. That's right. Wilfred the slacker. I shall now wait for you to get back on your chair and stop laughing.


Anyway, OGL briefing yesterday. Since the guys were called on to get off the chairs to let the girls sit, I was happily curled up at the back of the tiny LT talking with a random Hai Sing guy. And threatening to fall asleep since nobody would see anyway.

And now I have to get a passport photo of myself. Sheet.


Other than that, life's pretty much boring.


Random notes

Walking around carrying a huge sunflower is kinda embarassing. Fun, but embarassing.

Andrew has become bimbotic.

Rachel wants to cut my hair.

Azlyn needs new shoes.

I am still a slacker.

MJC is still a gambling den. Even during choir practice people play bridge.

Had my first chinese test. Die.

Nat is funny.

Jeevan has too many free smses to give away. I mean, who sends an sms saying "in your screen!"?


Think I shall make myself feel less guilty by doing a bit of maths now.

Monday, February 14, 2005

People came over last night. While it was fun, my parents sure as hell were pretty pissed off by somebodys incessant screaming. And Andrew is going to bunk at my house one day. I would be happy if he didnt take my phone on the way out in true mok-style. I swear I didn't notice a thing until an hour after he left. The sneaky bastard.

Anyhoo, we pretty much sat around in my room and chatted. My room is pretty damn messed up now with nougat wrappers and crumbs. I couldn't even sleep well, which kinda explains why I can be awake now. And my room is still messy, compared to the neat state it was in yesterday afternoon. Sigh.

It was fun making everyone walk to my place though. :)


Uh. It's Valentine's Day today! Um. Yeah. I got stuff for random people around school. But I don't have enough gifts or money to buy gifts. So don't expect anything from me.


According to Nana, Cheryl and John, I am in deep shit. Help me.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

OG outing was stale, since only 6 people turned up. Ah, the adversity of JC life.

Well, at least I learned that Turkish people have weird taste in food.


Well, tomorrow is Valentine's day. For the past 10 days, ccas at school have been trying to cheat us with Vday gifts. I swear they're making at least a 300% profit. I wonder if other JCs are like that, or are MJ people just short on ideas to make money.

I also hear there will be people playing pranks. =) How wrong can you go.

In other news, Xi-wei has too many dates to count. Lucky him.

Many people is class want roses for fun. Should I?


Aston Villa finally won a match. It's been a while.


I really need a haircut. Looks like my dream of biting my fringe will be halted for now.


Need to stop being mean. Rachel glared at me when I told her I thought I was too mean sometimes. Apparently, the odd part of the statement was "sometimes".


Class people are coming over later. I need to tidy up my room and hide as many photos as I can before Jeevan starts laughing at me.


Argh. Where's John when you need him.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

After a visit to Jeremy's house, current takings have risen to $306. Shall brag no more.


School on Friday was so slack it wasn't even funny. All I did was sit there and think about my life while random teachers droned on. Things would take a turn for the lame as Jeevan received a call from Andrew during lit lecture....who was sitting 2 chairs away from him.

Also, Loko found a cheap and good present for her potential. =) Oh, and Loko: the pictures are in my comp now. Muahahaha. Think his face was too close though.

In a shocking turn of events, Andrew has completed all his homework, making him into a model student. My god.


Got dragged to tm after that, so Shuyun could shop for her vday presents. zzz. I was embarassed for many reasons too.

1) She chained pink stuff to my bag and made me carry a pink file. The horror.
2) I got spotted in tm. That would be fine, if the shop in question wasn't toys 'r us. You can laugh now nana.
3) uh. I was with her?

Remind me never to go shopping with violent girls. Ever.

I did however, get a gayish-looking pink stuffed dolphin from her. I refused to hang it anywhere where it could be seen. Second and third opinions however, labelled it as "cute".


Final cut of OGLs today. If I get through this, I'm home free.

They made us play games today. To test our enthuness I think. My group had to play a variation of broken telephone. It was fine. For cheers all I did was shout loud without any idea what the hell I was shouting. Hope they got bluffed. =)

After that we were told to sit down and slack. I looked at the piece of paper KiaSheng(leader) was holding. He wrote something besisde my name. Couldn't really make it out though, since he hid the paper once he saw me peeping.

Me: As an OGL, I have to uh, take initiative.
KS: *glare*

If that dosen't get me kicked out, nothing will.

Results out on Vday. hooboy.

On a side note, Gladys got selected for what seems to be OHL interview. If she does become an OHL, I am accusing the MJC student council of smoking weed.


Am listening to the U2 album right now. I must say it's not bad. The verses are nice, even if the choruses are a letdown. Somewhat. Still good.


OG outing later. Finally we have one. I suspect not many people are goin tho.

Yes nana, I am excited okay? :) just shhh.


Am lazy to upload more photos. Shall do it another time.


My gosh. I really need to buck up.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Firstly, I really really need to see a dentist. My molars are going to hell and back.


My relatives may be few and far between, but boy, are they boring. And generous. =D I have 6 hongbaos from today. I shall refrain from bragging about how much I received, since there are going to be people with 4-digit amounts of money. In dollars. As of now, 50+50+100+50+20+20=$290 as of now. Not a good haul, but it could be much worse.

Tomorrow does promise to be a barren day however. Won't be going over $310 total, I predict.


I realized that Glad is easier to bluff than I thought.


Just realized I have leftover homework. Oh well. Now is not the time to be thinking about that.


My mother is asking me to invite people over on Sunday. Sheesh. Should I just tell her nobody wants to come? I don't wanna make trouble for myself.


As of now, things are boring. zzzz.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sigh. Wanted to leave early and run to vj to watch them do mass dance. But there wasn't a good window of opportunity to run off. And when I did find one, Andrew wouldn't pass me my bag so i could run. So I just came in again. Sorry prap =)

That being said, the concert was actually okay. It ended fast too. Not to mention Jeevan was dancing to what I shall call Tamil Techno, or T.T . And Mr Regulus was singing and dancing. It was pretty funny. Other than that, it was pretty much normal concert stuff- Non-chinese dances, skit that people can't hear or are not interested in half the time, etc.

I don't like people who blow up small matters. Or announce them out loud for no reason. I swear I'm not going to tell you any of my thoughts from now on.


Went back to VS. At first I arrived kinda early with Kuang, whom I met at Bedok. On a side note, Kuang didn't join the anime club in TJ, but joined a community service club. -_-"

Anyway, I arrived thinking where all the VJ idiots went to. After about 20 minutes, everyone's attention was drawn to a mob of people in white marching towards VS in a manner even the PAP would be proud of. Then I saw Nicholas, who was probably one of the hardest people to miss. And I knew the VJ idiots were here. It was like some long march.

Yea. Did VS cheers for a good 20 minutes. Once the Victorian Anthem started up, Denys and I started shifting backward and crouching, while everyone started shifting closer together. hehehe.

Saw teachers around too. Sadly, the absence of flying objects meant that Miss Tang wasn't in school. However, Mr Wong and Mdm Ernie were around. They seemed happy to see me. :) *ego up* But it dosen't seem like they changed much, despite the drastic drop of intelligent students.

Ciping actually came to school! And he's cute as usual. I didn't get to take a picture of him however, since my camera decided kick the chair below the battery and die on me. So I'll have to settle for a photo from someone else's camera.

Oh, and quite a few people got thrown into our eco-pond today. Scuba diving team consisted of Mr Oh, Mr Chia(minus red clipboard, plus gangster shirt), Bertrand, Nicholas and Chee Kian. Chee Kian got algae all over his clothes. Shows how often our "pond" is cleaned.

The VS shoes are pretty damn ugly. It looks like a defective diadora shoe or something. The red V on the side is disgusting.

It was fun.


Went for lunch after that. Ran into lots of VS people. Met Loko too, who ponned school in the morning. hehe. And met one of Denys' many girlfriends from VJ. She seems like a nice person. A shame she likes Beckham.

Lent clothes to Srini, since he wanted to play pool. Must remember to take them back. I, however, had to get back and help out with cooking for reunion dinner. I am, however, skiving now, which means that my mum is doing half the cooking, which also means that half the guests are going to get food poisoning tomorrow, which also means my hongbao money might be cut in half. So, in effect, my skiving now is leading to a cut in hongbao money. Not good.

Also, Denys is feeling guilty for nothing.


Really need a new midi for the blog. Any recommendations?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Andrew brought Bailey's (liquor) to school today. A few of us tried it. As first it smells bad, but it actually has a creamy, wholesome ambience to it. After a while though, it stings your tongue and throat.

Azlyn: Being the bad muslim she was, she tried a few sips and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Andrew: Got called an alchoholic by his mother. He did enjoy it too though.

Me: Smelt it, turned away. Then tried it, and realized at tasted quite good. Was a bit shocked when the sting came, but did not show it, since person in question knows how to keep a straight face.

Rachel: Tried a bit. Found it okay, but nothing special.

Alexis: Thought it was water, put too much into mouth, face soured, started whining and scolding Andrew.

It was kinda funny though.


As expected, today was slack. Binomial still is a drag though. If I can clear that, I can clear anything.


School is really funny now. I like it. Now let's hope i get to be an OGL, or even better for me and worse for MJC, and OHL, aka super leader.

I am, however, waiting for something really drastic to happen.


Was planning to crash VJ. However, everyone seemed to have ran off early due to a timetable switch. Denys and Wilbur anyway. Grrr. It will have to wait till next week.


I need a shaver. Help me.


Reunion dinner tomorrow. Oh well.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I feel so so stupid. I'm kicking myself now.


Aston Villa got mugged by Arsenal. 3-1 again. It was expected anyway, since Arsenal seemed to be having PMS in the first 30 minutes of the game.


Binomial assignment. To do or not to do?


I need good music to stir me up. Anyone see me online please send me some.


Zi Xiang was online. Always fun talking with him. Pretty damn funny, his racism.


Tomorrow promises to be a slack day. We dismiss at 1.15. And start at 9. Wahaha. I can't believe my timetable is so slack. Even for a 3-sub combi it's incredibly slack. The homework isn't much either.

After that is Chinese New Year. Whoopee.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

woke up surprisingly early today. By early, I mean 8.30. That's pretty good, considering I was in a bitchy mood and really tired last night, having walked aimlessly around boat quay. Shouldve just had supper with the other people. Stupid me. I feel bad now.


I've been asked to go church tomorrow. Without really thinking, I said yes. Should I be a nice guy and go, or not go and get more sleep. Hmmm. I probably will, since I'm such a good-hearted being.


More Valentine's day items are on sale. Now we have biscuits, heart pins which have little lights in them, and balloons. This is getting really stupid. Some people in class are contemplating getting stuff for each other just to make themselves feel good. Which includes myself. Haven;t yet reached an agreement. How how?


Chinese New Year is coming. While the relatives are irritating, the day is tiring, and the hours are long, the pay sure is good. =) That being said, I haven't seen my cousins in a long while.


Now that I'm in JC, I really should learn to keep my mouth completely shut. I think I come across as mean when I say what comes to my mind sometimes. Oh well. At least it sounds funny sometimes.


Andrew was reaching for biscuits at Marks and Spencer yesterday. Suddenly, Rachel, Azlyn and I were reminded of the Heneiken ad with Jennifer Aniston. Damn it was funny. Andrew is handsome enough to appear in an ad like that though. I hope your head is swelling now Mr. Andrew, aka one who still has Xi Wei's shirt and underwear.

Also, we started playing with ice and straws at Magic Wok. Az still hasn't gotten the idea that your supposed to shoot ice and not water. hehehe.


This is about the age I wanna remain forever. 16 going on 17. Not too young, not too old. My life is good right now.


Basketball today. Fun, but would've been more fun had a certain VENTURE SCOUT and KAYAKING GUY turned up. Still funny though, since Mok was around to showboat. And the hoop wasn't very kind to me today.


Still need Chinese New Year slippers. I refuse to buy trail slippers.


New classmate. Joylynn from GMSS. Seems like a pretty nice person. Jeevan calls her Joy Joy. I am reminded of Jack Jack. Whatever. Jeevan is funny no matter what he calls anyone.


Aston Villa V Arsenal tonight. I will be watching intently. Which could also mean I might not be able to wake up for church tomorrow. Apologies in advance should I fail to awaken.


TO AZLYN: I've taken down the picture you wanted me to. I still think it looks nice. It's still in my computer. But yea, it's off the photo site. =D
*Brain is fried*

Andrew got his hair cut by Rachel in class. Denys says he looks like W.L.S. hehehe.


Wilbur crashed MJC today. At first I felt like slapping his face and swearing at him for coming here when he had VJ. Then I realized that I should treasure my friends and not be mean. Besides I'm already mean enough to certain people in class =)


OGL interview. Not really an interview. They just threw us into groups and told us to plan a game. And some games will be selected for playing next friday. Which means I have to stay in school till past 5 again next friday. Shit. It would be a good time to run off.


School is a drag. Lessons are boring. But the class is funny. The girls are more masculine that Andrew. I do not lie.


Choir concert. Hmmm. I guess I just don't know how to appreciate it yet. I was yawning so badly throughout the concert, Andrew would be proud of me. I didn't even have to force a yawn, like this afternoon during PCCG. It was a very sleepy night for me. I wasn't even paying attention half the time, when I was crapping with Azlyn and translating Chinese lyrics for her. Yup, I was so bored I actually started listening to the Chinese lyrics. It dosen't help that they try to put a lot of depth into the music, but it still sounds the same to me. I pretty much started noticing everything but the music. It didn't help that my ass was hurting.

Oh, and Nelson Kwei has teddy bear ears reminiscent of Nicholas. Muahahah.


Wandered around aimlessly with Azlyn and Amanda after that. I must say I was somewhat bewildered. They couldn't find a club they wanted to go. And when they did eventually find one, they didn't like it. Girls.

I don't think I'm a clubbing person. Not very fond of the place in general.


Fullerton toilets are pretty damn nice though.


My brain is kinda stiff right now.


I'm still afraid of shooting myself in the foot.


I am not happy.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I woke up this morning feeling like crap. The day, however, did turn out to be really really strange.


Lessons were pretty boring as usual. Kinda get the binomial thing in my head now. It sure is tedious though. Econs is well, econs. How exciting can it be. GP continues to be slack under relief teaching. And Chinese remains the subject I am the most clueless about, since I lost my Chinese notes in yesterday's file losing experience.

Supposedly there's a new classmate coming in tomorrow(today?). Right after one withdrew herself from PAE. hmmm.


Choir practice was the funny shit today. During warm-ups, we did the usual squat and sing, tiptoe and sing, fist on stomach and sing routine. Then we were introduced to the lie-down-and-sing. Basically, it trains our back posture and breathing technique. And so were supposed to breath in for some counts and hiss out. Then this happened.

"Breath in, two, three, f-"

Roy farted.

All the basses were lying on the floor laughing, setting the entire choir back by a good few minutes. Granted though, it was pretty damn funny. And the conductor was in a good mood so anything went.

Saw a bit of j2s dancing for opening ceremony. Not bad.


Somehow, I wound up slacking in school for a good hour after practice. Somehow, I got convinced to go take neoprints. NOOOOOOOO. Somehow, I got myself a new nickname. NOOOOOOOOOO. Somehow, I'm still awake now. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Anyway, took neoprints today. I'm still kind of traumatized with the pinkness of the enitre place. It's not evil, but so incredibly sweet it's almost overbearing. Think japanese cake sweet. Multiply by 3 digit number. That's how it felt like. It was however, strangely fun. This is not good. Also, I realized that I do not look very nice in neoprints. ahhha. Seems to make other people look better though. Oh well.

For the 2nd time in 3 days, Long John's. Not good.

Azlyn and Amanda visited a hair accessories shop. I stayed outside, feeling too paiseh to go in. Yes, I do feel shame once in a while. Ecspecially after the neoprint episode. The hairbands were nice though.


Farhan called me a casanova today. What the hell.


Rui Wen paid us a visit in MJC. Always good to see Victorians.


It's strange how girls find more uses for my own camera than me.


Uploaded photos. Better lighting this time, I hope.


My head seems to have been swelling quite a bit lately, thanks to a certain someone. It is funny though. Not sure whether to feel happy.


As it turns out, I'm not THAT tone deaf! This I'm happy about.


What am I doing online now?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Shit. I left my file in school today. No idea how I'm supposed to reclaim it. Die die.


Choir practice today. Now we have to learn a jap song. Theres alot of er...chromatication, I think that's what it called. Notes rising gradually up and down. But it's still not easy, since there's a large amount of sharps & flats, which I have no idea how to go about singing. I don't have as much trouble with the pronounciation as most others though. =)


I got pictures of me taken today. Oh noooo. I can't believe my hair still looks so good-boyish. i either need 1) help on hair styling, 2) to perm my hair, or 3) a good haircut, since Andrew decided to pangseh me.


I realize I try to read into people too much sometimes. I need to stop doing that and feeling like I'm smart when I'm actually wrong. Amanda and Fernn know what I'm talking about. hehe.


Concert on friday. hmmm. There were people fussing over what seats they were getting. What they failed to see was that the four numbers they were looking at weren't lottery tickets or seat numbers, but actually serial numbers for the tickets. And that it was actually free seating. Hur hur. It's at 8 though. Most likely gonna find ppl to go out with before that.


Apparently, there are VS guys who look like tkgs girls. Comparing faces suddenly seems like a fun hobby. Ecspecially where Andrew is concerned.


Azlyn kinda looks better with her new hair. She looks cuter and less poser now. Maybe a bit more mature? I dunno. Like I said, I shouldn't try to act too smart. But yea Az, you look nicer. Even if my portable mirror is kinda gone for now.


Had a lecture today on.....PE! how fun.