Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Shit, I think I made someone angry.

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

When will I learn my lesson?
My mum has forgoteen when my birthday was, so i got my present early today. While I am thankful for the cash boost and the wallet, it's kind of depressing when people misjudge your birthday, ecspecially your mother. To think I thought I was the crazy one for a few seconds there.


Another day gone, and the obsession with Numa Numa grows. While not an outstandingly nice song, it's one of those that just sticks itself in your head and plants itself in the back of your mind and just plays over and over throughout the day, making you want to should "NUMA NUMA NUMA EH!" randomly during conversations.


There's a monkey in the jungle
Watching above the trail
Caught up in the conflict
Between his brain and his tail
And if Time's elimination
Then we've got nothing to lose
Please keep in mind that
It's the passage that you choose

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Next week is going to be a loooong week for me.

Sigh. Birthdays. I'm going to spend mine at choir, what a sickening thought. Not exactly what I had in mind, but life decides you give you nonsense like this from time to time.

I shall be embarking on my world tour on Friday. Well, almost a World Tour anyway, all it consists of is going to KL, Batam, KL again and Turkey. How stupid. Not to mention I'll be having to wash my own clothes. By the time I'm done all my clothes shall be a shade lighter.


The principle wants to see the class at a later date, which of course spells "bad omen" in big grey cloud-shaped letters across a very dark sky.

While the reading from the History dep says that this regards the timetable and to a certain extent the mediocre grades of the class, the general consensus states that an association with the dissolving of the class is a more probable scenario to unfold.

The way I see it, this has many outcomes.

1) Random dropees are deported to other classes, while econ-less people remain.
2) Everyone stays, with warnings. (not likely, with 27 people left)
3) 4 subbers form a new class, with econ-less people sent off to join the CLA class, since it makes sense to hold lit and CLA classes at the same time. Also allows 3 subbers an easier timetable.
4) A split between History and Geog.

Well, either way, it seems only shitty endings are available. I guess that in some weird way, I did like A101, it's sad to see it split up like that. Not this way. We were supposed to be celebrating our 4 As for A levels. Not to mention if the class does split, the number of guys are at least going to be cut down by half ( i.e from 4 to either 2 or 1). Which sucks, no matter how I try to look at it.

Ah well, A101 rocks anyway. Between the bimboticness of the girls, wei kang's antics, silas' gay moves, and the obvious prejudice of ***ians, it's been great, albeit in a strange way despite the rocky start. Like when barnacles cling on to a rock.


Today was a glimpse back into VS, where I could make dirty jokes without having to watch my mouth. Ironic part is, I wasn't even with VS people. Well maybe I was, but they were like ancient.

To think I'll be spending 2 nights dealing with this shit in KL.

"Ok, Jeff against Jeff."
"(obviously not looking) Jeff CANNOT play with himself."
" Wanna bet?"
" Nooooo I'm eating!"

"Look, they're all black!"
"Ooo, you like them big and black don't you?"

Obviously these are funnier in real life.


Movies to watch in December

Harry Potter
Chicken Little
Zathura(though it seems to turn lots of people off)
Saw 2(#1 was pretty good)
King Kong(as stupid as it looks)

Damn, that's a lot of money.


He stood at the jetty, the cool evening sea breeze blowing his hair back. As the sun set, and the sky faded from a warm orange hue to a dark foreboding blue, he felt a part of him sail off into the horizon as well. The happy side of himself that never gave a damn about what went on around, who didn't know what love was, who had a mouth with a mind of its own. That side was going to be gone for a while. With her away from his life, the sun seemed to go down on him too.

A flash of lightning and a crackle of rolling thunder, and the couples sitting together on the beach got up and started heading for shelter. How weak, he thought. He contemplated heading for shelter too, but decided against it. He would rather lightning have struck him right then and there. If he could survive the unrelenting torrents and unmeasurable sadness he suffered because of her, surely a storm would be a walk in the park.

A small drizzle soon materialised into a heavy downpour, and he took a look at himself. Here he was, broken and taking it like a man. Yet, instead of picking himself up, like he had done previously, he was just standing in the rain in a vain attempt to drown his sorrows. Then he started sobbing. No wonder he loved the rain so much. It allowed him to hide his sorrows, an avenue to cry when nobody would be around to chance upon him. Still, he continued to stand there. Wondering how things turned out this way. What had he done wrong? Had he not been transparent enough? Or too much of an open book? Was this the result of repeated battering? Or had he just gotten weaker, that he needed someone to depend on? At least the rain washed away his tears. He wondered if tomorrow would be cloudy or clear.

From behind him a figure approached. She was carrying an umbrella. His heart once again filled with uncertainty and anticipation, but many times more frail than the first. He knew he would break if he failed, but he also knew if the chance presented itself, he would grab onto it and never let go.

He waited, as the wind continued to howl.


Numa Numa is nice!

Friday, November 25, 2005

It's none of my business, but news from the arts fac grapevine has reported that the people I bitched about in an earlier entry are doing obnoxious things again. Things that only make me despise them more.

Ah, I shan't elaborate on it here, in case someone is netstalking me.


The holidays are driving me crazy.

Crazy about you. or not.
Been a tiring week.


The mmm recce at Sentosa was a complete failure, no two ways about it since it was raining the entire day. I did however, get to find out that my station probably offers one of the cosiest shelters around, since we did manage to dodge the rain altogether, and probably sunlight too if there turns out to be any on the day itself. How "romantic".

Also, 7 eleven is 5 minutes away! Probably less anyway.

Orientation is gonna be fun.


Class chalet was mmmmkay I guess, though there probably was a bit too much sleeping for my liking. Seemed really short too, no thanks to school.

On a side note, barbequing suddenly seems a lot more complex than I remember it to be.


The words are in my mouth
But they refuse to come out

Monday, November 21, 2005

back from OGL camp, can't say that it was an entirely fun and healthy experience but oh well, no way I can back out of it now. Not to say that ogls are shitty, just that being from a house that just got abolished feels kinda weird. Apart from almost losing my voice(which might get me into trouble on the choir front) I guess I'm set to be a full-time slacker for orientation.


The neighbours a few doors down just got a drum set for their son.


If I wasn't wearing earphones right now I'd probably be going crazy at the endless bad drumming. He's basically trying to do the bang-a-lot-of-drums-a-lot-of-times-to-look-cool move that people who can actually drum do at the end of a song, just that he's failing miserably and it sounds more like the drum set in collapsing over and over again. How he can even bear with himself is a mystery to me.


Doesn't seem like I'll be blogging a lot this holiday, apart from orieantation it looks like I'll be spending more nights outside at various random locations rather than the comfort of my own home. That makes me sad.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The sad thing about holidays is that it doesn't give you much to blog about.


I'll be off at OGL camp for the rest of the week, goodbye world!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

my clock is now officially screwed up, I start feeling sleepy at 5 in the afternoon now, and only wake up when other people start falling asleep.


My dad brought the dog home over lunch while grumbling something to the tune of the car smelling or rabies(is that even possible?) so I got forced into an early retreat home.


Orientation preperations seem to be a drag now. Endless preperations and countless briefing do not make me a happy person. Not to mention having to go all the way to Sentosa and then going all the way to the opposite beach, and that's jsut the recce. Kinda reminds me of going all the way to jurong just to get an mp3 player when tampines sells the same thing at the same price.


ah, crud. I shall force myself to sleep now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's been a tiring few days.


Went to VSRCCU chalet a few days back. My, how the juniors change. It's kinda annoying watching all your juniors grow taller than you and knowing that you're going to remain the short potato that you are for the rest of your life.

They get a lot lamer too. Can't say it wasn't our influence.

"where's the nearest shop?"
"That's not very close leh!"
"It's not close, it's open!"



On a slightly stupider tangent, my dad drove off to work with the dog today. He opened the back seat and the dog just jumped in. Dad would proceed to shout at the dog for the next 10 minutes, while the dog would just crawl around the backseat not doing anything.

So he drove off with the dog in the car.


More later, unfortuneately I'm stuck with choir now.

Friday, November 11, 2005


I have a bad feeling this is going to be a stinker. Oliver Stone, if I'm not wrong, produced Alexander, also known as the royal waste of money, or the movie that was so bad and gay that it was actually funny. Also, the 9/11 tragedy is still fresh in people's minds, and is being discussed ad nauseum. So we can pretty much be sure that it's not going to be accurate. If there happens to be a love story like in Titanic the producers are going to be maimed.

The last thing that proves my point is the first paragraph.

"NEW YORK (AP) — Oliver Stone has begun shooting one of the first Hollywood films about Sept. 11 in New York — without recreating the large-scale devastation that's all too familiar to residents who lived through the 2001 attacks. "

in other words, it's not gonna be real. Which sucks.


Also in the movie line, Harry Potter is coming out, along with Narnia, and other assorted movies which will inevitably look better than Korean movies running out of haunted props. Looks like movie tickets are going to be bought.


Because you Live there's a reason why
I carry on when I lose the fight
I want to give what you've given me
It looks like my parents are going ahead with the Turkey trip after all. Which means 3 overseas trips within the month of december. Not fun, not fun at all. Especially now that with the maid gone I have to wash my own clothes.

Did I mention I just learned how to use a washing machine 2 days ago?

The way things are going, I'll tire myself out even before the start of the J2 year.


Have been delving into the world of lyricless music again for a while now, am liking it very very much.


The spiders in MJC have made a pact against me, I swear. After a spider lunged down from the ceiling in a suicide plancha and landed on my collar and glided down my sleeve in an attempt to bite into a vein in arm to poison me to death and kill the next president as a result, I fled to the choir room, where I was faced with a much more tenacious foe. Upon realising that I was in proximity, it leapt from shirt to shirt, and upon landing on mine, absolutely refused to de-plaster itself from my body, using extremely sticky (and probably toxic) web to keep itself on me. It took a colossal effort from me to finally pry it off.


Right, so I saw 2 spiders today. Big deal.


In other news, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has decided not to impose salary caps on players as "he is a chelsea fan" and "wants other clubs to deal with it". Good job, you bald man. Next year we'll be looking at Chelsea Team A and Chelsea Team B in the EPL.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Phew, 5 days without an update, my blog must be mouldy by now. Then again, since my blog isn't the typical Oh 2dAe I w0k3 uP AnD 8 mI brEaKfAst type of blog, it should be understandable that I lack material.


PW is over! Well except for I&R anyway, I can always do it later, which will inevitably result in


Shit I&R due today, shouldn't have dragged so long.

But still, to hell with PW! As I've found out, PW is a test as well. Of our patience, that is.


The holidays looked packed, and yet there are going to be days where I have absolutely nothing to do. Which kinda sucks. Quick, if anyone knows of cheap and fun hobbies let me know! I can't be blowing money on overseas trips so many times.

Speaking of which I have to go to KL twice in a span of 10 days. How stupid is that?


Looking a tthe state of choir right now, I can safely say that unless the exco does something quick, there'll be a time sometime next year when they're the only ones showing up. Heck, some of the exco might not even be turning up at all.

And exco, if you're reading this, no I am not jealous and I doubt anybody else is. I hear jealousy only stems when others are in an enviable position.

This should be good.


Gorillaz won the best band award at MTV awards show! wtf, they don't even exist. Not that I'm complaining, I love their music but their videos are just shy of disgusting.


Caught Flightplan today. I must say that it's not a bad movie, just kind of short and short on women(and men too), still the story is not bad, and Jodie Foster does a good job of acting the crazy old woman. Not something you'd want to pay $9.50 on a weekend for. For a good comparison of what this movie is like, think Phone Booth or Saw, but with slightly more space.


To Man U fans : Trust me, that smug look of yours will be gone once Man U's form starts going downhill and they lose to Wigan in a matter of weeks.

Friday, November 04, 2005

When I see what others are going through, losing people, losing handphones, losing sanity, losing their places in MJC, I wish I could do something about it. To lift them from their sorrows, or to make them feel abit better. Yet, I always fail miserably, and people become angrier at me. Maybe I should just stop trying.

*Looks at regret post*

Maybe not.
Have you ever felt this way? When you feel like you just botched an oppotunity to feel like you did something in your life? When the same scene replays over and over again in your mind like a faulty tape? When you could think of a million other different scenarios that could have worked out better? When every other course of action but the one you took looked like a smart one?

Painful, isn't it? Sometimes, it just means so much to you that you can't just brush it off your shoulder like dust collecting. It eats away at both your heart and your head, to know that you're an idiot who lost a winning battle, to know that one stupid move caused you to lose the game, to know that of all the stupid mistakes a person can make, this one proves you can transcend foolproof limits. With every passing minute, a different possibility drifts into your mind. And you wince. Because for all the ideas that float in, none of them are going to be useful now. Like a dreadful case of lockjaw, it kills you silently.

It weighs you down. Your movement slows down. Attempts at peaceful rest are interrupted by new ideas. New, futile ideas. Your fingers become clumsy. Your mind grows numb. You try to tell yourself you have no time for this, but the more you try to push it to the back of your mind, the more it rears its ugly head to haunt you.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

So, I bombed out today. Not much of a surprise, since other people deserve it more, but ah well, one more missed opportunity, one more ho-hum, one more day in my life.


Okok, back to memorising my OP script.


Happy Hari Raya everyone!

On a side note, I saw the Old Chang Kee posters that said "Happy Deepraya". Like wth?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It feels somewhat surreal that the possibility that the last relevant chinese words of my life my written in 3 hours yesterday. Think of that! Free of the hassle and struggle that the chinese language spells for me. Then again, you can't really spell in chinese. Never having to do anything associated with chinese for the rest of my life other than ordering food seems like a dream about to realised.

Still, better not throw away my stuff just yet. I still have next march to worry about.


Life is nothing more than a state of limbo right now. As the detachment from the rest of the living, sentient world grows, I fear I am growing into a more unfeeling, callous, indifferent being.

Or, as girls would say, "mean".