Saturday, April 29, 2006

What a strange occurence. It's saturday night and almost nobody is online. Either everyone is busy mugging away, or everyone is out celebrating the long weekend. There's also the faint possibility that there's something actually good on TV right now that I should be watching, but with general elections coming up, some things are much better avoided.

On a side note, I came across some members of the worker's party today, and I must say that I retract that statement about joining the Worker's Party when I grow up. They must be some of the lousiest campaigners out there. When you're the one challenging for the seat, it's only logical that you take the initiative. But noooooo, they put up posters of their representatives not only later than the PAP, but also smaller and right below the posters of the PAP candidates. If that's not shooting yourself in the foot, I don't know what is.


Aaaand the world becomes more scandalous by the day.
A bird flew into my room today.

And it pooped on my bed.

Nothing. Poops. On. My. Bed.

Not even me.

Well, at least I got my revenge. That stupid bird won't be coming back anytime soon.

Now I see why killing crows isn't illegal in Singapore. I should've abused the law, but ah well.


Now I know what ponning school feels like. Totally fun!

Still, I probably should put a cap on my spending. It's never healthy to be spending just because I can, almost as if I had money for earwax.


Went to vj drama nite. All that needs to be said about VJ drama is that they're probably a lot better than whatever MJ has to offer. I liked the first play more ; It was actually funny and Darrel was actually a much better actor than what I remember him for, I guess that's what TSD does to people. The second play wasn't bad, but it was extremely corny, and it gave the audience the blantant chance to be assholes, which actually includes yours truly and co. In the end, what I feel is that VJ humour in general tends to be a lot more intelligent and appreciable than MJ humour, not that slapstick is bad. Not just at stage level, but also at "commoners" level. Either that, or it was because I was talking with 3(omgwtfbbq) vj debators about vs issues.


I was sitting at the bus stop minding my own business today. There were 2 other people at the bus stop, both working adults in office clothes. So this bunch of PAP people ride past in bicycles like Chinamen in the 80's, waving at everyone around them. Now this would be okay, but it's irritating only because they've already plastered their faces on every other lampost in the neighbourhood. Almost seems like reverse psychology by the worker's party.

Anyway, so these white people ride past us. They wave to the two people, who smile back in courtesy(or fear that they'll be slaughtered for dissension to the government). While completely ignoring everyone who looks remotely young or in a school uniform. Suureeee, PAP, do the smart thing and only be nice to the people who gets you the votes.

I'm joining the worker's party when I grow up.

Or not, I'd like to think there's more to my life than snobbish politics.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

You know how sometimes a certain incident can send a song playing in your head over and over again?

Well, now I know my life is sad, because while Violent Violet was teaching econs today and going on and on, the only sentence running through my head was...

"I don't wanna run away, but iiiii can't take it, iiii don't understand."

Yep, your life is sad when you develop relationships with academic subjects.


We got to rest our tired minds and saw a video during GP today. Apparently, I must have been blind all this while, or GP must really be so routinely boring, because I never knew everything was connected so intricately. Disappointment, anger, helplessness, love, indifference, bottomfeeding, unity, viciousness, every single behaviourial pattern you can think of was encompassed in the 30 minute video, and connected so well you couldn't help but wonder if everything that each and every one of us experience was simply part of a bigger plan Mother Nature and Lady Luck have in store for us.

Think about it, the absence of a single person, no matter how weird, quirky or insignificant, would drastically change our lives. Imagine if your maths teacher was still single, or if that irritating girl in your class was never present. You'd lose a lot from your life. There goes that common gossip topic, that person you always liked to tease, or that unnecessarily loud person to irk everyone, that slutty girl with the megalomaniacal boyfriend. Every single one of us play a part in the world, and like it or not, everyone has a different situation to deal with.

If you'd like to know, we were actually watching a video about marine animals.

On the flipside, however, when people say "I don't know what I'd do without you" or "I'm so glad you're around", you'd be inclined to think that's almost always not true. Why? Because of the simple fact that people adapt. If that person never existed, you'd never have had the joy of knowing him/her anyway. You'd probably have just found a new best friend or something along those lines. Which boils down to how insignificant each of us are, because without us, people simply find a new way to cope and go on about their lives without a second thought.


Fire in the disco!
Fire in the, Taco Bell!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An uncharacteristic spark of inspiration has caused me to actually start paying attention in class as of late(save for GP anyway). I'm still not doing my homework, however, instead choosing to put my free periods to use by copying, erm, doing maths tutorials for lack of better things to do. Yep, that's how boring life gets at times.


It wasn't my player that blew, it was the earphones! That does mean I'll still have to get new earphones tho, pffft.


Alright, I'm seriously starting to get pissed off.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

3 Tests in 3 days, and we haven't really learned much in lessons yet this week, seeing as how I spent my GP lessons with my head on the table repeatedly. Still, I refuse to believe it is a lack of an attention span on my part, after all, supply side policies are normally more important, and I don't think knowledge was being supplied in great quality at the moment.


In other saddening news, my mp3 player blew up on me today! It seems I'll have to make a trip down to the other side of the island. Much boringness is in store for me, I predict.


What is this I'm feeling?


Oh wait, it's boredom, isn't it?

Monday, April 24, 2006

As tagged by Azlyn,

My ex is a figment of my imagination
Maybe I should actually start studying.
I don't understand what goes through the minds of old people
I lose things way too easily. Like 5-minute memory span easily.
People say an awful lot, but most of it isn't worth listening to.
Love is all around, even when you don't need it.
Somewhere, someone is reading this and thinking how weird I am.
I will always try to be a shameless cheapskate.
Forever is a really really long time.
I never want to turn old.
I think the current US president is not worth my time unless he sustains his stupidity.
When I wake up in the morning I grumble endlessly while going about my business.
My past is an enjoyable one, more so than the present.
I get annoyed by people trying to act cute.
Parties are not a whole lot of fun sometimes.
Kisses are the best when they're not offered by someone of the same sex.
Tomorrow promises to be a whole day of nothing but school, whee!
I really want something interesting to happen.
I have low tolerance when I'm not getting my sleep.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

So, an article got put up sometime ago about a guy who committed suicide because of the size of his sexual organs. Which is just utterly stupid. Not because the guy committed suicide, but because the Straits Times decides it would be a good idea of plaster something like this all over the front page to make a mountain out of a molehill. Thanks to them, we'll be seeing the Forum page being filled up with nonsense like this. Kind of in the same way they devote pages and pages to the upcoming elections, which nobody really cares about anyway. If you're living an okay live, you'd simply vote for the status quo. But I digress. Where education is concerned, you'd get the idea that the newspapers just have so few issues to publicise that they feel a need to blow everything that happens out of proportion. Examples of these would include the Nan Chiau incident, which is going to spoil kids everywhere ; The SJI-ACS rugby affair which lasted over a week for no apparent reason ; And the teenagers-having-sex article, which is going to make parents more suspicious and protective, and hence irritating, than ever before.

The point is, the education system is broken, but the bits that are publicised are the parts that need no fixing. I'm sure people who have actually been teaching for years know the difference between disciplining a child and unnecessary violence that overzealous parents who are more concerned about making their kid snobby and well-off. If you want to find a chink in the education's armour, write about how PW is the stupidest waste of time EVER, or how mother tongue standards are dropping horrendously, not about how students love each other too much. That's pretty damn retarded.


I just saw a video a friend took of the central judging of secondary school military bands. And I can tell you it's pretty damn amazing. These bands actually engaged their school modern dancers to come up with steps for them. I forgot which school it was, but the fact that they actually played the star wars theme and marched perfectly into a darth vader face is incredible. Well, not much else to say here. Just random stuff.


A coffeeshop is a microcosm of human life. I might sound like a stalker/eavesdropper/loser here, but sitting at a coffeeshop listening in on the conversations people have can be really interesting. Firstly, I saw a group of girls walk in, and I think "okay, they're pretty hot I guess"(probably due to dress sense) and their conversation proceeds to completely be a turn off because I realise they're talking about whether the guys in their class are going to look sexier when they start wearing long pants. Fair enough.

The next thing I hear is a group of old men yakking away about their sexual prowess in bed, and the hottest prostitutes on the streets. One of them then proclaims he has to wash his dentures and runs to the toilet. Which is rather strange, and leads me to silently declare not to visit that toilet. Ever.

Next, we have a pair of men drinking and discussing random issues, which is okay. Till I realise that one of them is a two-pack a day smoker -and- a teacher. Granted, if I was teaching in an ITE, I'd be smoking too. At this point, I decide I'd had enough and go off. The point of all this? If you're bored, go listen in on other people. It's rather fun.


In other unimportant news, I failed my NAPFA, am not planning to study for a maths test tomorrow, and am starting to get a bit worried about the choir situation, with my dislike for certain people shooting up like the RenMinBi, and also being worried about being overheard making certain comments which might lead me to doing a repeat of a stupid incident last year. And for those who still don't know, there IS a tagboard at the bottom, I'm just too much of a bum to shift it up. I might consider changing the template though, the content isn't angsty enough for the blog. Oh yes, and my parents are noisy fuckers. They probably get joy from hearing their own voices.


It seems I've given up!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's the fateful year were everyone relishes turning 18, which means legality to enter clubs and do alot of stuff, because 18 represents the age of freedom. Truth is, age is still only a number, and anyone could sneak in if they really wanted to. It's not like clubbing is an awful lot of fun anyway. Fact of the matter is, the number of guys will outweigh the number of girls at any club, even on lady's night, then, it gets worse. Girls don't need clubs for a quick fling, but guys need clubs to to the same thing. In the end, most guys end up spending ridiculous amounts of money on nothing at all, because getting a girl's number in today's context rarely means a thing, so buying all that drinks for her isn't going to mean a thing. The even creepier thing is that there are guys who go not to find girls, but...more guys. The girls, however, get an unlawful amount of free drinks and get to be the center of attraction, and if they're unlucky they get raped, but hey, who really cares right now? Being 18 means that you'd be used to such things anyway.

They say being 18 signifies a coming of age, because boys go into NS to become men, and girls get out of their irritating JC uniforms once and for all. Still, the number of people who have supposedly "come of age" and still act like the square root of their age would seem to mean that for some people, turning 18 is like giving a child an atomic bomb ; Giving them freedom and power without them knowing how to use it. What happens then? These people who think they have all the answers stepping out into real life and upon deciding they don't really like it, turn their faces long and start getting angsty and bitchy. Now this already happens alot even before they turn 18, so what else is new? People just don't seem to get it these days.

Perhaps life is really a bunch of bloody fools playing a bloody fool's game.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Information in this article is probably inaccurate due to the author's lack of knowledge.

While flipping through the papers a while ago, I came across a rather, um, eye-catching picture. I thought I saw a bunch of people in white campaigning for Nurse of the Year. What I was actually looking at was a bunch of people in white campaigning for the PAP. Which again got me thinking about the government. How convenient is it that they only jack up the benefits when elections are bearing down on us, and only after that can the PM declare that "now is a good time for elections"? And how convenient is it that only when elections are impending that a chinese show named "dialogue with the PM"(or something along those lines) decides to air itself on channel 8. Strangely enough, this young PAP might be a move towards getting closer to the majority of young voters in Singapore. Young in politics, however, means middle-aged in real life. It's one thing to start a government on the basis of ruling a country effectively. It's another thing to infuse it with pop culture. Soon, we'll have three PAP movies, PAP speaking action-figures, PAP lunchboxes, PAP cartoons, PAP logos on every product at a supermarket. Now how fun is that going to be?


I am going to resemble a zombie at school tomorrow. Then again, no one isn't going to recognise my face if it's face down all the time.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

So, I got a 2 for PW. I would be totally okay with this, if it wasn't for the fact that the rest of my group got a 1. *grumbles* I knew the PI about faeces was a bad idea.


Some pairings are just not meant to be. Be it romance, friendship, working partners or bandmates, some fellowships are just not made to exist, period. And I am as sure of this as my unmitigated hate for the inventor of cheese-flavoured ice cream. She says stop, he says go. She says yes, he says no. She says sweep it under the rug, he says throw it out the window. She says cook dinner, he says KFC delivery. She says cherry tomatoes, he says cherry tomatoes but pronounced differently. Chocolate and peanut butter works together, and so does white men and rapping, but attempting to put some people together is like trying to put urine and rice together.

That's right, nasi urine.

Friday, April 14, 2006

After over a year in JC, I'm sure most of us here have heard teachers harping on and on about how us lazy students aren't studying up to our potential and stuff. How these teachers can actually tell we're smart as opposed to dumbasses with random inklings of common sense, I have no idea. However, out of all this one scary thought surfaces : Suppose we don't actually have the potential that they say lies within us.

What then? Continue the mediocre struggle? It's all getting rather tiring. I guess it's safe to say that 90% of jobs we'll be holding in the future won't involve actually using the stuff we learn in school. So, this must be to say that school isn't about academics. Not about memorising those soon-to-be obsolete maths formulas and econs diagrams, or recalling all those chemical structures and complicated terms for body parts.

It's about character development, shaping ourselves for the future that we are destined for, and working towards that no matter what. It's about having fun relationships that help you along the way. It's about deciding how we want to define or redefine our existance as human beings. Most of all, it's about knowing that anything is possible, and that it all depends on you, and that you are defined by who you are, not what you learn, and that you, most of all, have control over your own destiny, more than fate, more than luck, more than divine intervention. After all, God is in heaven, and we are on Earth.


Metaphysical poetry.

What the hell is that?

Maybe accidentally getting into the Euralite cell wasn't as fun as I thought it's going to be.


In an odd turn of events, VS just swept the B and C divison and the National X-country, how wonderful!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

After a day of work, I'm happy to say I'm somewhat richer now. However, I'm not exactly happy to mention that I've got a stinking cold now. If my nose had to hold any more mucus it would be touching the ground by now.


Some names in this entry have been changed to protect the guilty.

Religion is an extremely sticky issue. While there are those who are truly religious, there are many who go out, all guns blazing, to prove that their religion rules over all. For reference, take Magneto of X-Men movie fame. In real life, this obviously takes a less dramatic manifestation, yet is equally, if not more annoying(who could be annoyed a the X-Men anyway?). It's also different in the fact that most of(can't generalize, lest I be politically incorrect) these people are those who have the shallowest reasons for joining the religion and feel that they have something to prove to God without it occuring to them that God(if there is one) can see through their minds as well. Reasons for doing this can include the following :

"Have you been baptized yet? Well, you can change your name for free when you are."
"No way I'm going to spend my afterlife roasting in Hell."
"I don't mind going for the social reasons."
"Free guitar lessons? Why not?"

In fact, I'd tell you that if you ask most christians that if all their friends stopped going to church, whether they would stop too, the answer will always be no, but only because it's the right thing to say, as opposed to the truth. Why? Because when there's no one to speak to in church, or no one to teach you the guitar or whatever else, church just doesn't seem as fun anymore, doesn't it? Face it, mob mentality is going to be something present in most, if not all, people, and religion, for the most part, only magnifies that which stems from the insecurity of the human brain.

And no, the end does not justify the means when it comes to pulling people to church. Not to me anyways.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The past week have been nice and slow, almost akin to sitting in a deck chair on the beach sipping a glass of cold lemonade. Well, except that I have to study anyway. Which I'm obviously not doing because Violent Violet is still mocking me in class, though lit and maths(surprisingly) are proving to be relatively stress-free subjects.

The past day, however, has felt like a flurry of caffeine filled activity, because that's what it is. Not sleeping for too long does that to you, you're body tells you its midnight but the clock, tv and handphone tells you it's goddamn ten in the morning.

Which sucks, by the way.


ten percent luck, twenty percent skill,
fifteen percent concentrated power of will
five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain

maybe there is something to pop culture after all.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ouch. It's been a stupid day. I think I'm living in a madhouse. Then again, maybe it's the right place for me. If I'm insane, my brother is off his rocker, and my parents are crazy, what does that make the rest of the world? I mean, it's not like I'm making this up, my mum tried to give me pocket money twice today after I told her not to drop a subject, then proceeded to tell me how I should not drop a subject. A train of thought I just can't seem to follow. Dammit, I don't see how me not dropping anything would help anyone else.


Suppose you were strapped to the floor by leather straps and metal chains, and your body was covered in sticky rice. And every five minutes, a tiny bird would fly to your body, and peck at you until it could unstick a grain of rice to build its nest. And while this happens, your eyelids are being held open my matchsticks you can't reach, and you consistently hear water dripping at the side of your ears, and you're forced to watch reruns of Under One Roof.

That's how I feel now.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's rather odd that despite my dismal results for blocks, I(and pretty much everyone else) remain completely ignorant, nonchalant, whatever you may call it. Maybe it's because constant schooling has dulled the senses. Maybe it's because I knew I was gonig to fail. Maybe it's because I don't give a damn anymore.

Now, if you think this is another angsty entry, think again, because this is the truth of the situation right now.

It's amazing how Oasis songs can actually make you feel so much better.

You gotta roll with it
You gotta take your time

Why not?