Monday, March 15, 2004

Long day today....went to Wilbur's thing today...pretty boring. Den ended up meeting all his church friends. Haha. DUnnoe how tt happened oso.

Den went to the IT show. The place was freak crowded. Literally. More crowded than bodyworlds. More crowded than Disney on Ice. More crowded than the first screening of Lord of The Rings: Return of the King. At least you can walk around in a theatre. I had to squeeze thru every1 just to get to the creative booth. Oh well. At least I got my mp3 player. Now I need to buy AAA charger and rechargable battery. Sigh.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Finally blogging again. Not much spirit lately tho...coming off better, but still bad CA results.

EL- 66.3 (B3)
CL- 37.0 (F9)(Don't ask)
Physics- 44.8 (E8) ( Damn...overconfident)
Chemistry- 60.0 (B4) (Yup..better than my physics somehow)
Amaths- 48.2 (D7) (Bah...too careful...become slow....stupid class tests)
Emaths- 68.0 (B3)
History- 58.5 (C5) (Actually passed w00t)
Literature- 72.0 (WAHAHAHA....didnt study)

so, l1r5 better frm last yr, but could use some work. Ecspecially in Chinese. I'm beginning to dislike MR wee's teaching style...Make me sit in front den keep pulling my ear lol. Den writer words forever cannot read wan...somemore write vertical.... him and his PhD.

Last week was weird. I kept getting caught in stupid conditions. Twice I got stuck between the lift doors, once I walked into a drain, and i got my ear pulled my Mr Wee 4 times. How stupid lol.

Margaret Ng cried in class that week also. Sth abt ppl complainin abt her despite her putting in alot of effort. To be honest, I wanted to run out and burst out laughing. It looked like an act. And even if it was real, it still looked fake. Den somemore she recovered in like 5 seconds. Suddenly say compo take longer time to mark rofl.

Broke the bank buying an $85 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex Full DVD Set. May seem expensive, but it's definitely worth it. The animation just blows you away, the soundtrack is REALLY REALLY cool, everything about it is near perfect. Every anime fan should have some. Ha. I have a knack for spotting good anime. Ha.

NIcholas topped the class this CA. 8 pts. N he's treating the whole class to lunch. Now who says theres no such thing as a free lunch? He'll prolly go back on it tho. I'll still give him flak. Ha.