Monday, August 29, 2005

My eyes have been hurting. Maybe I haven't been sleeping enough.


Went on Saturday to support the SLC people at orchard road. Other than being somewhat regretful about the $2 I spent to get a lengthyard( I believe it's spelt this way), it was pretty okay I guess. I did however, learn some things, like a) Always have a plan B in case a girl needs to go shopping, b) don't make stupid remarks about buttocks, and c) A drummer turns many a girl on.

Well the singing wasn't incredibly good in particular, but from what I heard I saw the worse performance.


I killed 3 cockroaches yesterday. It felt good.


My head has been hurting too. And I don't think it's lack of sleep.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Well, it's another weekend! I just love weekends because weekends are to me what a penis is to a sex maniac. It gives me time to relax and do my work. And if anyone belives the "do my work" part you need to go bang your head somewhere. =)


Apparently, I've been told that I've been pmsing the entire week, but I guess that's what happens when you decide to distance yourself for a while and laugh at the inadequecies of other people. Try it, it's fun!


In a week with 2 birthdays followed by a weird one, I must say that I'm glad I decided to take a step back for this week, lest I open my big mouth and get into trouble.It's kind of amazing how we can have 2 birthdays within one day of each other, and have the relationship between the two of them result in the making of a public enemy today, or yesterday in technical terms. It's kind of strange to see that while some people in the class are growing closer, some are only going to get more hated.

Well the two birthdays were more fun than anything else. I guess having 28 people in a class is an adavantage since you have 28 birthdays, which means more parties than almost any other class. Watching a 2-meter long stuffed dolphin being hauled around school was pretty entertaining too.

I was quite surprised when I heard about what happened in lit class today. I just hope this doesn't escalate anymore, since there would need to be much commotion caused by miss "hip enough" and the news would spread like wildfire within the staff room, and o5a101 wil lhave 1 more thing to be famous for.

Speaking of miss"hip enough", I think I got into her bad books since I called her old and then unintentionally called her fat/pregnant, which apparently doesn't sit well with some people.


I submitted photos of Andrew for the photog competition this week. I think the people must either be laughing their asses off or getting their eyes treated now.


Well, the promos are not too far away, and I just hope I'll be able to get through this without too much hassle, since if it's one thing I hate, it's having to try.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

On a side note, MJC's entry for for science has been reduced to 12 points. Wow.
They were lovers, hugging and kissing each other. They stared lovingly into each other's eyes for extended periods of time, as though behind each other's eyes they saw a world they wanted to explore. To roam. To find something new everyday. The fact that they had each found their own soul mates was unquestionable. It made me look at myself in another way, since I have less passion than soccer players kissing each other after scoring a goal. I couldn't help but feel a tinge of envy and regret, looking inconspiciously from the other end of the bus stop.

And then I saw the outline of a sports bra.

On the "guy".

I could feel my eyes starting to shrivel up right there and then. And muttered to myself "hen toonng" while rubbing my eyes over and over.


There was a statement from APC on the VS website yesterday. Basically it talked about how VS has been doing well, hence it would only be logical to go co-ed and try to improve instead of "resting on our laurels". Sounds more like a mad scientist trying to fix something that isn't broken.

I mean VS being on a rise over the past year can only mean things as they are seem to be working. Why attempt to screw that up, lousy RI old boy? If you wanted a bomb in your Tuscani there are more appropriate ways of doing it.


I should learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

School is tiring. Even more so when you have a bunch of tests together. Granted, maths was easy and nobody cares about chinese, but it simply becomes more tiring when you grumble about having worried for nothing.

Speaking of Chinese, lessons lately have been the shit lately. THE shit. Not that it's a bad thing though, it was kind of funny. On monday one period was spent legally sleeping away and the other talking about the army. And today he just went on and on about ge tai for 40 minutes. Strangely enough, only chinese teachers seem prone to this. Wee Hui Toon back at VS agrees with me, I'm sure.


It looks like I might have to drop history soon. The workload simply seems to much for me to actually study, since I already have econs on my hands. I guess I'll just wait till promos before I think about it. I might however start having thoughts about dropping lit, which is not good either since lit looks to be getting harder, what with lessons on greek mythology.


I'll have to dress up as a househusband for be yourself day. Things are not looking good for me.


I have finally come to a standpoint that the world does not revolve around one person, and nobody should let one man's actions affect their other worlds.


I don't want to get retained dammit.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I guess it's time for me to start talking. The argument for turning VS co-ed is to stop a downward spiral that has been plagueing VS for the past 5 years. Well, firstly, downward spiral my yellow ass. We just jumped from band 3 to band 1 with the best results in a decade, and APC dares to declare a downward spiral? A year back would have been acceptable. But to declare it now is, for the lack of any better word, mortifying. Sure, reward a batch of excellent students with an announcement that 129 years of VS tradition is about to be subverted. Secondly, The VS spirit has not changed over these 5 years. The teaching staff has not changed much, heck, even the photocopy shop man and the uniform hasn't changed. The only thing that's changed is the Principal. Before that VS was still on the rise. And APC DARES to blame us for the downward spiral? If this goes through, APC's head is going to be on the top of many a Victorian's shopping list.

On a side note, for anyone from girl's schools, think about this. If VS starts taking the high-quality girls as planned, the law of excludability kicks in, meaning that less quality girls are going to girl's schools, which also means that girl's schools are going to start going down too. And WHEN this happens, two things can happen. Either the school continues on its downward spiral, or it tries to turn co-ed too. So, everything will remain fine and dandy if VS stays single sex, which is also why you should sign the petition at . Well, that's if you don't want to be turned into screaming mimis in the future anyway.

It's pretty damn romantic when you log into MSN and see a whole horde of [son of Victoria] down your contact list.


MJC is not a good place to study.

I went to library to hopefully get some work done for my GP essay. So I go up and upon seeing empty rows of seats, feel happy. So I happily walk to a corner seat and do my work. And who should come to the library but Jeremy Lua. So he comes and starts talking. In a while, we are joined by SamSoong, who has come to beg Jeremy to use his library card to borrow a book after he lost a library book a borrowed previously.

While all this happened, I finished a grand total of half a paragraph.


Half a freaking paragraph.


Because of the earlier episode, I had to stay up all night on thursday to finish 2 assignments and a presentation, without yet thinking about what PW has in store for me. I think I have to spend about one day a week on nonsense like this if I don't drop a subject or something soon. Not that I mind of course. Makes me feel empowered.

The presentation went pretty okay though, thankfully enough.

And as it turns out, the body can endure it once in a while. I have eyebags though. Not isabel-heavy eyebags, but still enough to get me worried.


I think the stress is getting to everyone. People are starting to show signs of behaviour that completely look out of character. When I turn hardworking, something is definitely wrong. When the guai-est girl in class nearly said the 'f-word' out loud, something is wrong. It's almost like school is driving everyone crazy. Heck I even played along with the girls to do crazystuff during econs class in such a manner miss poh is disappointed in me. Probably.

Which is also why Chinese becomes more bearable, since it pretty much allows us to switch off completely and enjoyed a period of unsanitised, unadulterated oriental fun. I realised Mr Liang would love to practice monogamy. He even showed us a dvd on the last chinese lesson. Maybe the stress is getting to him too. I wouldn't blame him, teaching a bunch of retards isn't easy.


It's strange sometimes, how people just come and go in your life. One time, you can be a person's best friend, a chummy chummy, a mate. The next moment, you just go back to being strangers. Sometimes it can be mended, but sometimes, when something irrevocable happens, resulting a broken, unrepairable machine, a stopped clock, a pimple that never goes away. Sometimes we get a second chance, an eraser to rub the mistake away. But sometimes it just doesn't come.

I tried to forget about it and go on. But every so often, I flip back to the page and see the mistakes, the chapter that should have been rewritten. And I agonize. I guess I can't take this bookmark out.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Well, guess what? In an act of extreme stupidity or emulating George Bush, VS has tried to go co-ed, no thanks to the tyrant of a principal, ang pow chew. Sure, dickhead, throw away 129 years of all-boy tradition, spend money building new and more expensive toilets, switched a perfectly fine school motto, and infuriate ex-Victorians everywhere. Let's see if the VS cheer will ever be done with the same fervour with girls around. In fact, going co-ed is just about the worst thing you can do with the school. Realize that the most fearsome cheers all come from single sex schools, be it the crazy Victorians or the shrieking tkgs frogs/dustbins. Blame yourself when you see your car vandalized or get ambushed by a group of angry males. I swear even asylum inmates have more logic in their brains than you. How in the world would going co-ed create closer ties with VJ? As if the ties aren't close now. Improving social skills my ass. VS guys don't have social problems like you. Probably trying to emulate Raffles and Hwa Chong. Now there's nothing to set us apart. I swear someone is going to die if VS does really go co-ed.


Nowadays, the question isn't "will I pass or fail?" Now it's "How much am I going to fail by?"

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fire and ice.

Chaos and order.

Starsky and Hutch.

Opposites like these can be found all around us. Most of the time, when those opposites interact, they are destroyed. Fire and ice can never coexist—fire melts the ice into water, which in turn douses the fire. Sometimes, though, the two actually enhance each other. Starsky was a great cop. Hutch was pretty good himself. Put them together and no one stood a chance. Not even Vince Vaughn. And he’s the man.

The man.

Sometimes, one of the opposites is stronger than the other. Take order and chaos, for example. I really don’t want to get into the first law of thermodynamics or anything else with five or more syllables, so I’ll keep my example simple. You build a house of cards. Apart from crying, “Don’t shake the table!” a million times, you have to spend a considerable amount of time making sure that every card is in place. Then your idiot friend bumps the edge of the table. An hour of work collapses in a fraction of a second. I’m not saying that you can’t ever get order from chaos; I’m just saying that it’s easier to mess something up than to organize it.

If I were ice, the world would be my Sahara Desert.

If I were Austin Powers, I would be facing down a world of Dr. Evils and Mini-mes.

I am the idiot friend when the world builds its card tower. I accidentally bump the table, and everything crashes down on me. Millions and millions of cards. Kings, queens and court jesters swirl about me. Yep, the world is coming for me. And there's not much I can do to protect myself.


On a side note, other than school work, ecspecially PW, piling up like dead warriors in a Mortal Kombat movie, life has been brightening slightly as of late. But you know, the heavens have a strange way of doing things. They show you a ray of sunlight, you walk out to bask in it/ get a tan. Then it does a 180-degree turn and proceeds to shower you, with acid rain no less.

And I don't keep umbrellas handy.


Random notes:

"Mr Chua is very sweet" - Amanda. I worked hard just to keep my response to mere laughter.

Daniel is moving house. I wonder if he's having a party. It's near my house too.

Apparently, Wilbur(yes wilbur) is famous among MJ girls. I felt a tinge of shock when they squealed about the possibility of him coming to MJ later in that afternoon. Followed by internal sniggering when they mentioned he was short.

In my quest to become a better(and hopefully less mean) person, I might start working with the salvation army, if time allows.

Quite a few MJ people live near me.

My complexion is suffering as of late. Time to go searching for new facewash.

Music is starting to have a greater impact on my life.

I have started reading dracula, thought I have yet to pull myself past the first chapter.

The new epl season has kicked off.


Life is a bowl of noodles, and I've yet to pay for mine.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today is the last of 3 holidays. Damn. I kinda wished I spent my time more constructively. All I did was 3 essays. Well, at least one was chinese. It's quite an achievement. Granted, I did it with about as much zeal and enthusiasm as a turtle sprinting in a 100m race. Still, I have something to pass up, and that's pretty much all that matters at this point of time.

Still, pw eats away at my withering soul with every passing day. I can't wait to get it over with.


I spent my national playing the soon-to-be national and poser sport:basketball. Though there seems to be a gradual shift towards soccer, fact remains that it will remain a Malay dominated sport for quite a while. However, basketball courts are more available, and posers of all races can be found everywhere!

On a side note, not playing for too long really makes you suck quite a bit.

Monday, August 08, 2005

National day celebrations today were, infact, the celebrative equivalent of me handing up a competent piece of work. It dosen't help that I stopped paying attention halfway and promptly screwed up half the dance moves and lagged on the other half. Choir is so anticlimax la. Even the ICS and MCS put up better performances. I might sound like I'm discriminating, but if you were from VS, you'd understand what I mean.


Since the impending disaster known as Hurricane Promos is coming, it looks like I have to actually start studying for it, seeing as how I'm not as smart as my VJC coutnerparts despite "not being a dumbass" as Mr Chua says. I don't want to be having to prepare for Earthquake Esther. And I don't mean studying as in a few hours a day. That don't cut it no more. Now studying to me should be what online gaming is to Koreans or what soccer is to Englishmen or Cricket to Indians or Talking crap to Andrew.


A101, or part of it, went to eat lunch today. Finally, a class outing. It does however still feel somewhat disjointed. I guess it stems from the fact that people can't stand to have friends not from the same (green) secondary school or speaking the same (scrawly, largely popluar Asian) language or having the same religion(not so much) so much that it becomes almost constipatingly excruciating to converse with people outside that social circle publically on a personal level. It's their loss I guess, if they're going to be stuck in their own little everything is wonderful world then good for them I guess, ignorance is bliss anyway and besides, if they only trust and can be trusted by a certain group of people while exploiting everyone else(happens more than you'd like to think), it's probably good advice to stay far far away from them. The way Superman stays away from kryptonite. I like having a variety of friends, I mean how often do you see a KC girl with half a brain or a christian that dosen't preach and isn't buggering you to go to church half the time?

Unity can be formed from diversity, but when contact dosen't even occur half the time, things just don't turn out the way they should.


Some people just piss me off so much, I feel like beating them with a baseball bat in the name of population control, to death and then to a squishy pink pulp that the Nickelodeon staff could use in their kid's shows. It dosen't help that you've known him/her/probably it for a prolonged period in the part and meet them again, only to realize that everything you found irksome about them has been magnified ten times and anything that could be remotely considered nice has been more or less eradicated from the empty carcass pretending to be a body with a soul.


My feet are firmly on the ground. But I think I'm sinking further down. Not long before I get swallowed or wake up from the nightmare. I hope.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

I have been seeing too many unsightly things lately. Which I guess explains why my eyes seem to be burning as of late. And I have a strange feeling my eyes are going to be burning up more. I hope my eyes don't contract even further. My lit teacher even thought I was dozing off when I was actually trying to read for once. I mean how often does it happen la.


I think I'm starting to be sensitive to Indians. Whenever I look at one of them, I'll start thinking of their funky national day dance, which in all honesty is actually quite nice. Then I'll start thinking of Mano dancing and how awesome it looks. Then I'll start trying to stop myself from laughing. Just one of the reasons why I've been smiling to myself as of late.

Even when there is so much to frown about.


Leader's investiture today. Well, it was rather corny, since the poor leaders had to swear themselves in twice. And the CG reps and vice captains just sat there not doing much at all. They did, however, force all the leaders to wear their cca garb for no really good reason. I started grinning when the ICS chairman started waving his feather about. Then daniel stepped up in his cat burglar outfit and looked completely out of place( note: Daniel is everything any self-respecting cat burglar does *not* want to be.) I shall not go on about how the sports people looked odd in an air-conditioned hall in their attires.


Apparently, Soon Ying wants me to take a quiz. Ah well, I'll get down to it when I'm not feeling so lazy. Yes, that does happen occassionally.


I've decided. It's cold turkey from now. Mmmm, Turkey.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Talking to people is a wonderful thing. They never fail to surprise you every day.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And just when things couldn't get any more bleak, the black hole in my life(no, not racist) decides to expand and suck away more of my existence with each passing day. Everything I do seems to be in vain, and sometimes I wonder if I wasn't on this earth, would it have made a difference? The world dosen't care for one person. In fact, I don't think any one person cares for one person. Sure, you might have one bestest best friend in the entire world, but the fact is that without that person, you'd simply have another best friend. I would be happy if I could really make an impact in a person's life.


I passed all my recent tests. Does it mean anything? I'm pretty damn sure it dosen't.


Emotions are for the weak.

I guess that makes me a weakling.
Sheesh. I just got caught for ponning a lecture. Oh well. I should have just come to the library instead of going to the canteen to get spotted. That being said, I'm only typing this now because econs lecture promises to be boring and unenriching. Oh well how unlucky can i get.

The library is full of people playing DOTA, which has been installed on many library computers by now and still has gone undetected. MJ is a bad place to study.


On a brighter note, I posterized my room today. I had no idea there were 2 posters of Beckham hiding in my room until yesterday.


I hate being sick. Well, being sick without an MC anyway.


And yet, headaches plague me everyday.