Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, the studiable part of my exams are over, and I'm left with Chinese Oral and Listening tomorrow. But who cares? =) Not like I can do any preperation. Probably I'd just dig my ears and scold people in chinese. Only my brother is around though. He will have to do.

On a side note, the superstar show on Channel U is on now. It's utter rubbish. Either that or Chinese is rubbish.


The Maths paper wasn't a killer, quite frankly. But I made it a killer, since I didn't know how to do everything. I'm looking at a repeat episode of Sec 3 Amaths. Hopefully I don't have to drop anything.

As for econs and lit, well let's just put it this way. After an essay-based exam I walk out of the classroom feeling like I'm the King of the World, only to be faced with a sea of red upon my triumphant return. Not really this time though, since I didn't finish most of my essays. Something I have to deal with I guess.


I had the privilege of watching a woman put on her lipstick on the train today. The carraige was near empty as it was approaching pasir ris, so she thought it would be safe to make her lips redder now.

As the train pulled to a stop at Pasir ris station, the train shook. Not a significant movement, but a slight bump. Just enough to make you feel it, but not feel any remote chance of danger to your body and being.

It was, however, enough to put the poor woman off balance, and the next thing I knew, there was a red line scrawled over her right cheek that looked like one of the lines I find on my palm. She rushed out with a hand covering her face.

Ah, daily life.


There's a tiny bit of awkwardness impeding my life. I hope it ends soon. I don't want to turn away and not care.


hm. Choir is boring now. If I had joined floorball....nah.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The exams have been screwing up my clock, which results in me doing insane stuff at completely inappropriate times. Like blogging now, for instance. My routine so far for the exam period goes like this.

5pm - come back home, snide remark about being tired.
6pm - Pangseh my family and eat dinner first
6.30pm - Turn on air con, start sleeping
10 ish - Wake up, wonder if IVLE is going to be useful
11 ish - random msn conversations with less insane people
2am - Attempt to sleep in the name of a good night's rest, only to find myself staring at the ceiling for a good hour
4am - Fall asleep again

I am so dead.


Lit : hahaha. It happens every time. I walk out of a lit paper feeling very smug and proud of myself, thinking that I gave a very good answer, only to stare shit marks in the face when the time comes. That being said, Lit is such a relaxed paper compared to history. I could actually stone around before getting down to writing a sentence.

Oh, and the unseen was about black people. I smiled to myself after I read the poem. And I have no ideas what "Diamonds at the meeting of my thighs" is supposed to mean. I tried to follow what Andrew used to do all the time and give stupidly simple answers in hope of tricking hapless lit teachers into giving him an A. Hope it works, since Dr S is going to "come after me with a parang should I get anything less than a B. I hope she has it polished already.

Lear. As the old saying goes, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.


I have a Cmaths paper in a while. And I still don't know everything. Not a single formula. Econs after that isn't going to be a walk in the park either.



On a happier note, Willams and Sharapova are going to meet at wimbledon. I hope Sharapova beats the snot out of it.


A conversation I had with Denys a while back went like this:

Me : I think arts people get to do the chinese oral first
Denys : Oh please noooo. Eh why ar
Me : A comes before S what
Denys : But science are the majority. Oh well I can always hope
Me : Yes I'll be hoping to hur hur.

I received an SMS from Jinyu in the evening. Message from Mr Liang : Your CLAO oral will be on Friday afternoon. Good luck.

First thought : Did he sms that in English or Chinese?

Afterthought : Oh shit I don't get to go home early on friday.

final thought : Why am I not caring?


the demons have been exorcised. No more craziness from me. not in public anyway.

Monday, June 27, 2005

History today was the exam equivalent of a train wreck, or drowning in a reservoir while attempting to swim in it. Started well at first, since I thought I had a good idea how to answer the questions. Key word here is thought. By the time I finished the 2nd essay I was pretty much out of steam, and did the rest of the paper with my head on the table. Watching people sleep with 30mins left while I was still frantically struggling wasn't too good for my morale either. Well at least I can say I Crash and burn you're not aloooonnnneeeee.

Chinese. was. Chinese.

At least I know I can't get a negative mark.


Next stop : Econs and Maths. I would say lit tomorrow, but the fact is I pretty much have no idea what's going on, so there 's not much point in rushing it now, I'm still going to die horribly. Think Paris Hilton in House of Wax.


It seems everyone is aiming to get cool sounding grades for their exams, like


It's kind of cool actually. I kind of like the idea of BEEF though.


I'm quite tempted to just get off the IVLE and start watching wimbledon. You know it's a sad time when tennis becomes the most interesting sport at the moment. Since Safin got kciekd out, and I have no idea if Kuerten is still in, all thats left to watch is Ancic, and he's gonig to lose soon anyway. Well, there's always the Russian girls, but I was kinda sore when Hantuchova lost to Venus Williams. I didn't know Samuel L. Jackson was allowed to play women's tennis.


hur hur I am going to die soon
I'm getting voices in my head, telling me to make cup noodles and eat it with a slice of cheese on top. Lucky for me, I don't keep cup noodles at home, or I'd be getting a stomachache right before the chinese exam in 5 hours. Then again, it's chinese. Not much difference, is there. I'm still going to fail. (Random thought : Zao gao le, wo yi ge yue mei peng dao hua wen zi, ken ding si le.)


I think I spend more time blogging and having random thoughts than actually studying. Which leads me to believe 4 Fs are going to show up on my report card. And the Fs arent going to stand for fantastic. (Random thought : Fantastic 4 is coming out soon. Should go and watch.)


Grrr. Time for a crash course in speed reading. I'm going to fail my History with pride. (Random thought : I'm history.)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's 2 days to the exams, and I believe I'm more or less ready.

To fail, that is.

On the last week of the exams, while everyone else is mugging like it would be a crime tomorrow, I realize I haven't done much. This is not very good for me. I think it's time to draw up a list of pros and cons for each subject while I decide what to drop. This is sad.


" I found him so fantastic, I downloaded his book" - random fellow, you know who you are.

Okay I just realized I am kind of have a bone to pick with people who do stuff like this with the internet. It's stupid that you like an artist, so you download his/her latest CD. I mean, I you want to support him/her, you should be buying the CD instead. If the whole world was like you, the artist in question here would be run out of business, no thanks to your selfish cheapskateness, and there'd be no more music for you to download. Quite frankly I do download songs off the net too, but I use it to find long lost tracks that I enjoy, like really retro stuff. It really dosen't help that you're proud of your ability to use the internet to download stuff. It's not being smart, it's being an asshole.

Oh well, it's your loss, I guess. Staring at the computer screen reading digitized books is going to kill your eyes so badly that your oakley specs are going to be heavier than your oversized head, which is only so big because of all the air inside, and your contacts are going to be so expensive you'll never be able to pay for them. You love God? Yeah, you better, because you really need him to love you back if you're going to fraud your way through life. Then again, looking where you are, he probably already does. Go on, push your luck further.


I think the afternoon heat is getting to me. Oh no.


There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through my through brain
And I just can't contain
The feeling that remains

I think I'm done with it. Thank goodness.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

A torrid change of plans has left me at home with not much to do at all. It's probably good for me though. Everything happens for a reason.


In the blink of eye, 1/4(more actually) has passed. I guess this only shows how fast life passes by you. No time for much of a social life. No time to talk. No time to rest. No time to look at my house when it isn't night.

It seemed like only yesterday when I could change in class without giving a hoot about who was around. Only yesterday when I would laugh at Xi-wei chasing Andrew around the class with a broomstick. Only yesterday when I could watch Daniel rape Bertrand(in every sense of the word) and shake my head, and yet feel happy that someone was kicking bertrand's butt. Only yesterday when I would sit beside Ciping everyday and draw the ire of his fan club. Only yesterday when pen-spinning was the class craze, and your day revolved around whether you could master the latest trick. Only yesterday when random people would get hollered at in lit class for no apparent reason. Only yesterday when Tat chung was shorter than me. Only yesterday when we would tease other about random girls. Only yesterday when Srini would go bollywood in all his blazing glory.

I realizd this when I stayed over at VS on tuesday when the RC was having a camp. It didn't seem too long ago that Samuel was making an attempt to jack me at the class chalet.It kind of makes me wish I studied harder to get into VJ. Ah well. But I'm at MJ now, and nothing I do is going to change that. Other than failing my exams anyway.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I just realized that most of my recent posts have been spent on exam coverage. JC has taken away my life.


Sigh. I knew I shouldve stayed home when I opened the newspaper this morning.

"Backstreet's back."

With words like that greeting you first thing in the morning, it should be an omen of things to come, because I've been struck down my a horrendous headache.

Then again, I can't blame everything on a boyband that everyone used to like. I mean, going to school to study invariably results in me feeling lousy and leaving for the comfort of home.


Okay, time to go take a nap, since its quite unlikely that I'll be sleeping tonight.
Well, it was kind of a funny day today. Denys, Wilbur and I headed down to Xiwei's house to catch game 5 of the nba finals. Mok would have barged in, but he had school :D. Which wasn't really the point, since SA won. Midway through, Xiwei decided that the eye 2 was more interesting than basketball. Well, I can't really blame him. I mean most people prefer Shu Qi to a bunch of guys wearing singlets. Then again, Denys is different. It was kind of funny though. How can someone jump off a building, stay alive, and then still have the energy to climb back up to the top and jump again? Espcially when she's pregnant. Also, watching ghosts fly into people's crotches was kind of funny at first, then it got boring.


I have officially given up on my mid-years. The aim now is to get respectable Fs (aka above 25), and I doubt I'll even be able to accomplish that.


Sigh. Back to acting like I'm studying really hard when I'm really just admiring the cute patterns table. And squashing assorted insects around the house.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Well, I've done a bit of lit, and I must say while it's not really that much of a hassle to memorize, lit is still hard. It never really was about WHAT you write anyway, but rather about how complex you can make your essay sound and how much the examiner agrees with what you write. How do you think Andrew got A1 for lit? Intelligence? *stifles laughter*


I've done about 70% of French Revolution. It stinks. I probably don't recall 3/4 of what I read and don't remember what time period the remianing 1/4 occurred in. Oh well, history is there for me to fail I guess. Anything more would be but a bonus. If I were Mother Teresa, History would be a leper. Not that SEA is a whole lot better.


A few days back, I was channel surfing when I came across channel newsasia. A bunch of Singaporean ministers were having a conference or something with Qatar. And it kind of surprised me how small the Singaporean guys looked in their black suits compared to the, uh, Qataris in their government sponsored desert wear which is completely appropriate for air-conditioned conference rooms too. Not to mention they had moustaches that you would love to have since it would allow you to hide notes during exams. Just saying. Those middle easterns are huge.


I was at burger king on saturday. And suddenly Mok and Ka Fai suddenly started talking about gunbound. I was stunned. Apparently there are new bots too. I might just get interested again. Then again, I probably wouldnt have time to play.


Must....start... doing maths again....

Saturday, June 18, 2005


It's been a frustrating few days. I've been trying desperately to cram stuff into my brain in time for midyears, but my brain retains knowledge worse than David Beckham keeps women. As hard as I try, I just feel helpless. Overburdened by the workload threatening to crush me like Read Madrid would crush Tampines Rovers. Four subjects is not easy. Four subjects with a lot of essays is less easy.

For econs, I'm left with CEP and government intervention, which means that I'm almost done, except I don't really understand and am only going to find that out to my horror halfway through the paper.

For History, I'm done with southeast asia. but the point at which the content is saturated to is horrifying to the extent that I'm prepared to walk into the exam hall not knowing anything about Sultans without turbans, Weird white men with weirder white hats, and odd-looking legal systems.

Maths. Hm. I can only hope common sense and A maths knowledge might drag me to probably my only pass of this exam. And that's high hopes.

For Lit, I've yet to even start, due to my losing of notes. Good game Wilfred, would you like to start over?


Because of this, I've been extremely irritated today, even over the slightest things. If a guy could get PMS, I think this is it. I am so going to destroy many friendships along the way. (I think one is on the way down already. I'm moving down, she says.)


Girls. They give you so much trouble sometimes. I'm probably going to see many virtual knives coming for my virtual throat. Ahhh nooo don't kill me. I have enough people hating me already.


I'm going to be looking to making some progress in my life for the next week. Hope I do.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not much has been done in the way of expanding my brain power lately. Hopefully I'll be able to durress myself into actually getting down to doing some history and lit. Essentially I'm only taking 2 subjects now, and I haven't even started on Chinese yet. Though I can't be bothered anyway.


Went to ah bah's house to do PW yesterday. Only the two of us were there, since PW is so slack anyway. We did very little actual work. Most of the time was spent doing stupid stuff on friendster, or just talking away. She was happy to show me all the stuff she brought back from Malaysia. Ecspecially her dvds, which apparently look "incredibly real and un-pirated". I can't really disagree with her, since a) It really did look real except for the plastic packaging, and b) it's almost never wise to argue with ah bah, especially not on her home turf. And ah bah talks really loudly at home, for some reason. Not really her fault I guess.

Despite that, it really is quite nice talking to her, since I did get to find out stuff and she seems so honest about it. seems. I hope I boosted her ego enough. But she is very mean to me =(

Oh, and talking on msn when you're sitting right next to each other is stupid.


On a side note, I still have no idea how to write a decent essay, despite having stuck myself in a essay-heavy combination. Damn. Maybe I should have stuck with PCEM. At least I might be less off-tangent and closer to *blah-blah*.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Guess what the last few days have been sent doing!

If you guessed "absolutely nothing", you are absolutely correct!

Actually, no. In my boredom, I headed down to Starbucks @ Jalan Jamal(for those who don't know, near siglap centre, beside gelare) and was pleasantly surprised to find a quiet study environment. So I sat there and intended to study for a few good hours. Even if I did spend a few hours there, half of it was spent surveying the surroundings, half of the remaining half getting distracted by random things, so all in all I spent less than 1 hour actually studying. Also, Even though I brought my Maths TYS and worksheets to do, I forgot to bring my calculator. How smart am I?


Two weeks left. With the amount of studying I've done, I think I have set realistic targets for myself for each subject.

Lit - AO

If I get lucky, all the papers will have a passage for me to read off and I'll be able to make up some quotes along the way to narrowly escape an F.

Econs - AO

So Miss Poh won't pester me to drop econs.

History - F

No buts about it. Even if I somehow turn into a smart guy on the day of the History exam and bring all my lucky charms to school I'm still going to get an F.

Maths- E

And this is going out on a limb and assuming that I'll be able to do everything I studied for.


You know you really need to start studying when....

- You don't know what a normative statement is.

- You look at a history question and your mind blanks out as you try to recall everything that has been thought.

- Chinese looks like hieroglyphics.

- You take a good minute to spell hieroglyphics.

- King Lear is as hard to understand as ancient greek manuscripts.

- You don't understand half of what happens in Frankenstein despite having read through it 2 times.

- You don't know how to draw curves.

- You feel constipated when you do a binomial question.

- Paranoia kicks in whenever you do maths and you feel like every answer is wrong.

- You spend your sunday morning mindlessly blogging.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Choir Chalet is over. What's weird is that even though choir is supposed to be a girl-dominated cca, more guys stayed over than girls. I guess this says a lot about the girls in MJ choir. Ecspecially most of the year ones who ddidn't even show up for the barbeque. I probably sound like an asshole so please forget what you just read.


Lost is really really nice! I really love the plot diversity in the show. It's like 3 different plots can be going on at the same time, and the show is never short of surprising, and morbidly funny moments. Like when the huge guy fainted in the middle of a surgery on top of the patient. Or the Crazy Koreans cutting up shellfish which nobody wanted. And the old man pulling Sunkist and opening his mouth to reveal an orange. And a polar bear in a rainforest kind of caught me by surprise. The variety in this show is rather entertaining. Can't wait for next week's episode. I'm quite tempted to download it, infact, just that I'm lazy to find the codac to watch it with.


Album Review - Gorillaz - Demon Days

Not a bad album, I must say. Demon Days is filled with tracks for the modern-day procrastinator. Not techno, but not rock annd not pop. Granted, every album has to have one or 2 crappy tracks, but the rest of it is just goodness. Personal favourites include White Light, DARE, Demon Days, and Feel Good Inc(which everyone probably knows by now). In the end, it's quite nicely packaged. The album has a very dark but very dreamy feel to it, like when you're dying and your life flashes past you and you realize that you don't have much left. Incredibly cool.


Done a bit of studying. Hope it helps.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Uhm, it's been a boring few days. Not much to talk about. Got a bit of mugging done, which probably isn't a bad thing.

History from 9 to 1 today. It was tiring. But at least everything is done. All that's left is to read through the text. Which I'm probably never going to get down to doing.


I've been pissing off too many people lately.


Should I wait for it? Or should I try to grab it when I have the chance?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Well, I just saw Hitchhiker's Guide to a Galaxy. Somewhat confusing, and I'm still left trying to make the story go full circle, but I guess with some movies you don't do that. It still had its funny moments however. The first bit involving about the dolphins kind of caught me off guard.

Rating : Good enough to watch while we wait for Batman Begins(This must be good since everyone but Batman himself is a star already, and advanced booking is available already), Mr & Mrs Smith(no idea how good this could be), Fantastic Four(Still no idea when this is coming out) and War of the Worlds(Promises to be really really good, but movies like that often fall flat on its face. Probably still worth a watch).

Oh I saw a trailer for a movie called Narnia. even though it's only coming out on christmas, the trailer looks really really impressive. More so than Harry Potter and War of the Worlds, and that's saying a lot.

Also, I got to burn me a really big hole in my pocket.


I've yet to really study for midyears. Retention, here I come!

Friday, June 03, 2005

I feel horrible right now.