Monday, December 29, 2003

I'm back from a largely unentertaining trip to korea...the shopping centres there r a big disappointment...n the other stuff wasn't anything to gasp at, so yeah. The only souveniors i bought were amethysts and abit of random stuff. Does mentos count? The words are in korean....can't find it in Singapore! I came back with a swollen lip though...looks like I turned gay n put on lipstick...cos some parts r redder than i cant move my upper lip painlessly. It's terrible....wretched Korean weather. -11 Celcius+not wearing a scarf= very very cold. Plus it didnt help that I thought I was smart n only wore one layer of clothers. I got tons of amethyst now tho....dunnoe wad to do wif it.

Went to Alfie's place laughed at cos of my 'lipstick'. Hai....oso dunnoe when it will get better. Hope i dun haf to go to skool liddat.

Finally bought my own Hellsing vcd. Been dying to get it for weeks. Dem happy. I oso got a realli cool movie on dvd frm kroea....ITs english dub tho...but i guess it gets a better feel tt way. How would you feel if everyone in england spoke japanese?

*stuff tt happened on monday which i didnt have time to say*
After tuition lah. Den go out of tuition center lo. Den suddenly got dis girl skip up to me.

Her: Your gladys friend rite?
Me:Er, yar. Hello.
Her: *sneaky face* Ah. I kknnnnnoooooowwww*runs off*

Monday, December 22, 2003

woot....I'll be boarding the plane to korea wun be around for a week. Dun worry peeps, I'll try(TRY) to get a souvenior for u....dun blame me if I dun tho..I won't be around for MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance to everyone reading this.

On a side note, I'm beginning to get addicted to this song I got through some site while doing a search. It's called "Mizu Kagami", which means Water Mirror. Actually Kagami means shiny surface, but for logic's sake I'll just list it as mirror. It's from the Fuushi Yuugi (aka curious play) soundtrack, and it performed by Seki Tomozaku. Great tune, subtle beats, cool intrumentals, strong vocals with an even stronger meaning behind them=sweetness. IT's so obsolete the only way you're likely to find it through kazaa or some other "illegal" medium.

That's all for now.....see you in a week.
Haha.....2dae quite fun.....went to play wif fish....despite $12 and my efforts, I still came back empty handed.... Jun-wei and Zun Wei(kool names rite) all came back with a fistful of stuff while i got nothing. Bah. I think their technique much better than mine lo.....

It's been raining for the past dunnoe how mani days.....yesterdae alone it rained for like 10 hours straight sian. Den I try to walk in the rain like a man lose handphone. Today I try to walk again slip and fall. Me=not very smart.Den come home got headache like crazy, abit of temp now oso.....hope i dun get too sick....wait cannot go korea....damn.

I'm quite pissed. Even though my internet connection is supposed to be DSL, it still acts like a 56.6k connection. What a farce. Took me over 2 hrs to download ONE 124mb file. So slow. Den play gunbound oso lag like hell. Turn off winamp still lag. I can't believe this.

It's been quite boring these few days....go tuition come back go tuition come back.....ZZZZ. I met alot of my old pskl friends at tuition tho....den got alot of vs ppl go not tt sian lar. but physics at vtc is seriously a cure for insomnia. It was all I could do to stay awake. Its not tt Mr Sim is bad lar.....I noe his intent is gd....but his physics dem boring lor...atleast his chem was more interesting(still boring tho). Den rain rain rain....argh. I prefer the hot weather least can complain of some heat-induced headache den sleep in class. w00t.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Bah....went to tuition and lost my handphone today....prolly dropped it while runnin hope or sth. Bought a pair of gloves to match my hat....other than that nothing much happened. I gave Sueann's musical a miss though, cos nobody wanted 2 go wif me=(

While staying over at Mason's house the other day, we rented movies to watch. And boy did we waste our money. Though we rented 2 movies we only watched one, and it was crappy at that. It was about some treasure in an old building, and people going around to look for it....then got ppl act as ghostto scare others awae. Then the characters disappeared one by one. At the end they were all found digging cos there really was gold in the building. Then got one "Hong Kong Ghost Buster"....just a corny guy wearing stupid clothes and ringing a bell....but he didnt do anything cos the ghosts were really people. THe moral was quite meaningful though.....Ghosts are not scart. The most scary ones are humans. Ghosts appear because of the greed of man. Something liddat I believe...corny rite? But so true....

Thats all for today I guess. chiao.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Here are two movie reviews.

Love actually: A really sweet christmas movie. I like it because it dosen't try to be anything big or drastic, just a lot of small, heartwarming stories that bring a tear to your eye. Well actually it may not. It's also quite funny too. Sigh....If only love was really all around us.

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: *SPOILER WARNING*Watched this yesterday. The final instalment of the great trilogy by JRR Tolkien. The grand daddy of all movies. And not all it's cracked up to be. Maybe because I knew what was going to happen, so yar. Anyway, great war scenes, powerful CG, Good acting and a solid, albeit unoriginal plot come together to bring you this. I quite enjoyed it, even though my friend called me during the movie, causing me to miss the Frodo-Smeagol Fight(you know who you are). The ending is also somewhat draggy. At the end, the screen turned white, and I thought it ended. But it didnt. Then peace was restored to Minas Tirith, where a new king was crowned. And it STILL didn't end. THe hobbits returned to the Shire. And it still WAS NOT the end. So you can guess how irritating it can get when there are so many potentially powerful ending scenes and the actual ending scene turned out to be a turd. go out watch movie with friends.....tried out my winter cap again.....And got the same result. I'll save it for Korea I guess. Then we went to Mac's, where we met a friend from pskl. She talked with us for almost 20 mins....Some girls just don't stop talking.....some guys too. Den ask us to go musical. Still dunnoe whether 2 go ornot.....better than staying at home though. Then i proceeded to get half my food eaten by rich people who were too stingy to buy their own food. You know who you are too. Den go home lo. Nothing much really happened though. I feel good abt myself cos I managed to wake up at noon and rush to the theater at suntec by 1pm, when the movie started, and had timet o bath, with soap even. Muahaha, me=some good. That's it for today, I guess.

Tomorrow: A thought from another movie I watched.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Well, it's my first blog post. Seriously not much to say now....went tuition laughed at by my frens cos i wore a winter cap......haha....might as well get used to it since im going korea nex wk(whoopee!). I took it off though. Today's concepts were mildly confusing. Dunno wad high class and low class factorizationO_o I guess i haf to fluke my way thru my homework=)

On a side note, I really am in need of money. If anyone is willing to make a donation to me feel free.=P I'll be starting a small anime vcd rental business soon in skool tho, mainly for my clazmates. How much should I charge? Shld I even start? Cos vs ppl r stuff is ur stuff.... unity my foot.

Just a thought. We say things happen only because we see them happen. So it would be possible that mother nature and her minions are actually doing things behind our backs. In olden times, they were more brazen about it(think Lord of The Rings), but with the growing industrialization and ego of humankind, it would be explicable that they would have become more timid. So it might mean that crop circles are conspiracies created by the earth to make us think that aliens exist, starfish are deep-sea predators and trees would help each other up when they fall down. In fact, Nature's beings may be smarter than we imagine. For all our secret cameras and hidden sound devices, the plants and animals we think we are dominant over may in fact be planning to overthrow us from our throne of megalomany. They are one with the Earth, while we are not. Hmmmmm.