Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's been a long week! And it's nice to end it on a quiet note, without anyone from the outside world desecrating my sanctum of peace.

Actual work has begun, and while it does prove itself to be infintely more exciting han sitting in a classroom randomly clicking on notes about engines that the typical arts student would rather blow his brains out and mop them up later than attempt to comprehend, the stretches of boredom have enabled me to solve many a sudoku puzzle, discover the truths of the universe and watch the grass grow like an indifferent mother watches her child grow into a slave of the education system.

To the disappointment of several sadistic trainees, however, a hard yank on the back of the mechanic jumpsuit does not produce a wedgie of cosmic proportions. Also, almost dying at the hands of an idiot and a landrover is less enticing and more stupid than it sounds.


In our fast-moving world, the emphasis is on effeciency and convenience. How quickly you can get to point A to point B, how fast you can cook the 3-minute maggi noodle, how clear-cut your masters thesis is, how fast you derive the maximum enjoyment out of that music album or scream and rip it to shreds. As a result, there isn't much room left for traditional values.

This isn't the case of a perfectly good traditional systems and regimes being substituted in favour of more ruthless, unfeeling policies, however ; Not all the time, anyway. Even though Avril Lavigne topping record charts and the Backstreet Boys reforming may have signs of the world ending, the demise(or relative silence) of other hemorrhage-inducing artists does show that even in our forsaken age there is still some sort of natural balance.

Even if old ministers who honestly look more like prunes, raisins, and other varieties of dried fruits may wax lyrical about the importance of paying homage to the past, the fact is that, well, what's past is past, and someitmes there isn't any lesson to be gleaned from it that hasn't already been endlessly preached by other relics of the past, for example, above-mentioned ministers themselves. You'd almost wonder if they were underscoring their own importance by tlking about the importance of the past.

Like they said in Meet the Robinsons ; Keep Moving Forward. Because if you're not moving forward, you're either in stasis or backpedaling, both of which are a lot less fun. It doesn't matter that the road forward is one riddled with disasters, nasty potholes and fattening fast food chains, at some point things have to look up.

....Right? Right?


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