Monday, April 02, 2007

I would say something really clever and wise yet funny right now, but the shock of having a landrover almost hit my head still rattles me.


They (who I have no idea really is) say that freedom is the ultimate form of restraint. I'm not really sure how true this is, since said person probably never lived in a communist nation before. But give a person enough freedom, and he'll probably choose to restrain himself in some way.

This happens because of the power of the society. By giving the people freedom, society gains power. As a result, society gets to choose who they wish to make their champion whom they rally behind, or who whose wool to kiwi to make them the black sheep of the herd. People for the most part are largely the same, but everyone has a certain kink in them that makes them their own little special snowflake. Some people like to be alone, where people don't interrupt their thoughts, some people feel an unhealthy urge to prove their worth that it becomes irksome, and some people oil their own body and walk around in tights in a bout of self-delusion. As a result, people who use their freedom by not keeping these kinks in check find themselves battered and alienated by society. It's almost like politics - The most honest people lose out.

As a result, the people who used to freedom to exercise restraint remain relevant in society, and the resulting social hierachy becomes a sort of twisted order in its own way. And order is the result of restraint. If you leave people to their own devices, eventually they'll create their own order. Even in a land of chaos, chaos is the order of the day - It's only called chaos because rich people are upset they can't own the country.

As someone who doesn't have a problem with restraint or freedom, it makes me wonder why the one time I really need to stop shackling myself the restraint always overwhelms the freedom.

Greater than the rest of the world? Perhaps so.


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