Monday, November 29, 2004

Was pretty bored on saturday. So I dragged jo down to parkway. She wanted to cut her fringe, while I wanted to cut my hair. I go to the Malay barber, where the Friendly Neighbourhood Barbers promptly tell me to take a seat. So, while I wait, they proceed to make jokes in Malay, watch the Malay news, talk some more smack in Malay, and leave the shop, which left 2 guys left to attend to 5 people.

I walked out, and Jo had already finished cutting her fringe. Lol.

Did more driveless wandering, in which Jo went to Isetan and griped about how expensive the clothes were. I think the industry is ripping women off. They use less cloth for women's clothes, and yet they charge more. hmmm. She suggested getting me a piercing for my birthday. I refused, since I do prefer my earlobes vanilla. Maybe later, when I feel I need it.

Also, I bought shampoo, since the rest of my family can't be bothered to get me a bottle. Yellow herbal essence. mmm.


Went to bedok ntuc today to get food for chalet. whoo. I had to wait awhile upon getting there, which gave me a few minutes to admire the solid animal blood strewn about the floor near Giant supermarket, no doubt a hazard of shopping in a crowded wet market.

Shopping for a barbeque was like a lost joy, even if Wilbur stubbornly wanted to buy spoons, despite it being so diabolically obvious that they would not come into use. He also wilfully wanted to buy marshmallows, however Wenhao and I convinced him they would go to waste, and that what we had in trolley and basket was already enough. Wilbur only wanted to spend $100, and estimated that what we had only amounted to $80. I smiled when I saw his face as the total cost piled up to 3 digits. We never did get down to buying that liquor though. Which reminded me of that bottle of sake I still have at home :)

Hope the barbeque tomorrow dosen't fall flat on its face due to rain. If none of us anger the heavens and Renhao dosen't sing things should turn out fine.

And yes, my birthday is tomorrow. I will be aware.


Had a conversation with Clement about things people learn from TV. So far, here is what we have.

-- There are no black people in New York. At all.
-- You can be jobless for months at a time and still keep a nice apartment downtown.
-- If you strike out at romance, just prey on your female friends. They'll come around when the need for excitement dies down.

Star Trek
-- Red shirt = death.
-- In the future we've obtained utopia but we still haven't found a cure for male pattern baldness.
-- Apparently, surge protectors have gone out of style. Seatbelts as well.

-- Your life can only be saved by beautiful people. If you are drowing and you see an ugly person running towards you in a non-slow motion manner, kiss your ass goodbye.
-- But that's okay, because ugly people aren't allowed to be lifeguards.

-- It is perfectly acceptable to shoot your boss with a tranquilizer dart if you feel he's not telling you something.
-- It is also perfectly acceptable to chloroform your boss and stuff him in an out-of-the-way room if you think he's about to fire you.
-- People who have had their heart stop can easily perform swinging neckbreakers.
-- In times of stress, women have been known to control cougars.


The amazing race 6 started a couple weeks ago. Not bad, I must say. Does have the potential to be good, since the proverbial asshole of the show is probably an even bigger one than in the other seasons, and also because there are pro wrestlers taking part. That's kinda new, I guess.

My parents are offering me a chance to miss the Aussie trip, since I will be collecting the P.A.E results. Should I?


Wilbur suggested changing the music on my blog to the tune of myself singing. Should I?


My dad lent me his digicam to bring to chalet. Should I?

-Wilfred, full of indecision

Saturday, November 27, 2004

And so I have submitted by P.A.E.

1st: TJC arts
2nd: MJC arts
3rd: MJC science
4th: ACJC arts
5th: TPJC science
6th: TPJC arts
7th: AJC science
8th: CJC arts
9th: SAJC arts
10th: NYJC science
11th: RJC science
12: HCJC science

So, in conclusion, I'm probably going to MJ or TP. Will try to appeal for TJ though. Oh well. I hope March will turn out better for me. I don't intend on staying in MJ after 3 months, having heard the horror stories from their inmates.


Really really bored. Gonna buy stuff for chalet tomorrow, and chalet's for 3 days after that. I will be on my guard.

On a side note, soccer tonight! Tottenham v Middlesbrough. Should be a good match. Also, Man City vs Aston Villa. Hope Villa don't screw this one up.

-Wilfred, still supporting Villa

Friday, November 26, 2004

As the holiday mood starts to set in, the busy mood also starts to rise. It's strange. During exam time I try to find excuses to go out. Now that it's the holidays, everyone is going out, including myself. Better tis way though. Better to be busy outside then locked up at home playing the com.


P.A.E still not submitted yet. My choices are going to be something along this line though.


Shuffle these 6 around, leaving AJ at 5th or 6th place. I think I'll just fill the rest with any combination of CIs, CJC SAJC and NYJC. Also, RJ science at last place. No idea why I need to have so many choices anyway. I think I'll submit it later. Chances are I'll just put myself into MJ this way though.


Movies to watch(updated)

National Treasure

Movies I will watch if people drag me along
Bridget Jones- The Edge of Reason
Taxi(even if Jimmy Fallon is too good for the show)
The Polar Express
The Forgotten

Movies I want to watch but have no idea when they are coming out
Blade: Trinity
Fantastic Four ( No, not F4)
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence(I doubt it will be released in Singapore theatres thought, which would leave me having to buy a vcd)


More world news!

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Bemused diners watched as three hapless thieves unsuccessfully tried to kick open a sliding door in a botched attempt to rob an Australian seafood restaurant, police said on Monday.

The men, wearing balaclavas, ran off empty-handed but left their bootprints on the industrial-strength glass door in a robbery bid that Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio said could have been mistaken as "a rehearsal for a slapstick comedy."

Police said about 20 diners watched as the men, one of whom was carrying a knife, tried to push open the door of the restaurant in the coastal village of Gerringong, 140 km (85 miles) south of Sydney, and then began kicking the glass.

"They're probably more dangerous because they're dumb," police investigator Jamie Williams said.

Restaurant owner Greg Moore said diners remained calm as they watched events unfold while enjoying dessert and coffee. "The door's open, the sign says 'Slide' but obviously with their balaclavas they couldn't read too well," Moore said.

Diners were given complimentary bottles of wine after the bizarre episode. Police later found what they believe to be a stolen car used in the robbery attempt, and are continuing their investigations.

MAYBE I should tell my parents not to send me to school in Australia.

-Wilfred, hanged over

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

First up, The Incredibles! Yup, caught this with Sian, her friend FX and Sidney, her cute kid brother. Otherwise today nothing to do.

The animation was pretty great. Characters were well drawn and smoothly animated, which gave the movie a realistic feel. The landscape art was rreeeaaalllllly good. The scene where Mr Incredible first landed on the island was breathtaking. And even when the animation was supposed to be on the characters, the background did not suffer either, like the scene on which Dash ran on water.

Sound: Voice acting was pretty damn good. The only part I found slightly annoying, but not so to be a factor in overrall enjoyment of the movie, was Elastigirl's lisp. And Dash perhaps, but that was supposed to be character. Voice actors really managed to fit into their character's role. Not to mention there was Samuel L. Jackson(Frozone). How could a movie with him in it be bad?
As for music, wasn't really paying attention to it. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and attribute it to its seamlessly fitting into each scene.

Characters: Each character didn't seem to be too deep or complicated, which is probably good since this is a movie, and I wasn't in the mood for thinking too much. The characters also stayed in character throughout the show, as can be seen by Dash and Violet's repeated mention of their mother, since they are still children. Edna was hilarious. Syndrome did a really good job of being a heel, too. So easy to hate. On a side note, when I heard Frozone's name, I kept thinking of a power involving an afro for some strange reason. =D

Plot/ Storyline: Your classic superhero plot storyline. What really won me over was the humour of the show( when Mr incredible threw his boss through 5 walls or sth) and how well the characters interacted together(through use of their super powers), like when Violet made a forcefield with her an Dash inside, and Dash started running, and also how Elastigirl and Dash combined to become a motorboat. Creative use of superpowers was pretty exciting and new,too. Movie scores here as well. Even the ending was funny, when Syndrome tried to kidnap Jack Jack.

"wtf? Human Torch?"
"wtf? Colossus?"
"wtf? Ergizan?"

Also, the part where dash was running in a race was pretty funny too.

*Dash starts jogging*
"nonono! Second place!"
"Okay! Second place!"
*Dash starts running*
"nonono! closer closer"


Frozone: It's for the greater good!
Wife: I'm your wife! I'm the greatest good you'll ever have!

I was lmao at this part.

Conclusion: Great movie! If you don't watch it, you're not watching anything else. This is going to be so much better than Christmas with the Kranks, Taxi and Polar express(though I think this will be not bad). Not too sure about National Treasure, though. The title sounds kind of cheesy.


Badminton earlier today. Pretty fun! Not sure if I've improved though. Will be playing on Friday again. Hope I don't kena headshot again.


Going to school for jc choices tomorrow. Still have no idea what I'm applying for. Either ACJC, MJ or TJ(if I somehow manage to squeak in through choir.HAHA! Melissa, I'd be thankful if you could tell me the trial dates. Please).

Oh fark. Leck just showed me cut-off points. I am in deep shit.

-Wilfred, frantic thanks to leck

Monday, November 22, 2004

It's been a hyper few days. Haven't slept alot. Still not used to the idea not studying 24/7. Definitely not complaining tho. =)


Went to watch Shutter on sat with Jess and Mel. Yea, that Thai movie about haunted photographs. I must say it's not bad, even if the plot only got started midway through the show. It did, however, take lots of twists and turns. Before that was all scary dreams and stuff. The audience somehow managed to turn this scary show into a comedy though. There were lots of scary moments(and a few fake ones). However, each of these scary moments was met by screams, followed by bouts of laughter. I was somewhat scared, but apparently sometimes I get so numbed by fear(or not wanting to lose face)(or being engrossed in the movie) that all I do is keep quiet and stay in my seat. There was one part, though, where I was so startled that my feet actually shot up so I would be curled up in my seat. Lucky for me, nobody saw that.

And to those easily scared by horror movies: cover your ears. Ecspecially since you can just read the subtitles in this movie. Studies have shown(no these are not fake statistics) that 70% of human emotions are induced by sound. You don't feel anything when someone tells you they break up on msn; it's more painful hearing it coming from the person's mouth. Just an example. Seriously. At one point the music was so tense and high pitched that Jess had both her fists up in frustration. I don't think she was a much scared as irritated though.

After that was window shopping. Haven't done that in a while. Listened to them talk fashion. Blur about it most of the time. Found out a lot though. Quite fun, actually.

Dinner at pasta Fresca with jess and her family. Her sec 2 brother is pretty funny, in a cute way. Not in a Ciping way, but more like a Darren or Wenhao kind of way. I realized I've forgotten how to eat lasagna. I had finished most of the sauce and still had 1/5 of the lasagna left. Plain lasagna is not nice. Jess was pretty happy with having most of some other Italian dish to herself tho. It's a crust of dough with mushrooms and stuff inside, with lasagna-ish sauce. the pizza was really flimsy. Nothing like Pizza Hut, with their stuffed crust etc. It was good. Overall a fun day, except that soccer isn't really fun when your lineup is more typical of basketball matches.


Today was ball and Swimming with Denys, Marcus (Camby), and Lim Yun( Kao bei bryunt). Played 1v1 with Denys. Lost horribly. 7-3, 7-0. Due to my laziness and lack of aiming. Still have to work on it though. After that Marcus and Lim Yun played 1v1, which I recorded with Marcus' Cam(by). 14-12, marcus. Not bad. This was followed with 2v2. Me and Denys against the aforementioned 2. We actually made a game of it, forcing a deuce until they beat us 8-6.

The Pool was REALLY REALLY cold today. Swimming was hampered. Ecspecially since Lim Yun kept trying to chase me around. While it was raining, there was no lightning, so we continued. After a while we couldn't stand it anymore so we decided to go dry off, which ended up with me leaving my handphone in the toilet. Thankfully Denys found it before anyone could Mok, er, kope it, so now my handphone is in denys' hands. Thanks man. I think I'll get it back tomorrow, if I manage to remember anybody's numbers. omg how. And nobody's online too. Shit.

And here I am, thinking of what to do the next time I wake up. Yes, I intend to sleep tonight. Not so hyper anymore.


On a side note, my neck still hurts. Turning isn't a problem, but I can't seem to tilt it too much. Strange. I hope Shutter didn't affect me too much. *Shudders* (In shutter, the main character had a neck pain. The reason was revealed later in the show. Will not say it, in case of spoiler.)

-Wilfred, a free willy now that the Os are over

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Chem paper: die.


YAUSSSSSSSS! Exams are over. You could literally feel the room shaking with restlessness by when the examiner exclaimed "15 MINUTES" like he was a host on a gameshow. He normally goes "you have 15 minutes left."

Mcuh screaming ensued once the magic words were uttered.

"You may leave."

Immediately, an uproar of mythic proportions overcame Victoria School. This also culminated in my throat becoming sore, which puts my musical practice off for now, as I can only do stuff like boyzone now.

I'm peeved that Sly stole "Picture of You" yesterday. I mean, if anyone is going to do a song from BEAN:THE MOVIE, it shoudl be me.omg my ego is growing. Oh well. he still managed to stay on though. Now I know Taufik will win the first Singapore Idol.


Meanwhile, went for dinner at crystal jade with Andrew, Wilbur, Renhao, Sean, Denys and Ciping(AHHH! SO CUTE!). They smartly ordered a course that was meant for 6 people for us 7 before I got there. Worst part is, we paid more than if we had ordered individual dishes. Outside of that though, the food wasn't bad. Really. =)


Which was followed by pool. Ciping was a natural despite claiming to be a newbie(he could slice the ball within 20 minutes of learning how to play), while Renhao(surprisingly) could hit the ball AND aim. This would have been an altogether fun and fulfilling experience, except that Wilbur got his 7610 stolen, so we stopped playing after about 1 hour. This was followed by a police report. While Wilbur was giving the MOE a compo topic to write on, the rest of us sat down and played spin the handphone, which was proclaimed boring and replaced by zhong ji mi ma. Also, Sean has a nice ring tone. =)

And then Wilbur came back. While we were waiting for parents to arrive, we did something so incredibly embarassing that I will not post it here, and I'm sure the rest would be grateful if I didn't. We got caught too. HAHA!. (Hint: it's a game where people from different regions have different sets of rules).


List of movies to watch
Shark Tale
The Polar Express
The Incredibles
Whatever else comes out

Might watch


I missed survivor. =(

Amazing race 6 has started! =)

When will apprentice 2 start showing?

Will they have Singapore Idol next year?

-Wilfred, the great insomniac

Friday, November 19, 2004

okaaaaaaaaayy, I decided not to practice linear law, so it proceeded to turn around and kick me in the butt. Got nearly the entire linear law question wrong. Only the last row was correct(I hope). Again, I got careless and forgot the modulus sign in the function question. So my range was wong. The strangest part was, I still got my graph correct. hmmm.

Other than that, I'm sure I got everything else correct, if the rv answer does turn out to be 34s and not 42s. Now I just hope other people screw up this paper and my paper 1 dosen't pull me down. I'll be happy with a B3.

Also, people found this one harder than paper 1. Like....Why?


Last day of O's today. Strange. Already the exams are gonna be over. But it's like nothing happened at all. I mean, I didn't study, didn't worry, didn't do anything. You'd think I'd be more serious about the most important exam of my life so far. But nooooooooooooo, the entire exam just feels so.....normal.

maybe because we did it in air-con classrooms.

Let's hope chem will be a simple paper.

Wish me luck.

I'll need it.

Sean has my chem textbook.

-Wilfred, not in a very blogging mood right now

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I wanted to practice linear law. I really did. But I didn't have any graph paper. So here I am, blogging in the morning.


HAHA! I am so gone.

First was History. I studied Mao to death, thinking there was no way Mao could not come out. I opened the paper and....

Chiang Kai Shek.

WTF. Pretty much crapped, bullshitted and cowdunged my way through it. "Why did Chiang turn on his communist allies?" I had no idea. All my points pretty much looked the same. Let's hope Mr Bean is marking my paper and he gets bluffed into giving me a B. The source based wasn't too friendly either. I had absolutely no contextual knowledge to spare, having not touched Gorbachev at all, despite promising myself to. And I also had no idea what to infer from a picture of two idiots being circled by lions.

Yeah, I got raped.

On a side note, I made one of my lamer jokes on that day.

Bertrand: If Hitler dosen't come out I'm dead.
Me: Wait Hitler come out for SBQ i laugh.
Bertrand: *in his usual overzealous, overconfident, overcomplacent and act-like-i-know-everythin-self, which makes him qian4 bian3* Hitler won't come out for SBQ la. I'm sure of it.
Me: Hitler can come out anytime he wants.
Everyone: omgwtf.


Today, or more accurately yesterday, was physics. Quite frankly I thought it was moderately easy, much easier than prelims. But Wilbur, in a late rallying campaign, decides he wants to throw everyone off and demoralize them with links containing absurd information. This is O levels dammit. So they won't test us on a secret principle we don't even know. Besides, if force is going one direction, friction must be going the other. Hence, the frictional force is to the right, or whatever direction that opposed the direction of motion. Also, it is almost certainly boiling water and not steam that surrounds a thermometer at 100 degrees. Firstly, water only boils at 100C, and even if it was impure, it would still be observed boiling, since it would now boil over a range of temperatures. The other reason is that steam would rise instead of surrounding the stupid thermometer. As for the water bubble question......

I have no idea. I also have no idea about the light-dependant resistor question either. I put A, where the LDR is in the series part of the circuit, outside the parallel, so if resistance there decreases, more p.d would be put across the parallel part, causing the light bulb to be brighter. And in the other question, yes, the light bulb would be brighter and not dimmer. Sadly, I got careless and got the stupid magnet fallnig through coil question wrong.

Other than that the paper was pretty good to me. There were people who found it really hard though. I thought I studied for nothing. All that time wasted.


Could this mean chem is gonna be killer?


On a side note, the following conversation just occurred.

Me: eh my internet lagging like hell. tagboards take forever to load.
Sian: No la. tagboard is down.
Me: lol.

-Wilfred, inching closer to 16 and getting more impatient by the minute

Monday, November 15, 2004

I am SO dead. I think I'm gone. See, since I've been slacking for 3 3/4 years, my brain has lost its capacity to store information as fully or retain it as lnog as it used to. In a sense, it's like trying to drive a car you haven't driven in a few years. No matter how much you oil it, it's not gonna work smoothly without a few months of toning. So now my brain dumps out information that should be absorbed. Bad for me. So, I am going to flunk my O levels spectacularly. My name will be in the orbituaries soon. Just you wait.


Pretty much spent the day loafing around at home. People seem to get the impression that I'm trying really hard and that I spend my time actually studying. Ha. Ha. I must be making a lot of people feel guilty about themselves, since I was in the benchmark of laziness in Sec 3. Whole conversations would go like this.

Andrew: Wanna play bball?
Xi-wei: Exam coming la. Better study.
Marcus: Study also must relax what. Nabei.
Xi-wei: But even Wilfred is studying leh!
Andrew: Oh fark. Back to work.

You could say I spur people on to greater heights.


In more world news, Sheeps in a small town close to London, England have broken down the fences on their pens, and have invaded people's homes and held up traffic by staying on the roads. Three people have been injured trying to herd the sheep back in. Oh well, it was only a matter of time before sheep started taking over the world.


Chalet is on 29th,30th November, and 1st December. Look to the column on your right. Read my profile. Read it? Good. I will be accepting both premature and belated birthday presents. If you wish to pay me a visit during the chalet to pass me my present. Be sure to give me a call first.

-Wilfred, who is agonizingly enough STILL 15

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Not much happened today. Woke up late. Realized my mum was at home. So, I ate my lunch, and got the hell out of the house before she could start complaining/whining/nagging/ing. Yup, I hate it when my mother has energy to annoy me. sigh. Life is bad.


Went to school. Apparently, Ms Tang knows how to shout even in her smses. So Denys got scared into collecting my Physics paper for me, woth answer key. She didn't even mark it. lol. So John, Farand, Denys, Andrew, Sean and myself loafed around for abit, studying abt of physics and history. After John and Farand left, Wilbur came, and I asked him how to do an amaths qn i couldn't figure out after 1 hour of brain wracking. He couldn't do it in 5 minutes. conclusion: the question has something wrong. We went to play basketball. The volleyball idiots just HAD to take 3/4 of the court to practice though, which meant I couldn't practice 3 pointers. Damn.

Then it started to rain. The water pipes seemed to like Andrew's bag and his physics book. He had to shift it thrice just to not get it wetter. lol. We got trapped, and were reduced to playing lame games, such as "tossing the ball through the cool-looking bars that serve no read purpose without hitting any of them" and "who can toss the ball the lowest without hitting Wilfred's head".

And Denys turned into Medusa today, making stone statues out of myself, Wilbur and Andrew with his rendition of hip-hop dribbling. :)


I just realized I still have a lot of cover. Serves me right for being smug about having nothing to do for the week and blatantly tempting fate, until fate verily gave in and dropped the world on my head.*sweatdrop*

-Wilfred. Die liao.

Friday, November 12, 2004

First up, there seems to have been a mistake in the bio paper, regarding the question with the eye pupil growing and shrinking with light. So I think everyone is just going to get full marks for that question. Lucky buggers.


Also, from what I've heard, I'm slated to get the good progress award. Will refrain from being too happy though, because I haven't comfirmed with the school staff yet. Still, $150 for nothing sounds pretty good.


Went school today and pretty much loafed around, aka studying history. Only covered Hitler and Mao. Will cover cold war and Russia tomorrow, and pray that it will be enough. Just studying industry was enough for ss, so let's see if I can pull this off again.

This was followed by a game of badminton, with John, Jess and Melissa. Mark and NCK came along too. Pretty fun actually. I got owned by jessica's smashes. If she hit them any more consistently I'd be a sitting duck. She also got to meet NCK, an old tao nan friend. I grinned when I saw the way she and John referred to him. Heh heh. Mark was also surprisingly good, and John was his usual tennis self. And Chee Kian still thinks I'm hardworking. Haha.

-Wilfred, Tired

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bad news people. There will be no more hints coming from me due to my inferiority in these subjects: Physics, Chem, Amaths, history. seriously, I'm no good. Don't wanna give fake tips. lol.


It seems my holiday mood has already set in. 3 days have passed and I still have not touched my history book. crap. I will be studying China, Weimar and Gorby though, once I get down to it. Amaths just practice abit. Physics and Chem go school harass teachers. Sigh. Life is bad.


In world news, A man in America attempted to break into a house, and used his fist to break the window. He lacerated his wrist, and ended up calling 911 on himself, after he had taken everything he wanted and couldn't take the pain anymore. Idiot.

Also, A father-of-five in Romania wanted permanent contraception and did not know about vasectomy, so he superglued a condom to his penis. I fell off my chair laughing.

-Wilfred, caught in afternoon boredom.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Glad told me today that history was on tuesday and not wednesday. It's a good thing because I would probably still be sleeping at home on tuesday had she not told me, but a bad thing because now I feel like I've been robbed of a free day. What a killjoy.


Went school today. Did some chem. And managed to clear up some things. Still have no idea as to what exactly is a reagent though. bleah.

A funny moment occurred when Andrew and I were taking a break at the canteen. Crazy Wong came to get some coffee, so he sat down with us for a while. That was when I was pretty stunned. Andrew, who himself is not small by any means, looked absolutely puny next to Mr Wong. I mean you could actually compare their shoulder width and realize that Andrew was trumped by at least a good 10cm both sides. It was hilarious.

There was nobody in the library today, save for the new china scholars (zhong guo ren) and a few sec4s. The rest must have been at home mugging for bio. Haha!


Also, feedback for my first attempt at singing has come back, and the responses are pretty average. Looks like Ronan Keating is not my niche. Time to go on to something else. Recommendations, anyone? I promise not to butcher the song. :)

-Wilfred, who is going to sleep in tomorrow due to studying through the night(rawr)

Monday, November 08, 2004

So, emaths is over. My result is set in stone. Not a thing I can do about it.

But somehow, I don't feel too bad. I mean, the questions were not easy, but i somehow managed to squeak an answer out. And they looked correct. Most scary was the tri-coloured circle question. phew. Think I minused one mark for the proving part. Had no idea how to do that.

Also, not very clear on the tree question. the part about the largest angle of elevation and shortest distance. I think my answers were around the region of 44.5 for distance and 23.something for angle. Anyone can comfirm with me?

There were also easy to do but tedious to work. Ecspecially the three companies question. I haven't written so many eggs in a long time. Crazy.

And then there was the graph. Most who know me know that I can't draw a decent curve for nuts, and my hand is about as steady as Bertrand on a balance beam. So, when they told me to draw a smooth curve, I knew 2 marks were down the drain already. As it turns out, my graph looks like a parang. it was not pretty. And my points were way off. my interqueartile range was (wth)19 and my medians were like 58 and 68 (something along that line, i remember they were 10 marks apart).


On a lighter note, I'm free till NEXT wednesday! whoopee! Never mind that I tripped over my blanket and fell face first on the floor this morning. I'm free!

-Wilfred. With nothing to do.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Oh No. A maths how sia. Read the stupid binomial wrongly... in the end only get the a part correct... then suddenly forgot how to present collinearity. lol. Worst part was the coordinate geometry question. Finished everything liao. Except that. Left a comfortable twenty minutes. Again due to carelessness, I got out of this world answers. With 15 minutes left, I put my head on the table to take a breather so I can work the question out again.

When I took my head off the table, time was up.

Yea, I fell asleep.

With a maximum of 19 marks down the drain, with a minimum of 11 or 12. I am so screwed. To rub salt in the wound, BOTH BERTRAND and CHEOK got the answer to the coordinate geometry question correct, while I got an answer in the region of 414. Then again, the prelims have proven that I do better in paper 2 of Amaths than paper 1, which many people find easier. That being said, I should be able to do pretty well for paper 2, with the proper preperation. I can more or less predict what comes out.

-Relative Velocity(which I understand many people loathe)
-Linear Law
-Random Sketching graph questions(which could include ln graph, e graph, velocity-time graphs and trigo graphs)
-Differentiation again, probably
-Area under curve(good chance)
-Logarithms, I think
-Remainder/factor theorom

And stuff that MIGHT come out again

-Circular Measure

It would be a joke if I managed to surpass Wilbur's achievement by predicting all this correctly. =)


On a side note, I got stuck in a lift today.


It was fun.

-Wilfred, going crazy

Thursday, November 04, 2004

What a stressful day today. THREE papers! Nevermind that the papers were all pretty slacky. First up was emaths. Stumped by one question. Got that part right....I think. 9 :16 and 3:14. Something along that line. THe part I did get wrong, though, was the proving of similarity of the two triangles, which I though was so fiendishly easy it was a trick question. Turns out I did get tricked. There is no SAS is similarity, dammit!. Also made another careless mistake at the shear factor question. Once again, I managed to miss out the minus sign, despite discussing that with Zi Xiang 3 minutes before the paper started. what the hell. Other than that, everything was pretty much okay. The only thing I'll die to is my own carelessness, and inability to draw a nice-looking graph. So I think I'll work on that over the weekend.


I was NOT happy with the lit papers. All along, we've been taught to do tough questions, regarding symbolism and stuff.. and what comes out? Questions so owerfully simple that most of us weren't prepared for them...I bet the other schools are having a field day though. That was paper one anyway. Not to mention the unseen wasn't exactly the easiest passage in the world. Tough.

Anyway, I blazed through the paper. While Shangqian just started writing, he already heard a flipping sound. While this could mean that he thinks slower, we must realize that True intelligence should not be confused with speed of thinking(sound familiar?). Actually used up four sheets of paper this time. That's like....7 pages.wth was is doing?

On a side note, Jeremy Leck claimed to have to many quotes that he had so many abbreviations that he had to come up with abbreviations to remember the abbreviations. So he walks into the exam hall, and writes all his abbreviated abbreviations on the paper provided. And he got scolded by the teacher. Lol. She didn't even begin to understand what he was writing. It looked like a word search anyway.


During the one-hour layover, Isa, myself and Xi-wei went down and we remembered quotes for twelfth night, the harder paper, both because of its shorter duration and its difficulty to smoke out. We memorised a bunch of quotes.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ok. Chinese was abit hard, but hey, can't do any worse than a B4. So it was a fun paper.


SS, however, was pretty much a mess. Didn't wanna waste time on SBQ so I just tried to keep it short and sweet- about half a page- 3/4 of a page each. As it turned out, the paper was longer than what I was normally used to. So it turned out normal. Kind of tricky,though. The questions were pretty dierct so it was hard to drag like I normally do.

Finished SBQ with 30 mins left. So saw Japan. Since I was in the mood for doing something japanese, and also because it was the only subject I really studied, I did it. Phew. I think I got away. Knew most of what to talk about. So just chiong lor.

On a side note, the examiners were really kind to us. Instead of making us think of our own points, they gave us the points and asked us to rank them. Too easy. I'll probably screw it up all the same though. Oh well.


And now... English tips!

1)You have time. So don't try to be smart and rush through the paper and sleep for 1hr. I used to do that and averaged a b3/b4. For prelim, I wrote my compo slowly and neatly(for once) and what did I get? 47/60. Though later reviews would suggest that it should have been 42. I'm not complaining though.

2) Keep it simple. When the papers do arrive at England, it will be winter. The markers want to go home and be with their family. So keep it short, don't make any grammatical errors and make your language easy to understand. So they can finish their quota and go home.

3) Don't try to show off. From what I hear, examiners really do hate it when people use too many big words because it hides the content of the passage. Even worse is when you pull something like that in paper 2. As long as the question does not say use your own words or without copying exact details from the passage, lift, dammit!

4) Check. I know this pretty much applies for every papers, but English is one of the few papers where you actually have a chance to go through again. And English is one of the papers where you are VERY prone to careless mistakes involving punctuation, spelling, tenses and grammar. Ecspecially check your summary.

5) Summary. Firstly, you MUST try to cram as many points as poosible into that 160 words. Secondly, this is where big words come in. Instead of "hard to move around", say "cumbersome". Instead of "Forcing him to tell the truth", just say "duress" or "coerce" or "interrogate", depending on what fits the situation. Thirdly, lifting will deprive you of precious language points. So replacing difficult words with simple words might work. I've gotten 8/10 for language bydoing simple stuff like replacing "on fire" with "fiery" and "noticed" wtih "detected".

That's it for now I guess. More suggestions can go to my tagboard.

-Wilfred, who just screwed his Os