Friday, June 30, 2006

Warning : reading this might cause a brain hemorrhage, or at least I'd like to think so.(incidentally, warning people not to do stuff makes them want to do it more.)

Ah yes, statistics. Various forms of statistics are accepted as tiny pieces of conventional wisdom. However, over time, the term "conventional wisdom" has turned the meaning of "conventional" around to be synonymous with other spectacular words such as "bollocks" and "rubbish". How so, you might ask? Right after someone says that something is conventional wisdom, what follows is a long, drawn out monologue about how the convention is wrong, the convention is outdated, yada yada. And if people actually accept this, it becomes the new convention, which in turn proves itself to be bullshit again. After it all, everyone is his or her own little special snowflake again, not bothering to take information from "reputable sources", "reliable tip-offs" and "Jessica Simpson", and as a result order(through chaos) is restored.

One of the rampant "bad statistics" around is that associated with traveling. Basically, what this says is that the most dangerous part of flying by plane is in fact going to the airport. Variations of this go along the lines of "you are X times likelier to die in a car than in an airplane" and "flying is the safest way to travel". So, how did this little stat come into being? My guess was that it was a marketing angle when traveling via airplane first became viable, since people would understandably be afraid of jumping into a long metal tube full of explosive fuel flying with no visible means of support. Of course, the alternative sales pitch was that you'd be higher up in the sky, closer to god. Of course, the slightly misleading statistic, which people tend to take as the gospel, won out.

Unfortuneately, as it always goes in life, things aren't really that simple. You probably have about the same amount of chance of dying in any one journey, be it in a car, plane or trishaw. That chance, is very,very remote. The stars would have to be aligned in a 4-4-2 formation for that to happen. Wait a minute, it's already happened at Real Madrid.

All right, let's try that from a non-sexist angle.

Suppose your chances of dying in a crash is something like 1 in 1 million. Incidentally, 70.358% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Now, you'd have to travel fourty-two times a day for sixty-five days a year to get up to that magical 1 million mark. Which means that if you found your life flashing before your eyes while in a vehicle, nobody would blame you for cursing your luck as you bleed to death out of multiple wounds to your liver and kidneys. Which means when you're on a vehicle, you shouldn't have to be worrying about meeting the tall guy in the black cloak holding the fearsome scythe who probably bears a resemblence to Craig David under that hood.

However, the only reason this statistic exists is that while we are aware of the inherent risks of driving and accept it as a part of everyday life, along with annoying people, overpriced food and having to shave, flying by airplane remains largely a mystery and a novelty, which people cower away from due to the fear of the unknown. Which, as a result, means that more car journeys occur than plane journeys at any single moment, and hence the number of people dying in car accidents would by far exceed the number of people who tried to get out and reach for the Gods in an airplane, which is how this statistic exists.

The point is, without a little perspective, numbers tend not to tell you jack. They don't tell you jill either. To rationalise this from a student's view, failing 3 out of 4 tests doesn't mean you have a 75% chance of failing the mid years. Looking at statistics this way can only serve to be frustrating. Have a good chance of passing, and you'll not really want to do the paper. Don't have a good chance of passing, sucks the wind out of you. Heck, to get an accurate statistic of such a procedure would probably have required you to take something like 245684283652 exams in your lifetime, and they'd have to be of the exact same difficulty, with you having the exact same knowledge going into each one for this to be accurate, and even then, you'd probably adapt so you'd have a better chance to pass each exam. Finally, number-cruching doesn't tell you how to actually go about passing an exam, though failing tends to be a whole lot easier. I mean, when I shoot a basketball, I know theres something like a one-in-3000 chance it'll land into the net, but I still shoot anyway. If you know you're probably going to fail, you'd probably still try to pass anyway.

Of course, I'm only writing this because I'm feeling awfully bitter about statistics right now, which I'm probably going to fail on tuesday.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Town N Country, Florida – A woman is in stable condition after being ejected through the sunroof of her SUV during an accident.

Thirty-seven-year-old Ruth Matthews told paramedics that another vehicle cut her off in traffic, and she took evasive action to avoid a crash. Her Isuzu Amigo rolled over and she was thrown through the sunroof and onto the roadway. Investigators say she was not wearing her seatbelt.

Paramedics initially tried to fly Matthews to Tampa General Hospital, but her weight, estimated at 600 pounds, made it impossible. Emergency crews were able to transport her to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where she is listed in stable condition.

Authorities are continuing their investigation.


Not to discriminate against severely overweight people, but someone please tell me how this happens. I hope the Isuzu's okay, it must've felt like childbirth.

I'm getting so used to screwing exams up, it's getting disturbing. Writing two lines for a 25-mark question isn't exactly my idea of "on the way to an A". Heck, it's not even anywhere near "the pits of hell" or "the armpits of hell". Given that, combined with a maths paper harder than Paris Hilton's head and aforementioned lit paper, I'm going to have to rely on my GP paper to get that all-important redeeming pass, and this statement only works when there's a laugh track in the background.

I feel like Switzerland during a penalty shoot-out now. It is, however, even harder to not make any of those penalty kicks than it is to score any of them. Wonder if the same applies for my papers? Then I might have something to brag about.


On a side note, why does no country other than brazil adopt the "no-surname" policy? it's not like those names sound remotely like whatever appears on the ICs. Ronaldo? Fair enough, I remember there being a ronald somewhere there. Then it all goes weird. Ronaldinho? Kaka? Better yet, Fred?

Well, at least they play football better than they choose names. Even if a guy named Fred actually scored a goal.


Gothic paper's coming soon. Sigh.

Monday, June 26, 2006

My hands quivered. I could feel the blood coarsing through my veins as I held the exam question in my hand. When the teacher gave the signal, I turned the paper over, the heart pumping, the mind in anticipation.

2 minutes later....

Upon realising that none of the questions are likely to get me any marks at all, I sprawl on the table whimpering silently while scrawling hieroglyphics on the paper.

All right, my mid year timetable's very nicely spread out, which also means there's no way I'm going to fail 2 papers in one day. It also means, however, that I have to go to school practically everyday of the exams. Which, y'know, sucks.

And after today's lit paper, which was more screwed up than World Cup refereeing, I can determine that I have gotten about as many marks as there are on Lex Luthor's head.

For those who don't take maths, that's ten.


I am going to fail maths too, apparently.


I shall apologise in advance for any lack of interesting/lame content in the near future, I'll be whining on and on about the exams mostly.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I've been told that my "I'm going to fail mid year exam" rants aren't convincing, and I've even been accused of *gasp*being a mugger who outperforms everyone and tries to be humble after that in an attempt to fish for compliments. Okay, I made the last part up, but yeah.

Basically, what I do is...

1) Take out econs notes. Rant and rave about how everyone has already been pounded into my head already, leaving a violet-shaped print behind, then throw it away. Attempts to recall prove futile, further proving what an ass I am.

2) After failing to study econs, the lit books make their stand against the immovable object that calls itself my brain. I proceed to rotate books while simultaneously grumbling about how Shakespearen and anything not remotely modern language is hard to understand and give up after that.

3) At this point, i get so tired that I don't even attempt to do math, instead just browsing through the questions and formulating an explanation to the head honcho regarding my unsurpassable number of Fs, and trying to convince her that good results from me, much like fair fights, fearless frenchmen and spectacular singaporean soccer, are oxymorons.

If anyone wants to bet on me, I offer 1.5 rates on anything better than two Fs from me. Unless I sit beside a maths genius, then my chances of passing math go up to something about the size of a decimal point.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I've actually spent the week studying, and guess what?

Exams still promise to be a roll of the dice. ohshitohshit


Clubbing isn't all it's hyped up to be. Basically, what happens is that...

1) Everyone dresses up whatever they think will get them laid that night. Which is strange, because if there were clothes that produced sex, people would be wearing them all the time, except for the actual sex itself, but even that's somewhere I shall not explore. Then, you go to the club, and pay your admission fee. Kinda like an amusement park, just that the rides require no harnesses. Unless you're into that sort of thing *ahem*

[1.5) This doesn't happen all the time, but most people actually start out sober. They probably just sit there with a group of friends, yakking away and talking big blah blah blah,staying in their safe social circle while they still can. They won't dance, or even make eye contact with the opposite sex, not yet anyway. All they do is talk about it. Yeah, you know who you are. Of course, after a few drinks, when people are winded up and not really thinking straight, if at all, the really stupid part begins.]

2) Dancing! If you think you're a good dancer because you go dancing at clubs often, think again. Why do you think it's so dark in there? Atmosphere, my foot. Turn the lights on and the music off, and just try to tell me you're not doing a cruel imitation of a ragman having spasms. Not to mention half the people are actually at least semi-drunk by now. It's just gesticulating, don't glorify it. Besides, nobody notices the actual "dancing". It does of course, lead to...

[2.1) Of course, bad dancing isn't always the fault of the *ahem*dancers. DJs at clubs nowadays have a habit of intermixing songs so that no song actually finishes before the next song starts, so you could be really feeling the beat for one song, then whoops! So much for Snoop Dogg, you're now gyrating to that Numa Numa song. In fact, it's probably the height of coolness for DJs to mesh songs together in such a way that no song actually starts or finishes, so you'd get Nelly rapping Pussycat Dolls lyrics to a Linkin Park beat.]

3) Groping/grinding/freaking/other forms of contact. Which, of course, even if you do mean not to get laid, is going to happen anyway if you're anywhere close to the "dance" floor. Of course, this happens both ways. Either a guy "bumps accidentally" into a girl, or she decides it would be a good idea to thrust her body into his crotch for no apparent reason. Then again, liquor does that to people.

[3.1) In more ways than one, mating is much like a hunting game. Not that it's news. Throw in that crocodile hunter guy(yes him again) and we'd have a heck of a show. "Crikey, Aw, would you look at those two! Those are some hopped up buggers! Now, I'm going to get inbetween them and try to stick my finger where the sun don't shine! This is very dangerous, so don't try it at home!"]

3.2) Of course, there are people who actually get laid. Before this happens, the guy and the girl, who we presume to be interested in each other already, begin to *gasp* talk. In the animal world, this is pretty much the same as sniffing each other's butts. The girl is trying to assess the guy, while the guy tries his best not to say whatever screws him out of getting laid, which ironically are the first things that come to his mind. ]

4) Lather, rinse and repeat until everyone is piss-drunk and stinky, or laid.

Nope, I am -never- going to a club again. Thankfully, a friend told me of the pitfalls so I could watch out for them. And for those wondering, I left within an hour after deciding it was a monumental waste of time.


Pah, life is getting boring.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I never knew sitting in a chair with your mouth open without it being agape at the unfairly difficult lit question before you could be such a tiring ordeal. Yep, I'm talking about the dentist. Supposedly, cleaning up your teeth consists of sticking multiple tubes into your mouth while digging mercilessly at your teeth and occassionally,"by accident", the gums, too. Did I mention the sadistic glee that came along with it? If my mouth wasn't open in a silent scream, which, incidentally, should be a film about painful dentist visits rather than abortions, there wouldn't be words in the English language dirty enough to express my frustration at the dentist. Of course, then my mouth would have to be scrubbed again, making the prior process meaningless.

Besides that, it wasn't actually that bad, since the wisdom tooth stopped hurting, though I suspect it'll come back to bite me in a while. I do, however, have to go back to do fillings, since I haven't been to the dentist in the longest while. In fact, the last time I went was when the free medical service came into school, and even then the bugger did it halfway, moving out before I could go back for part 2. Yep, this is where you cringe.


The way I've been missing consultations, teachers are going to be jumping on my back after I flunk my midyears so quickly it would bring a new dimension to the term "brokeback", as if it wasn't already suggestive enough.

Internet, I wish I knew how to quit you.


After 20 minutes, I have failed miserably to create a new template, thereby showcasing my newfound lack of talent at taming the wild beast known to others as "html". All I need is that crocodile hunter guy and I'd be the producer of a new hit TV series. The current template seems a teeny bit hard to read right now, apparently, but it still beats the one I attempted to make, which resembles a sae of chocolate pouring over wheat fields to make koko crunch than an actual blog template.

And so, the search for a suitable blog template, like many other tasks that have been laid in front of me, has been pushed aside.


It's amazing how desperate Singapore is to put itself on the World Cup map. Since Goal 2010 has already been deemed a pending flop and was since abandoned, Singapore has resorted to touting its referee. Yes, its -referee-. I can almost imagine a football conference in the near future.

Singapore : We can host the next world cup! We have the BEST REFEREES!!!!
All other countries : (in unison)......fuck you.

To his credit though, Shamsul Maidin, or whatever his name is, isn't imported for once. Maybe they'll retire all the S-league players and create an army of referees to monopolise the refereeing industry.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I have concluded that betting on football is a really, really, bad habit. Not only does it make you stay up in anticipation to watch matches, you stand to lose money from it too. #*^@)*%^ Czech republic. I mean, what were the chances of losing to Ghana? GHANA? A team that basically has one Chelski player, has never entered the world cup before and has the rest of its contintental compatriots doing terribly?

On a side note, USA vs Italy was probably one of the most intriguing matches in a while. Even if the score just says 1-1. 10 offside calls? A disallowed goal that would've allowed Americans everywhere to abuse pizza parlour employees everywhere had it gone in? Three red cards? Now this is what the world cup should be. Not England - Paraguay. Not Englad - Trinidad & Tobago. Heck, not England - Anything not named Brazil or Argentina.

In a completely different vein, the Japanese are the worst losers -ever-. In Japan, sporting events are relatively obscure until Japan starts winning. Like how the Winter Olympics was just one big female figure skating tournament. Or how nobody watched baseball until that Japanese dude suddenly became a star. Which can only mean that losing to the Aussies caused Japan to either completely not care about the World Cup, or list that as a national tragedy, right next to Hiroshima getting bombed.


I've realised that the blog's become not much more than world cup ramblings, which means I should attempt to pull my sanity back from under the bed, even though I actually sleep on a mattress.

My wisdom tooth decided to grow out all of a sudden. Call it an unwanted guest, an unexpected visitor or a big fat V-sign in my face from Fate, but it hurts really bad. Basically, I can't open my mouth much. Because the fecking tooth decides to either scrape the side of my mouth, which means a sore spot, or clash with the top of my jawbone, which sucks too.

I hope I don't have to get it plucked when I see the dentist tomorrow. From what I hear wisdom teeth plucking is really painful, leaving you with a week of not being able to eat properly. And I'm going on a holiday next week, too. Well, at least the overbearing pain in my mouth might serve as a way for me to rationalise my Fs for the midyears.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

If I were playing in the world cup, I'd like to play against Croatia, because I'd get a tablecloth for free when we do the jersey switch.

The Argentina - Serbia & Montenegro match was just unfair. Imagine Godzilla vs Nelson from the Simpsons. Or Drew Carey vs Mike Tyson for a date with Anna Kournikova. 90-minute-long story short, Argentina ran over Serbia, then stomped them to a pulp when the Serbian carcass tried to get up.

Holland - Cote d' Ivoire is looking pretty good right now, despite it looking somewhat like a masters vs slaves match from Colonial times. Think along The Longest Yard lines. Which is why I think the Ivory Coast just might sneak something out of the match when Robben gets red-carded for diving a second time.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The laptop broke down on me today, so after an hour of examining the damn thing, I decided to call Acer tech support, figuring it would be cheaper and more convenient than bringing it to the store. Long story short, I am never, ever calling tech support again. And from what I've heard, tech-support has backpedaled into some sort of a caveman-like process, where people take you round and round with the objective of...waitaminute, I don't even think there was a point in that. And that is why the laptop's in the store now.

I mean, it's not that bad right? It's not like civilisation depends on computers or anything. It's not like 95% of households in developed countries have one, or like computers are the prime means of communication other than the handphone, or we use our computers to type out important assignments and do otherwise impossible research, or like we store vital information ranging from sentimental photos to resumes. It's a good thing computers haven't become integral to our lives, or the lack of tech support would suck an awful lot.

Oh shit?

But it's okay I guess, computers are hardy objects. It's not like there are millions of viruses floating around the web waiting to invade our computers, right? Or like even one undetected one could throw your computer into complete and total megabyte anarchy, right?

...Oh all right, I'll stop already.

What I'm saying here is that given our dependance on computers, and given the tendency of software and hardware alike to perenially rebel against the user(admit it, every computer somehow shoots the user in the foot with a virtual gun), tech support actually becomes a rather important process. So why can't we find decent tech support to save our lives? Let's hope Acer < other companies.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

After taking my morning bath, I realised mucus was threatening to come out of my nose faster than a fourteen-year-old girl in an alligator farm. So, I grab a tissue on the way to the washing machine. (Yes, I do my own laundry now, since I realised I can't really trust my slacky maid to do anything at all. Probably picked it up from her employers.) Anyway, I realise I need to throw my tissue away too, and since the washing machine and the dustbin are relatively close, I open the dustbin and the washing machine, and proceed to throw my clothes into the dustbin and the tissue into the washing machine. Sad part is, I only realised this -after- I pressed the button.

Somebody help me.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Serbia & Montenegro vs. Netherlands is showing on TV right now. One of the interesting things you might have noticed is that the Dutch flag is actually the Serbian flag turned upside down, which makes fan anarchy an altogether easier task, instead of booing your team, you can now turn your flag upside down and cheer for the other one!

On another note, this is Serbia & Montenegro's last world cup, since the two will be splitting sometime next year I believe. Which kind of makes people want them to do well, though not at the expense of the Dutch team, which has everyone excited by booting out star names instead of taking them in.
Argh, I can't sleep! Having a nose more blocked than North Korea doesn't help. Not to mention that I've lost my voice for the past 2 days or so. Which sucks. Yea.
Random notes on the World Cup so far:

1) Right now, history is taking its revenge on the colonising Europeans. Why? Because right now, Africa > Europe. For all their long surnames and trickery, Poland got pretty much owned by Ecuador, which means they'll probably go to the Germany match with their luggage at the ready. And how Sweden only managed a draw against Trinidad & Tobago is a mystery that will never be solved. I mean, Sweden were supposed to beat them so hard Trinidad would have to give them Tobago to stop the bleeding. That, along with the fact that with last names like Lawrence, Glen and John, you'd think their jerseys were sadly misprinted, meant that Sweden were supposed to smash their faces. At the rate this is going, Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. are going to roll over to Angola.

2) Korea and Japan have yet to play, but I don't expect them to get far. In fact, if any of them make it past the first round it would be pretty good, since they lose home ground advantage from the last world cup. Iran, however, does stand a somewhat better chance since they seem to be in a comparatively weaker group.

3) Sweden vs. Trinidad & Tobago has got to be one of the most racist matches at the World Cup. A Singaporean referee for the match makes things even more twisted.


Ok I am off to fail my exams now.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is anyone's open for overnight staying? My dad just got too stingy to suscribe to World Cup Matches. Or do I blame Starhub for making them PPV in the first place?

Oh and, who wants to make bets?


Almost 2 weeks into holidays, and instead of trying to actually make my grades better by studying(mind you, this is still an extremely foreign concept to me), I've decided to bolster my resume by adding a new talent to my arsenal!

Assuming bumming around is a talent worthy of resume inclusion of course.


While studying for GP a while ago (aka reading random articles), I came across an interview of teens around America, regarding the appeal of heavy metal. Apparently, the survey results say that majority of teens like how the music sounds, without really paying much attention to what the lyrics say.

Still in the vein of lyrics, read this :

Now Put away your dinner and have a snack
Tie your little brother up in a sack
Now we're moving to the country
and we'll get there soon, she says
Now pack up all the things that you don't deserve
Take another swing when he throws a cruve ball
I bet you won't hit it, cause you swing too soon

Five for fighting, to those who don't know. Now, these lyrics make absolutely no sense whatsoever, and yet, the guy still manages to sell millions of albums.

Moving on to the political arena. George Bush stands for violence. Now, this alone should make him popular with at least half the population. After all, who doesn't like to bomb stuff? Yet, most of America doesn't like what he's doing, even those who wanted the invasion of Iraq in the first place.

Ghandi, however, stands for boring. Not fighting? Talking everything over? How boring. Still, he's endeared by people all over the world.

The difference between the two? Body language. George Bush frequently looks like he doesn't believe what he's saying himself, and makes a fool out of himself on a constant basis. Ghandi has the charisma to captivate audiences.

In short, it's never about what you do-it's how you do it. It's never about knowing what you're saying. It's convincing everyone that you do. And that's the mark of a good salesman. Then again, that's why George Bush is the President and Bill Gates is the richest man in the world.


The holidays must be rotting whatever little intellect i had away.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

If you read the Sunday times last week, you probably would have realised the article about a teacher hitting on a student in TPJC. Apart from the obvious stupidity in hitting on a girl through the school messaging system, the other thing you probably would've noticed is that they didn't even bother to protect the school's identity. Heck, they even said the girl used to be from TKGS too. However, VJ and RJ are disguised as "a top junior college" while TPJC doesn't even warrant proctection. Which once again proves that even the media situation in Singapore is aristocratic and stuck-up.

Still, a teacher hitting on a student? Ew!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Charles Darwin stated that the natural selection process was determined by the strong and the weak.

However, we soon see this to be not true, since without fancy guns, knives or jungle jeeps, we'd just get clawed by tigers or trampled by elephants. Heck, we'd probably roll over to monkeys too. The point of this? Assuming Darwin's theory is true, it can only mean that over time, the meaning of strength has changed. While strength used to be defined by bulging muscles, hairy chests and bad breath, we realise that such people can only be seen checking I/Cs at nightclubs today. Instead, the people that epitomize strength do so with their mind, playing the political game and pulling pseudo-jedi mind tricks on unsuspecting victims.

Similarly, over time, our values change as well. Humility is no longer seen as a virtue but a nice way of expressing a lack on confidence. Honour and chivalry are obsolete concepts today, since they effectively get you nowhere other than the "nice guy" region. The age-old combo of "gold, silver, bronze" has now been mutated into an entire host of other things. Unity of the masses are now classified as gangsters. Perhaps this is Darwinism in action as well ; Weak concepts are now alienated, while unscrupulous ones become mantras, ways of life, whatever you want to call it.

The message here? The secret to surviving is being flexible, even if it does throw the old concepts of deep-rootedness and commitment right out the window.


Now, most people would agree with me that age is not a true representative of maturity. For the simple reason that with age comes a lot of superficial privileges that is seen as only available for adults, so age for this reason is associated with maturity. However, being old enough to drink doesn't make you mature enough to appreciate the concept that comes with drinking - Most people simply drink for a cheap thrill, though it isn't cheap nowadays. This is why so many underaged people want to do stuff like sneak into clubs, buy liqour illegally, or sneak into M-18 or R-21 movies - it makes them feel old, mature, and as a result, free. In short, they want to grow up, and the current rate of 1 year every 365 days isn't fast enough, no.

However, when people are young and believe they have all the answers, bad things happen - In history, it was always the most cocky people that got beaten to a pulp. I've known people who happily snuck into clubs thinking it was the best night of their life - A rite of passage into adulthood, a headstart on the slow process of aging, but most of all, simply to feel good. The result of this? Bad things that shouldn't have happened since they were too innocent and childish to see it coming. This is the reason drugging and rape become so easy for grown men to do at clubs and other nightspots.

Remember that underage party at MOS a while ago? Yeah, that proves my point.

Aging is a natural process, don't rush it. Besides, staying young for as long as possible is probably a good thing.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Gosh, it's been a while since I made an entry.

Anyway, Germaine got sent to the hospital today. Thankfully, nothing serious. How in the world it happened, I have no idea. Why I have such delayed reactions, I have no idea. Well, the good thing that came out of it is that econs remedial got stopped prematurely, so no complaints. Besides, exploring CGH was rather fun, ecspecially since I never went to the A&E section before, since all the CIP I did in sec 2 was rather boring stuff.

However, if I was having amnesia and the only two things I could remember was my name and econs notes, I'd be absolutely terrified, because that's a whole bunch of non-material welfare down the drain.


It appears that everywhere, no matter where you are, people get discriminated based on 1 of 2 things 1) outward appearance, 2) weird habits. The latter I understand pretty well. It's one thing to be quirky ; It's another to act like a demon out of a prototype Ghostbusters movie.

The former, however, is rather rampant, due to the lack of human knowledge. Asians get discriminated in Europe, you're Chinese, which means that you're somewhere in proximity to Malaysia, which links you Islam, which links to terrorism, which means discrimination. Ask a Singaporean what he knows about France and he'll tell you 1 of 3 things : 1) They eat snails. 2) Thierry Henry/Zinedane Zidane! 3) Napoleon.

The point is, when people think about a foreign society, they only think of the peak of civilisation, or the absolute rock bottom of it(more likely, humans have this thing about them). However, you'd realise that in everyday civilisation, people still go to school like us, get jobs much similar to ours, scold and swear much like us, love one another like most of us do. Which means that, regardless of wealth, skin colour, sexual organs and a host of other factors, all humans are basically the same.


GP exam was on tuesday. Wasn't very easy, infact I found it rather difficult. Still, the topics were actually rather interesting, what with gender equality being obviously not-present in today's society, even more so since I experience it everyday I go to school, which also explains partially the string of ponnings recently. Incidentally, I proceeded to blesphemize the entire female gender, which -should- get me a zero for my AQ, if nothing else.


On another random note, never, ever, ask me to cut something for you. I tried to help today by cutting paper, but the terrible truth is that when a pair of scissors in my hand navigates paper, the end result often looks more like a non-functioning kidney rather than a heart.