Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Chinese is my life.

Chinese is my life.

Chinese is my life.

Chinese is my life.

Chinese is my life.

And that completes my daily chanting in preparation for the O levels next monday :D


I'm really beginning to doubt the administrative ability of Ang & co, also known as the school board. The extra 2 hrs of chinese lessons a day are really not helping. Nothing goes in. And I don't really enjoy having a 58-year-old man poke fun at me and calling me a bei2 ji1 xiong2 (polar bear in chinese). And the school is again calling the police back to talk about how to *gasp* prevent thefts. Which again is total and utter rubbish. If people want to steal they will, no matter what you do *coughcoughmokcough*. Like there's a need to tell us to keep our valuable with us every year. Maybe I should just skip the talk. In fact, I should just stay home and do my revision. Sigh.

Got back my results.

EL- 62.9- B4 (dunnoe wat i was doing)
CL- 65.0- B3 (Yayses. A bad CA score still pulled me down to a C5 tho:( )
ML- whoops. nevermind.
Physics- 49.0- D7 (erk. Still improved tho. My closest to a pass ever)
History/SS- 48.7- D7 (again, my closest to pass throughout my upper sec life)
A maths- 46.6- D7 (also my closest to a pass. Note: 3 people pass in the class)
Emaths- 62.4 B4 (average average. ho hum)
Chemistry- 50.0- C6 (surprisingly, my homework pulled this up to a C6)
Lit- 69.5- B3 (bleh. Almost an A. Oh well, I probably don't deserve it anyway)

L1R5: 27
MSG: 5.125
Average Score: 56.7625

Oh well. I never really worked anyway.


I really need to learn how to template my blog. If anyone wants to teach me how, drop me an email at Thanks.


Saturday, May 22, 2004

Heh. A couple of movie reviews.

Troy: To put it simply, it's like watching lord of the rings again.

Scene where greeks charge to wall: Hmmm....should be ogres?
Paris: *Watches him shoot* EI? Legolas? *Imagines Orlando BLoom's resume*

Name: Orlando Bloom

Was Legolas in Lord of the rings


Ahem. Anyway, that's not to take anything away from Troy. The effects were still great, there was actually an ongoing storyline, and there was enough action. I do, however, have a few grips with the movie. Firstly, Paris gets to live. How can something like that happen? Paris is the most weak, cowardly hero ever. Secondly, There were too many half-nude scenes of Brad Pitt etc. It's almost as if the producers were banking on Brad Pitt to pull female audiences. There should be more love scenes/ fights. I still don't know why Achilles likes the priest girl so much. Thirdly, the storyline was a comedy told in a tragic manner. I won't give away too much to those who haven't watched it yet:)


Shrek 2: Great movie. Love the animation and the characters. Somewhat cliched, but still funny. bit too short tho. There's not really much to say here cos the movie dosent exactly have alot of depth. Just watch it and laugh.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Well! Exams are over. And with Life being the biatch that it is, Chinese Os are coming up. Not that I'm gonna study:P

At Renhao's place now....

Bertrand and NCK are PCCing. Their hands move back and forth, and they sweat through their shirts. Ah yes, the stress of Playing Chinese Chess. I watch and laugh.

Took mrt yesterday...saw sth farni. THere were these 3 filipino maids sitting together. Then one old man come in n sit beside them. 5 minutes later, the old man leans over one of them with his mouth right open. Now one of the girls was starting to feel uncomfortable. THEN THE OLD MAN STARTS TO DROOL. Now this may not be his fault. Maybe he has a jaw prob. Then the girl starts to cry and rushes out. Her frens follow her.

Oh well, not much else to say 2dae.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

w00t! I'm back after 2 months!

Tried to sign up for Singapore Idol. Went to the website. For the record, here's what I wrote.

My Profile
Blah Blah

Who are your idols?
Freddie Mercury, Yoko Kanno, Larry Bird, Dave Price, The Judges for Singapore Idol

How well can you sing?
Not bad. Try listening in on me when I'm bathing.

Why should we pick you?
Why shouldn't you pick me?... Fine, don't pick me. It's not like I need this competition to get a recording contract anyway.

Have you had any experience in the entertainment industry?
Well, I will after Singapore Idol. Besides that,

What's your proudest achievement to date?
I have too many achievements to name.

Describe youself in ten words.
Well, I only need two to do just that. Oops!

Anyway, after i fill in the form, i click but noooooooooooo, I'm not old enough. zzzt.


Midyear exams were a mess. Since this would be the last exam of no consequence, students would think it would be too late to kick them out of the school if they flunked their exams.So, they slack. The teachers, thinking the same, decided to set killer papers.


Needless to say, this exam many people shall fling.


Why is it that when people start a sentence with "needless to say", They just continue saying what they intended to? Yet another paradox of human nature.


If you took notice of this notice, you will notice that you should not have noticed this notice as this notice is of no notice at all and should therefore not be noticed!


Taking chinese O level at end of the month. Bummer. Never before have chicken scratches decided the outcome of my future.


Just watched 50 first dates yesterday, (yes, im outdated. Deal with it.) It's not a bad movie. It's just that women often do a very bad job at being funny *coughmrsdecought*coughmstangcough* . At least Adam Sandler was there to save the show. For those who watched happy gilmore, you know what I mean.


Bought cowboy bebop dvds yesterday too. IT ROX. It's not your run of the mill japanese anime where any combination of big robots, weird people with even weirder hairstyles mindlessly fighting, women showing skin, or young guys falling in love can happen. In fact, it's more like what you'd expect from a Jacky Chan movie, except in series. For those thinking of the Jacky Chan cartoon on kids central, give me your address and I will take a cab down to personally slap your face. I burned throgh 7 episodes already. I hope I don't burn it out too fast tho. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.


Bad things, however, never seem to come to a close. The rich live in fear of their money being mok'ed, erm, stolen, while the poor live wishing they were rich. It's the same logic in that no matter how well off or downtrodden you are, you will always have trouble. Life's a bitch, and there's no trainer that can tame it.


I'm done ranting for now.