Wednesday, December 29, 2004

It's strange how deceiving voices can be. Take an incident when I called Lim Yun's house a while back.

Girl: Hello?
Me: May I speak to Lim Yun?
Girl: Hold on please.

Her voice sounded quite pleasant, to be honest.

Me(to Daryl): Lim Yun's sister chio ar?
Daryl: *laughs*


And yesterday morning.

I set aside yesterday to clean my room and pack my stuff for the new year. I woke up at 10. At 10.30, I looked at the mess that was my room, took a deep breath, and....

the phone rang.

Me: Hello?
Handsome man's voice(HMV): Wilfred ar?
Me: ya. Who's this.
HMV: Andrew la.

See what I mean?


Anyway, Andrew and Xi-wei convinced me to go watch Kung Fu Hustel(as andrew pronounces it) with them and Samuel. Before that we ate Yuki Yaki. What can I say. It was fun. Andrew refused to let me do the cooking though, after a previous episode at seoul garden.

Also, I got my $150 for good progress award(or GPA). I'll just let it rot in the bank though.

Speaking of GPA, I was telling Jeremy Leck(who narrowly missed an MVP spot) about GPA. His first reply was " What GPA? Gary payton shoes ar?" (Only basketball fans would understand).


Two movie reviews.

Kung Fu hustle : 10 times better than Alexander. It was pretty funny. Even the premise and context of the movie is funny. For some reason, watching men in black suits dance with axes is funny. Either that or I haven't been seeing too many chinese shows. Nontheless I found it hilarious. Some parts of the movie were golden. Like the 3 knives part, which resulted in Stephen Chow's lips resembling stuffed crust pizzas. Also, it was funny seeing a buddha-esque cloud form in the sky. I wish stuff like that happened in real life. All in all, a pretty good movie. Should take priority over most other movies at this time.

Phantom of the Opera : Saw this today. Well, if nothing else, it's a breath of fresh air. You don't see a lot of musicals in cinemas nowadays. Despite a lack of plot, the setting and props were pretty well done, and the music wasnt bad. There were some parts where I just wasn't paying attention though, when the plot became even more stale, or when the song just wasn't nice. It was kinda funny to see 2 guys singing, but with one trying to kill the other. I did kind of enjoy it however, despite its obvious faults. It's not something you can compare any movie to.

It's strange how the 2 best movies I saw during the holidays featured pretty much nobodies, while a show with 12 superstars turns out to be a dud.


Sorry for making fun of you Emma. =(


Soccer commentary : I like watching exciting matches, even though I'm a Villa fan. I don't just watch the matches of clubs I support, like a girl who only watches Man U matches for Ronaldo. I would put a hyperlink here, but I'm lazy to.

After half a season, Chelsea stand at the top of the table. Man U won 7 of their 8 matches and look to catch up, but you know and I know that they won't. They got lucky against Aston Villa, which gave United a game even with a squad ravaged by injuries. Villa are now tenth in the table after four successive losses.

Exciting Sides: Villa, Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City, Crystal Palace, Blackburn, Newcastle. If you like graceful, attcking football, watch these sides. Not to mention they have some handsome players Not like Ronaldo.

Boring Teams: Chelsea(you know their gonna win anyway), Man U, Everton, Charlton, Southampton, West Brom(you know their gonna lose anyway). Watch mathes from these teams when you have insomnia. And you'll sleep like a baby. That's right, you'll wake up every two hours as you dream of watching their matches. Avoid these like the plague unless they play with an exciting team.


Essentials like Food and clothes are being collected at 19 Delhousie Lane, just behind Tekka Mall, which I have no idea how to get to, for the Sri Lankan victims.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Quite a tiring day. Went to queensway in the afternoon, with Daryl and Yun. We were later joined by the MVP, the SUPERSTAR, the LEGEND, t-mok. Anyway, I bought my 2 pairs of shoes. One black converse shoes, and a Nike Airforce. We bluffed Denys that I bought Tony Parker shoes. He was close to kissing my feet. muahahaha.


This was followed by badminton, which I arrived for about 1 hour late. Didn't really care tho. Barely played. I was more concerned about getting my money back, after Denys' amazing feat of bringing $10 to book 2 badminton courts for 2 hours.


Marcus and co. wanted to play basketball at the court near my place after that, but it rained while I was slacking at home, so a very kind Samuel was happy to lead them to my house, even though his house was closer. As a result, I had 5 sweaty guys sitting in my room after that. Talked nonsense for a while, as Mok preyed on my manga. He even wanted to stay the night. Wtf.

Halfway through, Daryl farted. All of us decided to leave the house.

I'm not going in for a while.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

MVPs of 2004, batch 2: people outside VS

1) Glad and Jo. Even after pskl we continued to do stuff together. It was pretty cool. And we've maintained our friendship till now. Kudos.

2) Cheryl Ip. Because you asked me to =). Ok this girl I've known since sec2. Put up with my crap outside school for quite a while. Now she's become a really "vain" person who likes to dress up. hmmm.

3) Watabe Naoto. Formerly from VS, moved on to MJC. So I'll be seeing him there. Another great friend who listens to me a lot. Must be somewhat intelligent at least, since he can get a girlfriend and still get promoted amid the stressful life of MJC. Also got me really into anime.

4) Kelvin Ng. One of the few reasons why I could even expect to not fail A maths this year. One of the best A maths teachers around. Juniors, if you're reading this, go to Mavis.


And more unsung heroes.

1) John Ang. Good friend who has no qualms about being cheated of money. Also someone I can rely on, in the year I've known him. Props to him for losing so much weight from Sec 1 till now, something I can only dream of.

2) Bertrand Tan. For letting me suan him endlessly. As much as I found him irritating, I must admit it was fun being around him.

3) Wang Weiye. Thanks to him I have my anime and anime soundtracks.

4) Sean Tan/Daniel Koh/Mason Choo. Great people to talk nonsense with. Also the people who first introduced me to pool.

5) Tan Wen Hao. Christened as the boy next door. Not a bad guy to talk to. At least he can keep secrets. Also his catch phrases result in people laughing, most of the time.

6) Jessica/Beatrix/Melissa. Three of the few female friends I have had in my secondary school life. I'm thankful for that.

7) Isaac, aka the boss. One of the few people in 4H who actually talks sense most of the time.

8) The Aston Villa team. For playing exciting football for me to watch.


Chelsea VS Aston Villa tonight. I will watch my beloved Villa get mauled. I'll be laughing if they even manage to draw. I won't even think about what I'll do if they win, because it won't happen.
Hope Man U loses to Bolton.


Buying shoes tomorrow at queensway. Whoopee. Anybody wanna come?


According to Denys, I am the easiest person to recognize in Singapore.


Weny out with Denys and Marcus today to play ball. We must be really good, because we actually managed to get 5 more people to play with us, on a Sunday too.


As lucky as I am, there are some things I just cannot get lucky in, since I like jumping out the aeroplane without knowing how to operate the parachute. I wonder if the parachute will open when I jump the third time.


Breaking news : There has been an earthquake, followed by a 5m high tidal wave around the Indian Ocean area. The death toll has ascended to above 1000, with some 1 million people being affected as well. I feel bad for them.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Xmas eve : Went bowling with Mason, Daniel and Wilbur. It's been a while. And Mason actually got a >200 game. lol. He was the only person who actually got 3 digits though. Everyone else = thrashed.

This was followed by pool at republic with Andrew and Farand. Apparently, Farand is working at a high-end cafe at Suntec City. And will be till June. Will go visit him sometime. And I am still a lucky idiot at pool. So, not much has changed.


Spent the evening at chomp chomp, a food center in Serangoon. Don't ask how I ended up there. Met Phoebe, whom I haven't seen in quite a while. The food was not bad, although all Joe called for was hot stuff, so I had to settle for satay making up most of my meal.

Mr Wong : I was at Chomp Chomp. hehe.


MVPs of 2004 :

1) Marcus, Wilbur and Denys. For putting up with my nonsense these 2 years, and letting me use your ps2s. And for teaching me Amaths. And for playing basketball with me. Khakis united.

2) Andrew Ong. You deserve a spot for yourself. A friend of four years, Andrew has stood by me for four years, through my "not really a likeable person" period into my "racist period" into my current "slacker" period. His jokes and shenanigans are stuff I will remember for a long time. Not to mention he's slimmed down a LOT too. :)

3) Mr Wong LS, Yeo Xi-wei and Reyneth Lay. The men of countless wisecracks.

4) George Bush. For retaining his presidency, and making sure the world stays the same. Just the way I like it.

5) Benjamin Mok Hong Quan. Because he is THE MVP.

6) Goh Ciping. For being so cute, and telling me I can sing and making me actually believe it.


Unsung heroes of 2004:

1) Andrew Chua, aka PM Chua. Amid all the complaining, I just have to admit that he is really an extremely intelligent person. Just that everything he knows has nothing to do with him. Really a funny guy too. Not to mention he put up with 4H's nonsense for quite a while. Give him a few years, and he will overthrow S. R Nathan if he wants to. Hope he includes me in the new CCP. (Chua's Capitalist Party)

2) Phoon Zi Xiang, Srinivasan Viswanathan, Darren Tan. Co- founders of the Ciping Fan Club. Also producers of uncountable remarks that send me laughing. Will be seeing Zi Xiang in MJC. Srini is going to NJ or AJ, and Darren aka Kuang is off to VJ or TJ. Conclusion : Being a fan of Ciping gives you good results.

3) Rest of 4H.


Just realized I haven't cleaned my room. Shit.


Who wants to go buy shoes with me?

A recap of 2004. I apologize for the staleness of this entry. Am not currently in the mood.

Jan - March : Warm up period of the year. At this point, nothing's really changed, except for the fact that suaning becomes more blatant than ever. Around this time I pick up basketball. I also pick up the habit of going to other people's house to play their ps2s. Donald Leo is introduced as CME teacher of 2004. Good times. De Souza remains lit teacher. Bad times. Maggie retains accent. We make fun of it. More good times. I fail Amaths again. Oh well. Ciping fan club is founded by Darren, Srini and Zi Xiang. Outside of that, no idea what's going on. Ego rises.

April : I try to quit Red Cross for the 2nd time. Mrs Raj decides to turn on the Indian fury and scares me away. Dramafest 2004. Am demoted from emcee to doorman. Slack slack. Nothing happens on April Fool's day. Am disappointed. I sit beside Ciping for the first time. Fan club is jealous. Lessons start becoming more fun too. Anti-Bertrand movement heats up.

May : Mid year exams. Screwed it up. It does come back to help me later though. Sometime around here SQ submitted a complaint to MOE about Maggie. She cries in class. While we should be pitying her, a number of us actually found it funny, because of the fakeness of it. have a semi-permanent seat beside Ciping. I am blessed.

June : Holiday period. Still has no idea what is going on. Starts to notice that I am in deep shit. Nostalgia starts to set in. Andrew becomes more vain. Laughter ensues.

July- August : High tension period. Teachers get fiercer. Students show more attidude. I sit there and watch. De Souza gets really mad with me. I am happy. More work given, not all of which is done. With more stress, suaning rate also becomes higher, at the expense of Bertrand and others.

September : Prelims. Enough said. I am asked to exchange papers. Denys starts laughing at me.

October : Famous dialogue by Miss Tang, in which Mok had "no skill, no talent and no effort". While I agree that she was mean, I had to agree with her as well. Nothing notable happens around here.

November : O level month. After that, Wilbur loses his handphone. More importantly to Andrew Chua, US elections. He wanted Kerry to win. Too bad for him.

December: Now.

If I missed out other events, I challenge other Victorians to blog about it.

If I wanted a christmas present, it would be to experience this wonderful year all over again. This is the stuff legends are made of. Well, "legends".


Shit. I'm spending Christmas at home. I need to go out.


next update : MVPs of 2004, and unsung heroes.

Friday, December 24, 2004

It seems so weird. Time is flying so quickly. Before I know it, school is starting in less that 2 weeks. Noooooooooo. Yet another case for starting the jc term late.

Seriously, life is so monotonous. School, exam holidays, school, exam, holidays. The fact that I look back on my life and all society will recognize me by is a bunch of certificates is sad. Carpe diem my brother's broken foot.


Funny incidents that happened yesterday but I neglected to mention.

Andrew cut the sleeves of his old PE t-shirt, so he could show off his muscles. So while playing basketball, he decides that it would make him look smart to jump and wave his arms in the air. While this is happening, Xi-wei runs past Andrew, and bam! gets owned. If getting a face full of armpit hair isn't pwnage, I don't know what is.

Mok points to the air suddenly and says, "God...." Xiwei looks up, see nothing. Andrew looks up, sees nothing. Mok continues on his "God" chanting, before finishing with "Got....wu yun(dark clouds)." We burst out laughing.

French teenagers mug Santa Claus

A group of French teenagers have mugged Father Christmas, attempting to steal his sack of presents.
The man dressed as Santa Claus was handing out sweets in the southern town of Ales when things turned nasty.

One of the teenagers demanded extra sweets and, when the red-cloaked Santa refused, he and his friends started kicking and pummelling the man.

The teenager and his friends, all about 15 years of age, were eventually scared off by passers-by.

Father Christmas suffered multiple bruises and has lodged a criminal complaint, the AFP news agency reported.

-Wow. That is a contender for headline of the year.

web url for reference:


Dilemma later. Donate blood with Marcus OR bowling with Mason OR nba game at home, slack at home OR watch a movie with John.


I'm more or less over it.


It's time things started going my way.


Coming soon- A recap of 2004!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

It hasn't been my couple of days. Yesterday and today, I've more or less been maimed.

First was soccer yesterday morning. I was looking forward to saying hi to my juniors, taking some pictures of VS as a final momento, and settling into a game of soccer. Instead, when I arrived, the first notable incident was Nicholas swearing at me for making a crack on his diablo II cd, instead of thanking me for actually bothering to reutrn it to him. I mean, I could have lent it to Mok.

So we go to a random street soccer court to play. Within 5 minutes, I tripped over a jutting tree trun- er, Siva's leg and fall on the base of my palm. Ouch #1. 10 minutes after that, the same person, or truck in this case, proceeded to ram into me like I was a cinder block and he was competing for World's strongest Man. A few minutes after that, yet another eschewed shot from Nicholas rebounds off my lips and almost into goal. Lucky my lips didnt swell. Or I'll be like Mok now.

Then, badminton in the afternoon. Not really painful, but playing for two hours is not easy. Not to mention Daryl was pestering me to go to town with him so he could get his $56 Mambo bag. Marcus decided he wanted to play basketball after that, since Xi-wei happened to be around with a ball, and also decided that it would be fun to take us on a walk around his neighbourhood.

Was pretty much the same thing today. Basketball in the morning, badminton in the afternoon. During basketball, Marcus again decided it would be fun to wrench the ball from my arms by grabbing it and playing with the ball-and-socket joints in my shoulder. Now my shoulders hurt. Arrrr.


Just bought the Eminem cd today. Yes, I'm living in the stone age.

Note: Am still looking for cds by Black Mages. Anyone can help?


I think John is slightly pissed at me.


Marcus wants to donate blood tomorrow. Should I go?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Upon deciding that my new hair looks like crap, I wore a cap out today.


Badminton today. Was not bad. Not very tiring though. Super slack today. It's been too long since I last played. Today's squad was not bad. There was a complete lack of doubles playing though, which I enjoy.

Also, I had the pleasure of punching Denys in the back today. He told me to hit a spot, and I hit it. It's not my fault he was pointing to his spine.


Bought gel today. Gatsby something. Now I just need someone to teach me how to style it.


Submitted my appeal for MJC today, er, yesterday. In John's words, it would be a case for rofl of the year if I don't get in. (rofl= rolling on floor laughing)


I am 3rd in the fantasy nba. Well, at least I'm higher than Mok now. Incidentally, Mok was first for a few days, much to everyone else's embarassment. Hope my pile of guards will carry me through.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Wilbur went out of his way to diss/make fun of me/mention me on his blog. I feel flattered.
vtc barbeque. Stupid stupid stupid. Even after I arrived over an hour late the fire only started a short while ago. Even with Daryl "the bang" Gan manning the flames that would cook (or leave uncooked) our food, there just wasn't enough. Not to mention I didn't know 90% of the people there. So I left early with Denys.


Been feeling blue during nights recently. Dunno why. I need to be busy. To take my current situation out of mind. To phase me out of this state of incohesion. To pull me back to reality. Most importantly, to forget this painful week.


I have a swelling on my forehead. And the skin on it is peeling off. It hurts.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Fell asleep at 8 last night. Not sleeping for a day does pay off sometimes. Best sleep I had in quite a while.


PAE is out. Was out at 8.30am yesterday. Maybe it's because I went for the CO trials. Maybe I'm just lucky. But I got into TJC. You'd think I would be overjoyed.

Lots of people are being pissed at me and calling me stupid, because

1) Most of the people who did better than me didn't get in, comfirming the fact that I am a lucky idiot, and
2) Even though I got into TJC, I'm appealing. Nevermind that, I'm appealing to MJ.

There are logical reasons for this.

1) Meridian sounds cooler than Temasek.
2) More people I know going to Meridian. Strength in numbers.
3) How is a 14-pointer like me supposed to survive in Temasek without working his ass off?

If anyone can give me a good answer to #3, I'd probably stay.

But let's not talk about PAE anymore.


It's scary when someone looks in your direction and starrts screaming in dialect.


I got a haircut yesterday. The mop is gone. Stupid barber. Now I look even worse.


The 4H nba fantasy league has just gone underway. Marcus has superstars like Dirk Nowitski, Dwayne Wade, Zach Randolph, Pau Gasol and Emeka Moka- er, Okafor and Steve Nash, and looks to have the best team. Denys looks to come in 2nd with hits like Jason Richardson, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Amare Stoudamire, Brad Miller, Chris webber, Rashard Lewis adn Richard Jefferson. He also got Gilbert Arenas in a mugging of Wilfred "I need power forwards" Lau, for an inconsistent Carlos Boozer.

The 3rd- 6th spots will be a struggle between myself, Wilbur, Xi-wei and Mok, whom Denys has already written off. Mok has a decent team, with Superstars such as Andrei Kirilenko(injured till late jan, early feb next year) and Jermaine O' Neal (banned 30 games for punching a fan during a brawl), so the rest of the team will have to cover up. Once he gets back to full strength he might be a force. Also, he has Marion.

Wilbur has a decent team containing MVP(no, not you mok) Kevin Garnett, Western all-star Peja Stojakovic, Paul Pierce, Antoine Walker, Kenyon Martin and Chinaman Yao Ming. Xi-wei has a team containing 2 of the best centers in the NBA, Shaq and Ben Wallace. They are accompanied by Kobe Bryant and Mike Bibby.

I have a stupid team. Basically it consists of a bunch of guards and a few other guys. Should be fine after a bit of sorting out. I also got the short end of the stick from Denys(see above).

Mok tried to cheat me. Heh.


I need to go to someone's house. For some reason I can't access my hotmail inbox.


vtc barbeque later. hmmm.


Friday, December 17, 2004

I was sleepless. Perhaps I am more affected than I think I am. Even guys have to cry sometimes.


And the conflict between the mind, body and heart rages on....
Uhm. Went Escape today. And John was right. It does qualify as the nut low of theme parks in South East Asia, and if you're the nut low in SEA, you're the nut low in the world. There was pretty much only 1 good ride, and my slippers were threatening to fly out anytime. And John was pretty much comparing anything and everything to the theme park in Thailand.

That being said, was kind of in a bad mood today, but tried my best not to pour cold water on birthday girl Jessica. Sorry if I did.


Also went to visit Zhiqi at E-zone today. Denys finds her scary. heh.


PAE results coming out soon.I pretty much know which JC I'm going to anyway, so I might as well not check.


It's amazing how much you can learn by doing nothing and letting people talk.


Head in a muddle right now. What is going on?

-Wilfred, in a downward spiral

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Um. Played tennis yesterday. Fun, but kinda gets boring after a while. Also, having so few tennis balls and having to worry about hitting them over the fence and to the next condo does things to you. Not much else happened. I shall exclude the rather comical epilogue of the day.


National Treasure.

Quite good, really. The charm and allure of treasure hunting does that to you. The movie kept me *almost* on the edge of my seat, even if most of the movie was spent talking and stuff. I think it's because a person gets more and more immersed into the plot as Nicholas Cage and co. find more and more clues to the treasure, while being chased down by Rich Bad Guys. It's pretty exciting, the way the scenes rapidly change. Gives you a sense of flurry and activity about the show. And being the stupid bugger that I am, I find myself interested in most of the movie, because most of my attempts to predict how the plot would progress went awry. The only part I got right was the clock tower shadow. Better than Alexander. If you don't like following plots(trust me this movie has one), watch Blade Trinity instead. However if you like moving action over fighting action, watch this, provided you know what's going on.

That being said, other than Nicholas Cage, the rest of the actors in the movies were pretty much nobodies. Good for Cage, bad for girls. Also, it gets strange when a thug is more handsome than the actors with lines.

Overall: better than most movies out now, but not a must-watch.


It's been a strange day. You know something is wrong when you get lost going to Orchard Cine, and only realized you've taken a wrong turn when you've reached Ngee Ann City. I proceeded to spend a good few minutes standing at HMV wondering where I went wrong until I saw a huge sign that said Orchard Cineleisure.

Also saw lotsa VS people at Orchard. First was Sean Lim at pastamania, and later at pool place. Also at pool place, bunch of 4C people I don't know. All I know is that one of them is a tofu king. Everyone does seem to recognize me nowadays though, unless I make a conscious effort to hide my face.

On the bus back to marine parade to play ball, Zher Ming aka Tom got onto the bus. Long story short, he tried to sneak in without paying his fare, got caught my the uncle, tried to blame the ez-link system, had an argument with the uncle in chinese, and when he realized he lost, yelled "F*CK YOU" to the uncle and got off the bus. Sheesh.


Ball was pretty fun today. The moment I came, I could see Xi-wei, Wilbur and Denys laughing at me from 20m away, even with my earphones on. I'd be glad if someone could fill me in on the reason why. And I was given weird stares when I told them I was in town wearing slippers. Also, Mok Marion Miller Mokgrady Mokafor made a rare appearance today, coming all the way from his hideout, or wherever he keeps his loot. Haven't seen him and Xi-wei in a while. It was fun.

And I seem to be more reckless nowadays. Just ask Denys and Xi-wei. =D

-Wilfred. With teh extra zing.

Monday, December 13, 2004

And so it came to pass that everything must come to an end. The sun has to set, people have to die, flowers will eventually wilt, and trees will succumb to the power of nature. And after all this happens, everything returns to Mother Earth and is repeated, starting from time immemorial, when the Mother Earth was still a little child, shaking and trembling, innocent without any feelings.

I guess it's back to basics for me too. Time to discard the past and break free from the shackles of circumstances and escape from the prison of feelings that is my heart. A new chapter of my life is beginning, and I shall face it without being chained down by my past, my feelings or my circumstance.

Watch out, world.
Argh. My eye hurts now. Had an accident with toothpaste. Somehow flicked some into my eye with the toothbrush. Ow ow ow. It burns, dammit!


I just realized I never have anything to do on weekends. Argh.

-Wilfred. Lacking brain juice right now.

Friday, December 10, 2004

hmmm. Past couple of days have been pretty much dominated by sports, mainly badminton and basketball. zzzt. Strangely, the more I play badminton, the worse my basketball gets. Shit. I need to play somemore. Then again, it's not good to play with people who are too good.

Today was funny though. It probably won't sound funny when i type it here though. So I'll just say this. 1 air-ball= 20 push-ups. Heh.


Blade : Trinity. Better than Alexander, but still not very good, mostly because of the lack of plot. Wesley Snipes does kick ass though. Him trying to do a koochie koochie koo to a baby = hilarious. Ryan Reynolds is not bad too. Jessica Biel = customary woman. Dracula looks like a white poser though. Sheesh.

The action was pretty good, actually. And now Vampires die in a really cool way. If you want to watch this movie, watch it for the graphics and action, not to see how the story ends. (because it dosen't seem to)

The storyline is just....there. It dosen't really do anything other than set the stage for witty one-liners and more action.

Overall: Nice to watch, if you don't like to think too much.


Good- looking movies to come:

Phantom of the Opera
Batman Begins
Fantastic Four
some new movie involving the mask (dosen't have Jim Carrey though, so doubtful)
Ocean's twelve (maybe...)


Villa hasn't been winning much lately. Shit.

Really hope Man U does start losing soon. All the Man U fans around me are starting to make me hate Man U even more, even if they're NOT title contenders.


In other news, Andrew still hasn't found his Mogu. And he feels like his world is coming tumbling down on him.


More news.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004
News staff writer
MONTGOMERY - An Alabama lawmaker who sought to ban gay marriages now wants to ban novels with gay characters from public libraries, including university libraries.

A bill by Rep. Gerald Allen, R-Cottondale, would prohibit the use of public funds for "the purchase of textbooks or library materials that recognize or promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle." Allen said he filed the bill to protect children from the "homosexual agenda."

"Our culture, how we know it today, is under attack from every angle," Allen said in a press conference Tuesday.

Allen said that if his bill passes, novels with gay protagonists and college textbooks that suggest homosexuality is natural would have to be removed from library shelves and destroyed.

"I guess we dig a big hole and dump them in and bury them," he said.

A spokesman for the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center called the bill censorship.

"It sounds like Nazi book burning to me," said SPLC spokesman Mark Potok. Allen pre-filed his bill in advance of the 2005 legislative session, which begins Feb. 1.

If the bill became law, public school textbooks could not present homosexuality as a genetic trait and public libraries couldn't offer books with gay or bisexual characters.

When asked about Tennessee Williams' southern classic "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," Allen said the play probably couldn't be performed by university theater groups.

Allen said no state funds should be used to pay for materials that foster homosexuality. He said that would include nonfiction books that suggest homosexuality is acceptable and fiction novels with gay characters. While that would ban books like "Heather has Two Mommies," it could also include classic and popular novels with gay characters such as "The Color Purple," "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "Brideshead Revisted."

The bill also would ban materials that recognize or promote a lifestyle or actions prohibited by the sodomy and sexual misconduct laws of Alabama. Allen said that meant books with heterosexual couples committing those acts likely would be banned, too.

His bill also would prohibit a teacher from handing out materials or bringing in a classroom speaker who suggested homosexuality was OK, he said.

Allen has sponsored legislation to make a gay marriage ban part of the Alabama Constitution, but it was not approved by the Legislature.

Ken Baker, a board member of Equality Alabama, a gay rights organization, said Allen was "attempting to become the George Wallace of homosexuality."

Aside from the moral debates, the bill could be problematic for library collections, said Jaunita Owes, director of the Montgomery City-County Library, which is a few blocks from the Alabama Capitol.

"Half the books in the library could end up being banned. It's all based on how one interprets the material," Owes said.

Sigh. America.


To the asshole spamming my tagboard. I have you goddamn IP address. So don't think I can't track you down. Bastard. To think there are assholes like you who have nothing better to do than sit in front of the computer and spam people makes me feel bad. I'd feel bad for you and your lame life it you weren't such a dickhead.


Going to Fish & co. tomorrow. There's another hole in my pocket.

-Wilfred, blogging less often

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Haven't blogged in a while. I feel guilty.


Okay. First thing's first, my photo site, co-owned by Marcus, is up! <-------Marcus' idea of a good name. Has style, he says. Oh well.

Just pics of chalet right now though, will put up more soon.


Nothing seems to be going right as of late. I won't talk about it.

Oh well. Got to relieve stress thru badminton yesterday. =)


hm, looks like I'll be watching National Treasure soon. Will put another review of it. Hope it won't be a huge disappointment like Alexander.


Congrats on getting into Tj choir Mel!

-Wilfred. Not in the mood right now.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I feel so stupid, putting Alexander on my must-watch list.

I thought it would have stunning effects like Troy.

I thought it would'nt have alot of confusing names.

I thought it was cool, since it's m-18.

But noooooooooooooo.

Firstly, Colin Farrell looks admonishing with a blond mullet. I don't understand why. I think Oliver Stone wanted to follow the trend of putting good-looking guys into skirts and calling them historical figures.It was, however, somewhat fitting since he was gay, at least in the movie. I still think he looked better in phone booth though.

Secondly, the bloody story drags on FOREVER. literally. I was sitting in my chair waiting for the movie to finish after alexander got carried off on the shield. But the movie dragged on for like another....45 mins? It could be compared to LoTR in this aspect, except that LoTR was nice.

Thirdly, not enough action, dammit. There were a total of 2 action scenes in the movie, and they were badly done. And there was no fighting. Troy had Hector vs Achilles and Paris vs hairy old guy. This had.....people talking. I can't believe they tacked on an m-18 rating for ONE rape scene though. Maybe it's the homosexual thing.

Fourthly, confusing storylines. There were so many names I couldn't even bother to remember them. There was also a conflict over how many wives Alexander took in the end, even though I think it was 1 1/2, yes, there was a woman who looked like a man in the show, which carried no notable significance.

Fifth, there were so many unintentionally funny moments. The entire audience was literally laughing at the gay parts.

Alexander's best friend: Alexander, *insert gibberish about him being through alot*, yet you still strike me so.
* Roars of laughter *
You are all that I need.
* More laughter *.

And then there was the scene where this guy in a turban, who for some strange reason is called Darius, turns around, stone faced, to his army, and puts up a double V sign. I was laughing, although less people found it funny.

But nothing takes the cake away from one of the final scenes. Alexander's best friend was dying in bed due to poisoning, and Alexander told him to hang on. He proceeded to look out the window and talk about where they will conquer, how their children will play like they once did and take over their empire.

He turns back, and his friend is dead, either from poisoning or boredom.

Conclusion: don't watch this. It's not worth the 3 hrs of your life. It's not worth the effort if you sneek in. It's not worth the $6.50 or more you spend on it. Unless you REALLY like Colin Farrell, or butchered history, or are a hardcore fan of war movies, or are gay, or a girl drags you to watch it.


Badminton today. Pretty meh. Wasn't alert. Hence, every shot was a smack. Must learn to think a bit more. Not mugging makes the mind turn dull. Not to mention there were too many people around to really concentrate.


Took up more memory during these 2 days. Will look to finish it off tml while playing pool.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Back from chalet.

It was fun at times.

Played daidee and bummed around for most of the chalet. Bumming is fun. Didn't sleep for 1st night, playing ps2. I won Mok in winning 11, which I didn't play for a while. Him: Man United. Me: Aston Villa. What a fluke. He dosen't know how to take penalties.

Also, Andrew learnt the breaststroke on the 2nd day. Even if he does do it slower than people walk in water. I also found a way to sleep in the swimming pool, being the slacker that I am. Ha!

Barbeque: Not bad. Spent alot of the time talking with Jotham Wong, who spent most of his time making fun of Denys. Most of the work was done by Mok and Tiger. Both surprisingly did a rather good job. I am glad I spent my time outside talking nonsense, instead of inside the chalet playing ps2. Still don't understand the appeal of Grand Theft Auto.

Went to the park/beach to watch tat chung and ze hong play with rockets. Was pretty fun watching Andrew, the born construction worker, bend wires with a pair of scissors. Also, since they needed people to block the wind, and since there were a bunch of bored asses at hand, we volunteered. However, wimps like Andrew and Denys would run upon seeing the sparks, causing the rocket to fail miserably in its flight. Thing would typically go like this.

*forms a human wall*
Andrew: Don't run ar.
Denys: Okay.
Wilbur: Don't
*Zehong lights rocket, sparks fly*
Denys: aahhhhhhhh
Wilbur: Stay!
Andrew: aahhhhhhh!*runs*
Denys: *runs*
Wilfred: oei! *stands there looking like an idiot*

*rocket falls over*

By the tenth rocket, we had already become seasoned veterans, and pledged not to run, since it was the last rocket. This time, however, fate would decide to have some fun and launched the rocket straight at us, catching Andrew in the eye with sparks. I think Denys has the video. Must get it from him.

We slept on the park benches. It was pretty cool. How I managed to find myself waking up hugging the side of the bench, I have no idea. All I know is that I was having a good dream, at least till Denys woke me up.

After the episode, we walked back to the chalet, where 4 of us(Marcus, Me, Denys, Andrew) crammed onto the bed and wanted to sleep. Then Wilbur came in, and no more sleep occurred. Andrew got frustrated and left to sleep on the park bench. lol.

We didn't get to take a picture of the sunrise. knn.

2nd day was by birthday. Good thing I stayed on guard. They bought a cake for me, but didn't eat it till sometime around 9am, where after I had taken one small slice, got devoured by everyone in attendance(which was not alot), and displeasure arose, as could be seen from Andrew's blog.

Also, played basketball. Just didn't feel good that day. The rim was so bloody high, I was in jeans which I hadn't changed out of since the first day and had a groin abrasion as bad as the war in Iraq.

Played pool in the afternoon, but had to play with 9-foot tables. Quite a fun experience, using that other sitck you use to hold the cue up. It's more sturdy than my own grip, I must admit. And Leck has an amazing ability to make his own team lose.

Everyone went to play lan after that, but some of us left to return to the chalet, including myself. During this time, I learnt how fanatically crazy Darren(aka kuang) is about Diablo 2. It was funny just listening to him.

Watched Leck and Zul play daidee with Siva and Renhao. Watching 2 of them cheat with the other 2 oblivious was funny. Not to mention the noise one made when the other cheated. They both dyed their hair too, even if Zul did a much better job. Leck looks like a cosplayer.

Rest of chalet spent bumming around and sleeping in an uncomfortable position, sitting up. I did however wake up to find myself in a horizontal position.

And here I am, back at home, hung over like crazy.


I took some pictures during the course of the chalet. Will upload them as soon as someone teaches me how.


On a side note, Sly lost. I am happy. I will bitch about him later, if I dont get lazy.

-Wilfred, feeling dizzy