Friday, January 30, 2004

Ha....updating again. Got tons and tons of work which actually seems veri little. Bloody Loci....look so simple den so troublesome. Den the differentiation do until head spin most of it correct thouz..ha. Did quite badly for my revision tests.....jus passed my physics....den chem dunnoe y 13+3=26/40. I shldve got 5 grades lower. Hmmmm.

I've been kicking my own butt too much lately. Jus now. I've been sleeping at 8pm for the whole of dis wk. So sleepy. JUs now went to buy stuff wif kuang n wenhao....bought quite alot of poster lo. Den go home sleep on the train.... When i wake up the train turn at pasir ris lo....can jump down sia. It didnt rain tho...good times for me.

I've realized I cant study in a quiet room. I need the noise to concentrate. Best is listen to music I guess. Haha. Too quiet wait become scary....den cannot study. I chiong 6 hist. essays in 3 hrs listening to music. woot.

Not much else dis wk tho. SO yeah.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Yep....chinese year is here. I've already collected some hongbaos, with slightly under $200 in them. Yes, i open my hongbaos before new year is over. So sue me.

Went new year shopping on was freaking raining the whole day. I went to sunshine for a quite alot of stuff there. Den I wanted to walk back to dhoby gaut....but go wrong direction....den see simlim square....realized something was wrong....but still continue. Den i started to see a lot of roadside stalls n hear alot of chinese music *uh oh*. Den walk walk walk until bugis....n i still hadnt bought aniting. In the end went to parkway n bought everything. Haha. I also got all 26 episodes of Rahxephon. Buy 1 get 1 free is good times for me.

I'm probably not gonna pass up my history homework....which means I'll have to train my squatting skills. woot. Other than tt not much homework so can relax ya. How boring.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

School's been kinda fun as of late, due to the fact that teachers have stopped chasing me for my homework(not tt ive been doing) and that im finally getting better at my studies. Lol....titration was fun...ecspecially watching idiots like Srini n Jeremy suck unknown alkali X into their mouths with a pipette. N Srini screamed like a girl when Sean did the titration for him. Life is fun=)

Chinese new year's coming up. Which means red packet collection is imminent. Some say extra money is good. I still have to see my relatives tho....wat a not go watch them plae mahjong eat peanut. Oh well. It's like working I guess.

Nicholas has started collecting One Piece vcds. Which means I can start borrowing the episodes from him instead of waking up at 9am n wasting my precious sleep time. woot. Darren asked me 2 go sunshine plaza wif him on fri....but i no $$$....go there c stuff oso cannot i dun go. In the end dunno if he got go ornot.

Red Cross has been a complete bitch. I have nothing to do there. Sheesh.

Sigh...wont be updating for ya.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Wah lan...damn freaking bz these few days...mug like mad...den tuition oso like 5 days a wk liao....No time come online. Had physics n chem revision test 2dae....the physics ok lar...i noe tt the chem was ez...but i do until damn shag cos my chem is terrible. Its been a pretty boring week. Teachers this year are boring. Hmmm. I guess this would sum up my Sec 4 life.

Hellsing's been a blast. So cool. Alucard get head chop off still nv die....head n body turn into bats then form back together...muz c to believe.

Mrs Raj still won't let me quit Red Cross to study...sigh. Which means I still have to turn up like an idiot n stone there wondering abt my future. She sez I have to help the juniors through talentime or sth....Den suddenly I become some important figure for talentime power sia....HahaZ

I now have a reason to wake up at 9am on saturday mornings-One Piece. It's on Kids Central. Watch it and marvel. It's about this big pirate gang leader....Then b4 he die he left dis great treasure called the one piece behind....Den got tons of ppl searching 4 it. It's quite nice right now. Really.

Sigh. My life is boring.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Boy, do I feel stupid. Right after reporting the loss of my handphone to singtel, I search through my bag and find it. As it turns out, I put it in my bag to protect it from the rain, so when it wasnt it my pocket I thought I lost it. And I forgot to check my bag. Sigh. Now I have to reactivate my simcard. Troublesome.

Went for tuition 2dae. Miss 2 lessons den cannot catch up. Whole lession I o_O liddat lor. Gd thing Marcus in front of me so Mr Ng couldnt c my face.

Watch finish Vampire Hunter D liao. It is coolness defined a dvd. As it turns out, it was a japanese movie produced with american voice actors, so its not dubbed as I thought.The voice acting was great, the visual effects were surreal and the plot contained many twists that kept me on the edge of my seat. THe best part? It's not available in Singapore:D Hellsing is also coming on really nice, although the characters still aren't fully developed after 4 episodes. It's still cool though, the graphics are outstanding work from Gonzo again. For those who don't know, Gonzo is an animation studio famous for great, but unreal (but still popular) animation.

My lipstick is going away soon. W00t. I can move my upper lip too. Which means I can talk alot again. People are going to get very irritated this year. hehe. Also, form teacher Maragret "goldfish" ng says I have to drop a subject, while principal Ang Pow "Mole" Chew says I can go on probation. WHat should I do? I wonder what they can do if I just don't pass up my report book. hee. MOnday got physics test....should I study? i tink nvm lar...half the claz oso dunnoe thanx to irresponsible monitor mason so the test should be postponed n we get a piece of Ms Tang's PMS. Oh well. I'll just be sleeping in a corner. Even if theres a test, this physics stuff is easy. Easily an E8 without trying. Ha.

Thursday, January 01, 2004 monitor broke down. So now I'm using the monitor of my old com...the very lousy one. The screen dem small n the speakers r at the side. How pathetic.

Nothing much happened past few days. My lipstick's not getting better tho.n tml go back to skool liao....knn. Sure die wan. Mebbe can wear face mask n sae im protecting myself frm sars or sth. hmmm. But still......tml go back to skool. so sian. Den firday summore. Go there say hi to teachers den go home. Sigh. Quite sleepy liao. Nite.