Friday, July 30, 2004

Track & Field championships on wednesday. Weee. I didn't go. Probably a good thing though, even though I have to turn up at speech day. Raining quite heavily that day. Everyone got wet weeeeee. I went home to study. That's right, me study. Go call guinness. Buy 4D. So I was slacking at home. Den my handphone rang.

Me: Hello?
???:I'm at katong already.
???:I'm at katong cc now.
Me:Er...who's this
Me: *remembers I was supposed to get some papers from her* Oh. Uhhh. gimme half and hour.
Z: *screams* what? ookokok.
Me: go parkway meet can?
Z: *screams* But I'm not going so far!
Me:Fine. Wait for me.*hangs up**random swearing*

I then rushed out. Got the amaths papers from her. Then went to MP library to try Mr Sim's chem paper. Until 8. Den went mavis. Boring.

Finished the paper liao. Den she tell me to answer key. Looks like I have to go find Wilbur/Marcus/Nic now.


Denys is quitting physics tuition. So went without him on thurs. Strange how the time passes so fast without him. Hehe. Had fun with fellow schoolmates I bearly know at the back. Wenhao, myself, Elwin, Kashing and later Gan, Dimitra and shaun wong. Shaun asked me if he should take a bus or walk to the bus stop where he could take 55. So kiasu. Take note of all the times. Funny sia.


Went for isa's church performance on sunday. What can I say. Angels and old people are funny. And no, I was not touched. Sorry for not being emo.


Props and Slops of the week

Andrew Chua, for ponning Track wif me, and for complaining like only he can
Darren Kuang, for scoring his first ever soccer goal during PE.
Mr Wong, for giving us free periods by staying at home.

Ian. For being Ian.
The entire English department. For worshipping Amanda Chong so we had to read her compo twice this week. Sheesh

-Wilfred, who feels strange when people touch his neck

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hmmm. Pretty interesting week. Started off with lunch+dinner+next days breakfast at seoul garden with Andrew "handsome monster" Ong, Wilbur "My brain is a sponge" Lua and Marcus "Nabei I got 98 for amaths" Ng. First Andrew took a good 45 minutes to find an atm so he could draw money. Upon reaching Seoul Garden, we realized that we had to pay for our own cups. So we could get drinks. The bill came up to $45. Dayum. The ice cream tubs train your strength better than pull up bars. Pulled so hard that the whole freezer unit moved around. Seriously. Wilbur took 10 minutes to get 2 scoops of chocomint ice cream. Anyway, we started heating up the stove. Took about 20 minutes to warm up. Went to get food in the meantime. First thing I went after was stuff to add to the soup. Then Andrew reminded me I wasn't there to eat yong tau foo. Heh. So I started grabbing some szechuan chicken and black *cough* pepper *cough* beef. The beef cooked really fast but I couldn't figure out when the chicken was properly cooked. Then we started tossing stuff into the soup. Really salty cos we forgot to add veggies. When we finally did they couldn't go in properly. At this point of time Andrew and I went to get some prawns and meat for the soup. After a while we realized the meat stock was running low. So Wilbur went to "get some chicken". He came back with a plate full of garlic chicken. I got a mouthful of garlic. Anyway, we realized that 1) The prawns weren't shelled, 2) We ran out of soup and 3) I can't crack eggs for nuts. So we asked for another jug of soup and also pledged to outlast everyone at the restaurant. Some of the VS sec3s were there also. We eventually walked out at about 7.20 after 1)finishing our game of scrabble, 2) our soup had started tasting bitter and 3) Our spoons got taken away by a waiter pretending to clear the plates. Wilbur forgot his bag and we had to wait for him. wahahaha.


Racial harmony day on wednesday. Funny stuff. Stood by and laughed watching classmates play traditional kampong games. Zul's chapteh moment=hilarious.


Had physics prac after sch on friday. Golden.

Wenhao: *looks into basket* Hey Denys, where's my cock?

Everyone laughed at hearing that. Wenhao is hilarious.

Later on....

Denys: *checks experiment* Hey Wenhao, you forgot to return my cock.

And then there was me.

Me: (asking attendant) zhe4 xie1 fang4 zai4 na2 li3??(where do I put this)
A: Fang4 zai4 ni3 de3 lan2 li3.(put it into my basket)
Me: *looks for basket* Wo3 de3 lan3 eh?(where are my private parts?)

That makes it two weeks in a row I've done something stupid during physics prac.


Chem practical on tuesday. How screwed up. Everything was a white ppt in a colourless solution. I managed to dirty myself with some KMnO4 solution. I love FeSO4. It cleans stains. Yippie. And I have no idea how to smell for gases.

-Wilfred, who listens to 'trash' as branded by others

Friday, July 16, 2004

Had a really bad week. Think I'll just spend my weekend hibernating in my room. Sleep is good.Ecspecially after the incident involving Ms Tang, I don't wanna be thinking too much.
Skipped promotion ceremony today. Din wanna wear the tacky and uncomfortable rc uniform. And even if I wanted to, I forgot where I put it anyway. Hehe. The only part I can find is the beret. So yeah, I've given up at least 1 cca point. An argument can be made that I didn't deserve the promotion too. Which is true, to say the least.
School really is crap nowadays. Wong Li Meng can't teach A maths for nuts. And relative velocity is really, really hard. Still can't understand it. I'll just wait for Kelvin to teach it. He's my Amaths teacher. Just feel like giving up. Head's in a muddle. Can't organize my thoughts. Can't even organize the papers on my table. Sigh.
-Wilfred, who is afraid of big animals

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Okay, highlights of the week.

Kelvin Ng thinks Nicholas is a flirt. Think of that. Nicholas. A flirt. Hee. I snigger like a schoolboy just thinking of it. And it all started because of a little note that *xxx* passed to Mr Ng to pass to Denys instead of me. Apparently he dosen't trust me anymore after I told Leck about *xxx*.


Wenhao staring at his hand and asking "Is this my left hand?" Priceless.


Today was Eng mock exam day. Done it too many times. Do until bored. To the point that I don't even know what I'm writing anymore. Well, more mock exams=more mass lectures in the auditorium. Gotta enjoy the aircon.


Acid came back from his 1st 3 weeks of NS today. Listened to him for about an hour. Laughing all the way. He told me about how he completed 2.4km in 4 minutes with an injured back...

... in a landrover. What the hell?


Had a chance to sit down and listen to my week-old anime soundtracks. Hmmm. I just happened to choose those that have lots of English songs in it. Not my cup of tea, but still nice. Country and jazz mainly. Easy listening. Good stuff.

-Wilfred, who has a cool tongue

Friday, July 09, 2004

I just screwed up my oral, and here's how.

Examiner: You may start reading now.
Me: aibnevbvga
Me: Done.

Screwed up the convo too. Bleah. My normally big mouth decided to shrink to the size of a 5-cent coin. Ugh. I can still hope for a pass though. a B3 would be good. I shouldn't get my hopes up.


Went cosfest on sunday. Fun stuff. Bought some artwork and soundtracks. Went way off my budget. Still had fun though.


Eh. Feeling lethargic today. Will say more some other time.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Okay, O level listening's over. Damn it was tricky. I think I got like 2 or 3 wrong. Which isn't good. Went around checkin answers wif diff ppl and found many people with different answers. Crap.


Okay, more details of the past week.

Krystal came to my sch to sell tix on monday. Always good to see old friends. Sam thought she was hot so Leck tried to get her number from his fren in temasek. THe reply was "can, but her boyfriend wants your number first". Haha.


Chem lesson was funny. Did some experiment on "cotton wool". Realized that one small piece can soak up over 80cm cubed of water. Amazing. Then he proceeded to show us how absorbant diapers could be by pouring a litre of water into it. It didnt drip. Wow.


Ms Tang is going through self-therapy, to manage her anger. Interesting. She made me say hi to her in that model-student/faggot/happy-for-nothing tone, so she could say hi back in the same tone. I'd like to see how this turns out, though in truth I hope she continues to lose her temper. Heh.


Donald Leo is now out CME teacher, replacing Margaret "REAlity" Ng. Damn he's good. Spent the lesson watching clips from Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail and Last Samurai. Monty pyton= funny stuff. Den he told us about courage, as shown in the war scenes in the last samurai and a fight scene in Monty Pyton(a black knight having all his limbs cut off and still wanting to fight. Gotta see it to laugh at it). I might actually enjoy CME now.

-Wilfred, who speaks chinese with a weird slang

Friday, July 02, 2004

School's open. And I take back what I said about it being not soon enough.


Firstly, I found out that Mr "Trigo King" Phua. Would be taking over both emaths AND amaths lessons for 2 weeks. Crap. Listening to his lesson is like watching a germany soccer match. The only thing it's good for is to cure insomnia. Okay, maybe it's not so bad. Still, it is pretty boring. Good thing he allows sleeping.


Then, I found out that Mr Thiuiwrgbwubv, er, Mr Thiru was actually collecting history homework. Crap. Now there's something you don't see every day.


1st week passed by like a gust of wind. You definitely feel it, but there's no impact whatsoever.


Switched the lyrics at the top of the blog. Hmmm. I still need some good midis.


Comp at home broke down. Using a laptop now. And it's only capable of connecting at the speed of a 56k modem. It's better than nothing I guess.

-Wilfred, who is horrendous at anything artistic