Thursday, November 09, 2006

Surprisingly, the paper didn't turn out to be all that bad, compared to the earlier monstrosities previously unleashed. Apart from the question I unnecessarily skipped and subsequently gave up on, the rest of it was pretty much fine. Well, it seemed fine anyway. If I double check and still get the answers wrong, then I don't deserve a good grade anyway, because it means I totally stink anyway. I am, however, pretty confident of getting a decent grade. English lesson of the day : Good more positive connotation than decent.

Calculator-Fu wasn't tested as much as I aniticipated, but I guess that's a good thing. As someone who has trouble typing coherently as a keyboard a calculator resembles a torture device more than a profit-adding tool.

On a brighter note, to hell with math! I don't see how I'm going to need it anytime in the near future, not unless hell consists of all the burned TYSes over the years anyway. Which just might be plausible, if the idea of hell money actually going to hell actually holds true.


Reference :

The Quadruple Bypass Burger has four slabs of beef weighing 2lbs, three cheese layers, four bacon rashers, lettuce and tomato.

The Heart Attack Grill in Tempe, Arizona, has wheelchairs to carry customers out of the restaurant.

Customers can also order the smaller Triple Bypass Burger and Flatliner fries cooked in pure lard.

According to the Sun a spokesman said: "You have to be a real man to dine here."


That has got to be the most pleasurable suicide mission ever. Over 3 days worth of calories in one sitting? Gimme! If nothing else, it's the experience that counts. Uberburger's got nothing on this.


Coming soon - The Lean, Mean, Economic Machine! or, why Wilfred is never going to touch get rich.


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