Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So many things are going wrong at the same time, it's not funny anymore.

Okay, okay, I was kidding- It is kind of funny, even if I am at the receiving end of it. There isn't really much you can do on days like this but hope that Lady Luck isn't about to declare bankrupt and settles her bills within short notice - And at this point, I need it to be really short notice.

There was a kind of foreshadowing when I woke up - I slept so close to the end of the bed that when I turned to get my ass off I inexplicably slammed my head against the mantle. It's not that I didn't see it ; I just let my momentum hurl my forehead into the table. What a great way to start the day! If that incident was rock bottom, then I must have had a spade to dig further in with. And it's of better quality than that damn $1 cheese knife.


I guess at some point you just have to realise that people aren't going to realise stuff till you put in front of them. You say "I'm Lovin' it!", they think you're a masochist for saying it in front of a math paper. You say "It's Morphin' Time!", they never realise that the world needs saving. You say "I love you" and they marvel at you for memorising your Measure for Measure quotes. Even when things become crystal clear they find a way to look right through it and at the proverbial jester prancing around in the background.

This isn't to say you can easily blame people who want to be ignorant. After all, ignorance is bliss, and everybody's ultimate goal in life is to keep themselves happy for as long as possible.


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