Friday, November 03, 2006

Am I the only one who finds this funny? (if its not clear just click on it, i think it'll enlarge. I think.)


You know, yesterday I woke up, looked at the clock and almost went back to sleep. That was before the Mike Tyson part of me started hitting me in the brain saying "It's A levels, foo!" If a mental image of a big black man towering over you doesn't jolt you up, I don't know what will. Ecspecially when said man has a reputation for biting the ears off people. If you're wondering if it scares the wits out of you, it just might. I know I lost mine during the actual exam.

Seems like only a short time ago when I was still doing homework just for the sake of doing them to keep crazy mid-life-crisis-stricken women off my back. All of that seems so minute and insignificant now; Not that they weren't before, but it seems such a distant memory. In a few short days we're never going to need those notes anymore, and we can do what we want with them - Burn them and wave the smoke towards Indonesia, save on toilet paper for the next ten years, cheap footrests, the list goes on.

This, obviously, leads to the "temporary problem, permanent solution" problem. While a solution may seem to solve a problem, too often it ends up creating more or doing permanent damage as a result. While notes may seem like a solution to pass exams, the fact of the matter is that collectively the damage is permanent - we're actually killing the trees, and the damage to the earth is permanent while that in our lives is in fact temporary even if it does seem more urgent. A white lie now may be a solution, but when your best friend realises you've been dating his girlfriend there's gonna be hell to pay. This is a problem. Throughout history, mankind has resorted to methods to solve problems at hand, with the ramifications ringing into the future. The bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki are clear proof of this - The effects still hold today, much like other disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the Chernobyl disaster. The five-year plans implemented by communist leaders, while accomplishing short-term goals may have in fact hurt the country more than it helped - The number of people that died in these disasters were astonishing, and the way they disposed of the corpses even more so, as they were just dumped like garbage into a landfill.

Then again, to the earth, us humans should be treated as garbage anyway. For all the superior intellect granted to us all we've done is be short-sighted in our views, blinded by our own selfishness as the the wool is pulled over our eyes. Everything in life is in fact one big circle - We destroy the forests, animals lose their food source, animals die. Animals die, we die.

Yes, you could argue that there have been breakthroughs for man, and that not all of this is damage - after all, we've come up with alternative sources of generating energy and resources. However, it's rather obvious that this is merely a speed bump, a blip in the general plan, and that sometimes the research does more harm than good - There already is a way to produce lab-grown meat, but right now it costs a thousand dollars a pound. And besides, who's going to eat meat that doesn't come from animals? Another thing humans are afraid of is uncertainty. They won't touch anything foreign without a 3cm-thick lead-coated glove for protection.

This is, in fact, the source of discrimination in the world today. If we haven't seen something before, or have had a bad experience involving it, we are going to be apprehensive. This would be fine if we're talking about inanimate objects - If you got your finger cut off by a paper shredder it would be understandable to turn green and big and stupid and angry at the sight of the dreaded office contraption. But people are living things. Somewhere down the line you have to realise that "thirty-four-fifty" isn't the favoured word of the Hong Kong-ese, not all blacks are good at basketball, not all Indians can dance, not all Africans can run, the list goes on. Humans are so diverse that they demand unique treatment, not just for their own good but to clear up any confusion that might occur because of their skin colour or their accessories.

Yet, human life, as a whole, should be regarded with some form of homogenity, because we are in fact moving in the same direction of destroying earth no matter how we treat other - Conflict results in scorched-earth policies and nukes flying around like Tinkerbell around Peter Pan, and collusion results in "globalisation", which happens to be Latin for "pwning the Earth, and ourselves as a result". So what is the point of me rambling here? I don't really know myself. The world, like it or not, is slowly dying, and trust me, it will not be pretty. Not unless Jessica Simpson spells the end of the world anyway.

Funny how I know all this and yet am still doomed to fail my GP, huh?


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