Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It almost seems the head honcho has a (new)personal vendetta against male hair. The new argument put forward for short hair is that "I feel embarassed when other principals ask me why my students' hair is so long". Which means that 800 people have to mutilate themselves just so 1 person can feel a little less sheepish. Which like many other things in daily life, don't make a whole lot of sense. Which means that the current argument for short hair stands at :

1) People outside MJC will laugh at you and be disgusted for having messy hair.
2) Our dear principal will be embarassed.
3) It is impossible for guys to keep both long and neat hair.
4) Keeping long hair can get irritating.

#4 came from Mr. Maran back in VS days, and till today, it's still the only argument I can convince myself to buy, since it does get rather irritating at times.

Still, the school speaks to us like the only reason for our existence is to live and breathe for MJC like mindless automatons. Not that they're not pretty close to achieving their goal already, but now they want stupid-looking mindless robots. Which is utter bullshit too, since our lives do, in fact, consist of more than coming to school, which I'm sure comes as a surprise to the school cleanliness board, which incidentally consists of something like 2 people, since everyone else is actually doing stuff.

In response,
1) I honestly think people would be more repulsed if all the guys in MJC had hair resembling Chairman Mao, Mon Fuhrer, or any other communist leader you can think of.
2) Nobody. Cares. It's not like mugging ability is affected by hair length, the smartest student in school probably has hair longer than his umbilical cord.
3) Hair-keeping has next to nothing to do with gender, if you actually looked around at the girls you'd realise this. Which erm, obviously doesn't happen a whole lot.

Besides, it's not like us guys won't have to shave our heads anytime soon. Let's not mention that the staff is probably doing weird things to their hair as well. Role models, my ass. Of course, they get to use the "I don't have to take exams anymore, you do" argument and we don't. Let's also not mention that this just might be a completely personal thing by the school, seeing as how us students still have young, vibrant, youthful, colour retaining hair that doesn't fall at the slightest provocation.


We had to do yet another rigged MOE survey in school today. The ironic part was that a while ago the top lackey told us to do the survey with "honesty and fairness and pride for the school in mind". Looks like conscience might just be rearing its head again.

So I was fair and utterly honest.


Let's just say if everyone in school thought anything like me, MOE is on its way here.


Being a member of the "homework is meant for the last minute" school of thought really is tiring work.